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10 Designs Of LED Downlights For Your Home

Downlights are a fixture within the home which most people spend more time on selecting the perfect design. It may seem simple but choosing the right design involves a lot of consideration to ensure it fits with the aesthetic of the home. Here at The Local Electrician, our electricians have been performing light installation in multiple different places for over 25 years. This has allowed our Level 2 Electrician team to greatly understand the best designs of LED downlights for each space.

The top ten designs of LED lights we encourage in no particular order include:

  • Domus Boost & Bliss – Domus Lighting
  • Optica Downlight MD490W/SW – Mercator Lighting
  • Blitz & Titan – Martec
  • S9041 TC – SAL Sunny Lighting
  • Polly HV5522T-WHT – Havit Lighting
  • Deep 90 20552 – Domus Lighting
  • XDK10 Trimless LED 10w Downlights – Trend Lighting
  • MDL-611-WH KIT Recessed LED Downlight – Telbix
  • Nella HV5803W-BLK Surface Mounted LED Downlights – Havit Lighting
  • XDRL10 LED Low Glare Trim 10w Downlight Lighting – Trend Design
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Top Ten LED Downlight Designs

Domus Boost & Bliss – Domus Lighting

These LED lights look stylistic as well as have great functional value. They are designed to last for longer time periods due to their energy efficiency of 10w and output 800 lumens. On the back of the fitting, these lights allow flexibility with the colour to ensure that it fits in well with the area. Furthermore, they produce less glare compared to others, as well as, have simple yet stylistic aesthetics to it.

Optica Downlight MD490W/SW – Mercator Lighting

The body of this light design is made of aluminium allowing it to appear more elegant than plastic lights. Additionally, these LED lights come in polished silver, black or white, along with a slightly recessed face, establishing its flexibility. Affordable to purchase, these lights offer lower glare levels, while also have an option to change the lighting reflecting the time of the day. These fantastic designs are safe to be on 24/7, are energy efficient and easily provide a great look to the room.

Blitz & Titan – Martec

Having one of the highest lumen output for such a low price is what really allows this light to stand out. Along with the outstanding brightness, the design which comes with these lights is also simple yet nice. These lights come with the option to change the colour of the light to whatever matches the room it is in the best. Additionally, as they are fully polycarbonate they will not corrode or becomes rusted. These lights are designed to last over 10 years, and also are great in terms of being dimmable down to 10%. Longevity, flexibility and outstanding brightness is what really attracts this design of LED lights to be installed in buildings.

S9041 TC – SAL Sunny Lighting

Even though these lights might be a bit more expensive than others, they are extremely worth their cost. This is due to their amazing quality in terms of their material, lighting capabilities and longevity. These lights are able to be installed for wet areas, as well as often need very little repairs or maintenance. Likewise, these designs do have the option to change the temperature colour, along with the aluminium body preventing it to burn like plastic ones. Overall, these simple lights are built to provide lighting for longer amounts of time and will rarely need work done on them.

Polly HV5522T-WHT – Havit Lighting

The exterior finish of these lights are extremely nice and will elevate the aesthetics of a room. Moreover, the body contains advanced thermal technology to enable it to be installed in places where it becomes really cold. As a result, these lights not only look amazing but also are able to run for longer periods of time. Therefore, these types of lights are amazing for longevity purposes, while also acting as a way to improve the aesthetics of a space.

Deep 90 20552 – Domus Lighting

The depth of this light should be considered, however, it is a quality light that lasts long and provides great lighting. Its performance is outstanding with 1095 lumens running at only 13 w, with the heatsink on its back outputting this brightness. The lifespan of this light is longer than others, while also being a different design to consider including in a room.

XDK10 Trimless LED 10w Downlights – Trend Lighting

Having a unique design, these lights also are extremely powerful in their lighting capabilities. They run on 10w but the lumen output is set around 1400, therefore, it is much more energy efficient than other designs. Additionally, these are easily able to fit most areas due to their size and flexibility, while also coming off as invisible at times. These great downlights are highly effective and also look extremely stylistic and modern.

MDL-611-WH KIT Recessed LED Downlight – Telbix

This type of LED downlight illuminates and area effectively, making the space extremely bright. As well as having a unique style, these lights also are really efficient in their nature and long lasting. With having a different design, this can differentiate the room while also providing amazing lighting.

Nella HV5803W-BLK Surface Mounted LED Downlights – Havit Lighting

Being highly affordable, these downlights are also extremely effective with their projection of light. Combining 10w with a 1400 lumen output these lights are one of the more efficient types of lights to purchase. Moreover, the characteristics of these lights enable them to be installed in almost all areas of the home, including wet and outdoor areas. Furthermore, it comes with a large lifespan, along with multiple different colours.

XDRL10 LED Low Glare Trim 10w Downlight Lighting – Trend Design

A modern architectural look comes with this type of downlight with also having a sleek appearance as well. Moreover, the function of these lights is amazing with the light source being recessed within the back of the fitting. This results in glare reduction, also, this type of design is great for concrete roofs. As well as coming in three different sizes and also block and white, the flexibility of these lights are worth to consider.

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Here at The Local Electrician, our team of level 2 electricians have been working with lights for over 25 years. With this experience, our fully qualified electricians have seen the development of the lights and have gained knowledge on designs which work well. Thhis means that our light installation services have us installing all types of lighting into buildings around Sydney.

Our work area for light installation includes all Sydney suburbs and areas, such as South Western Sydney and the North Shore. We also provide Emergency Electrician services, which allows us to install lights anywhere and at any time of the day.


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