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15 Steps To Reduce Your Energy Bill

The energy bill can be easily reduced when a person makes specific changes to how they use electricity. Small lifestyle changes or altering how the electrical system functions can help save money on the energy bill. Here at The Local Electrician, we are able to provide any person with an Emergency Electrician to help resolve issues and offer guidance on how to lower the energy bill. 

15 ways to lower the energy bill are:

  • Install solar panels to power the home or specific systems 
  • Lower the temperature of the hot water system
  • Add extra insulation to the home to trap more heat and cold air
  • Undergo scheduled electrical inspections to detect any potential issues
  • Regularly replace the air filter in the air conditioner for better efficiency 
  • Create plans on when to balance the use of electrical systems
  • Check doors and windows of leaks or cracks to reduce heat waste
  • Warm up by wearing more clothing
  • Wash clothes with cold water when possible
  • Utilise a programmable thermostat reducing the chance of aircon overworking
  • Uninstall lights which are not needed
  • Move to natural gas for cooking and heating
  • Purchase appliances with higher energy star ratings
  • Dry clothes without a dryer
  • Install timers and sensors
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Best Ways to Lower the Costs on the Electric Bill

1. Install solar panels

Switching to solar panels to power the whole home or specific systems, such as the pool, will help reduce energy costs. These systems will be powered by the sun and not electricity which can cut costs drastically. Even though solar panels might be costly to install, the long term benefits are worth the initial expenses. 

2. Decrease hot water system temperature

Electric hot water systems are ranked second on the heating and cooling systems which use the most electricity after aircons. It is recommended that the hot water system is set at 48 degrees celsius and turned off if the home will not be in use, such as vacations. Doing these simple steps can help keep costs down as the hot water systems will not need as much electricity. 

3. Add extra home insulation

Adding more insulation in the house will help keep the warm and cool air inside and maintain temperature. This means that relying on the heater will decrease therefore it will not need to be switched on. Adding insulation around pipes, such as the hot water system, can also increase the temperature control. 

4. Undergo electrical inspections 

When an electrician undergoes an electrical safety inspection issues are found before the problem can escalate. Regular inspections will prevent hidden electrical issues from being unnoticed which could be causing the bill to rise. If wiring systems or other appliances are damaged they could be wasting more electricity and if not worked on the chance of needing costly repairs will increase. 

For more information on when to have an electrical inspection, our blog provides more detailed insights. 

5. Replace the aircon air filter 

The air filter will collect dust and other debris over time which means it can be blocked. A blocked air filter in the air conditioner will cause the system to work harder and use more electricity. If the filters are regularly changed then a blocked filter increasing the electrical demand will be prevented. 

6. Change electrical usage habits

Habits can lead to the electric bill rising, such as leaving the lights on. Recognising and changing these electrical habits can lead to changes on the electrical bill. Creating plans and balancing how much electricity is used will also help reduce bill costs.  

7. Check doors and windows of leaks 

If there are small leaks or cracks in windows or doors then air can flow out of the house. If the air conditioner is being used then this wasted air will cause the aircon to work harder to provide the adequate temperature. 

8. Warm up by wearing more clothing

Wearing warmer clothes at times can lead to the heater or aircon not being needed. This can also apply to bed sheets where a heater will not need to be used. The fewer times the heater is used will mean a reduction in the electrical bill. 

9. Wash clothes with cold water 

Most times a warm wash is not needed, rather a cold wash will clean clothes and sheets correctly. The warmer the water means the more electricity the washing machine will need to use to create this heat. Washing clothes in colder water will help reduce the electric bill. Also, doing less washing loads will also mean that the washing machine will not be used as frequently. 

10. Utilise a programmable thermostat 

Using an automatic thermostat for heating and cooling will help keep a constant temperature in the home. This will allow the air conditioner to be more energy efficient while decreasing the energy bill. 

11. Remove non-essential lighting 

There can be lights around the home which are not needed and can be easily removed. Keeping the lights but turning them off is another option as unnecessary lights can increase the electrical bill. Another way to reduce how much lights use electricity is by installing LED lights. We encourage reading our blog halogen lights vs LED lights to see why LED lights are often the favoured lighting. 

12. Move to natural gas 

A natural gas bill is lower than an energy bill so cooking and heating with natural gas will lower the overall cost. 

13. Purchase appliances with higher energy star ratings

The higher the star rating of an appliance means that it uses energy more efficiently, therefore lowering electrical costs. From the toaster to larger appliances like the air conditioner or washing machine, higher star rating appliances are always recommended. 

14. Dry clothes without a dryer

Hanging clothes on a clothesline will save electricity costs rather than using a dryer. 

15. Install timers and sensors

Timers and sensors can help lights turn off and on automatically. This is beneficial for outdoor lighting as well as places around the home, such as corridors, which need lighting temporarily.


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