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7 Benefits Of USB Powerpoints

Installing USB powerpoints within your home has many different benefits which come along with it. From added safety to being more energy efficient, USB power points are an amazing add-on to any electrical system. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team installs USB powerpoints across all of Sydney.

The seven main benefits of USB powerpoints are:

  1. Increased number of charging stations
  2. More durable electrical system
  3. Safer outlets and powerpoints
  4. Decreased carbon footprint
  5. Use energy more efficiently
  6. Increased versatility with outlets
  7. Ease of replacing older powerpoints
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1. Increased Number of Charging Stations

One of the major benefits of USB sockets is the increase in the amount of phone and tablet charging stations. The USB wall socket will act as another point to where electric devices can be charged. This is extremely useful in areas where charging devices are more common, such as the bedroom, lounge room and kitchen. 

When designing the electrical system of a house, placing power points with USB ports built into them should be considered. This is especially true for those areas where charging devices are more common as they provide additional charging points.

2. More Durable Electrical Systems

With the added USB charging points, USB outlets are also more durable than regular chargers. Fragile USB chargers for smartphones and devices are replaced with the USB powerpoints. With the USB socket, the USB charger cord is needed to charge the device rather than needing the bulky charger. This will mean that the USB cord chargers will be more durable and last longer.

3. Safer Outlets and Powerpoints

As there will be more places where devices can be plugged in, there will be a decreased chance of an overload. Often a charging station or alike is connected to one powerpoint. This can increase the chance of an overload with the extra chargers and adapters needing more electricity. 

With more appliances and alike spread around the home, there will be less stress on individual power points. Additionally, the USB powerpoints are often more efficient and effective at charging devices.

4. Decreased Carbon Footprint

Having more chargers around the home will mean that more need to be purchased and more need to be made. This means also that making the chargers will cause greenhouse gases to be produced and harming the environment. As USB powerpoints replace the bulky chargers of devices this means that less will need to be bought and made.

5. Use Energy More Efficiently

The energy efficiency of USB powerpoints means that it charges devices much faster than usual charging devices. There is more current produced and a higher voltage when compared to average auto and wall chargers. Devices will charge faster while the powerpoints use zero standby power, further increasing the efficiency. 

With the devices not needing to be charged for long periods of time, this will also decrease the time power is used. As a result, the electrical bill will be decreased as the powerpoints will not be on for long amounts of time.

6. Increased Versatility with Outlets

With devices each having their own charging outlet it can mean that there are multiple different ones within a home. From smartphone chargers to cameras, there could be many different charging stations needed. With USB powerpoints, this can decrease the number of needed chargers within the home. 

Devices which need a USB connection can be easily plugged into the USB powerpoint. This means that there is flexibility when it comes to charging and so many different chargers are not needed.

7. Ease of Replacing Older Powerpoints

When waiting to install the USB powerpoints they are designed to easily replace standard double powerpoints. These types of outlets are extremely common within homes so it is extremely convenient and easy to install. It will not be difficult to replace the old powerpoints and have a licensed electrician install the new USB outlets. 

We encourage reading our blog ‘9 things to remember when planning for kitchen rewiring’ as often USB powerpoints are one step within the process.


Licensed Electricians - USB Powerpoint Installation

The Local Electrician is here for all of Sydney for our fully qualified electricians to install USB powerpoints. Only a certified electrician can install the powerpoints and our team is available 24/7 to help. Each electrician will ensure to install the USB powerpoints successfully and handle them safely.

Working all over Sydney, including the Northern Beaches, North Shore and Greater Western Sydney, we install all USB powerpoints effectively. Our Level 2 Electrician service is also available to Sydney for us to perform more advanced jobs.

When needing reliable electricians to install USB powerpoints – contact The Local Electrician today on 0439 823 190!

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