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AC vs DC Ceiling Fans – What’s Better?

AC and DC ceiling fans are types of ceiling fans each with its own positives and negatives. From how much power they consume to the initial cost of the appliance, an AC or DC fan will suit different people. Here at The Local Electrician, we offer the best ceiling fan repair and installation service where our team will install any AC or DC ceiling fan. 

AC ceiling fans work by having electrical current travel in reverse directions while DC ceiling fans’ current goes one direction. An alternating current ceiling fan will be connected to a power source directly and are cheaper to purchase. Direct current ceiling fans will be more energy efficient, quieter and slimmer but will cost more when purchasing them.

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What are Alternating and Direct Current Ceiling Fans?

Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) are ways that electricity flows inside circuits, appliances and systems. Direct current fans will use a power source often from a transformer to power itself. This power will be converted to energy to a one-way or direct current and the power used is often decreased. alternating current fans will not convert power but use the electricity directly from the wiring. The speed which is using this power is regulated by controlling the frequency of the current.

For more useful information on alternating current and direct current, our blog provides further details and examples.

What are the Pros and Cons of both AC and DC Ceiling Fans?

Pros Cons
AC Ceiling Fans
  • Cheaper to initially purchase and most cost under $200 because they are easier to make
  • Maintaining the AC ceiling fan is easier and will often not need a sudden ceiling fan repair
  • There are more AC ceiling fan models that have a controller or wall panel
  • There are usually more models to choose from, including size and style, as they are easier to create
  • AC fans are strongly reliant on power sources and their frequency and amplitude, this means maintaining a certain speed is more difficult
  • With the struggle to maintain a specific speed most AC ceiling fans only have three speed options
  • The motor size is often smaller and needs certain electrical components to correctly function. This means the moto cannot be made thinner leading to the design of the fan often not be unique
DC Ceiling Fans
  • They consume up to 70% less energy when compared to AC ceiling fans making them extremely energy efficient
  • Because of their energy efficiency, they will save more money on the monthly energy bill 
  • There are far greater speed options with DC fans over AC fans allowing better air movement control
  • The DC fan motor is less bulky meaning the overall fan is slimmer and closer to the ceiling
  • DC ceiling fans are lightweight due to their less bulky motor and can fit into more interiors easily
  • They are extremely quiet when compared to AC fans, often only the noise of the blade rotating is heard
  • DC ceiling fans with their speed flexibility allows them the be used in winter to help warm air circulate the room. This means they are great for both the summer and winter months
  • The initial price of the DC ceiling fan is more expensive when compared to AC fan models. Most DC fans will cost more than $200 to initially purchase
  • DC fans will mostly come with remote controllers and might not have the option for wall controls

How are AC and DC Ceiling Fans Installed?

The general procedure with an AC and DC ceiling fan installation performed by a licensed electrician is:

  1. The power is turned off to the building or the specific electrical circuit the ceiling fan is being installed on 
  2. The bracket is secured onto the ceiling using the given mounting screws
  3. Assembling the fan, including the blades, motor and other parts are performed on the floor then hung on the bracket
  4. All wires are correctly connected and a general test will be carried out to ensure that the whole fan is operating properly 

For more detailed steps on how to install a ceiling fan our blog offers more information.

Trusted Ceiling Fan Installers and Repairers

The Local Electrician is the best AC and DC ceiling fans installer and repairer within Sydney. With over 25 years of experience in the field, we understand everything about correctly operating with ceiling fans. We will work with both AC and DC ceiling fans to install or repair any model in any space. Each qualified electrician will operate safely during the ceiling fan service and make certain the task is efficiently performed.

We offer our AC and DC ceiling fan services to all of Sydney, including South Western Sydney and Hills District. Our Emergency Electrician and Level 2 Electrician services are also here for locals where our professionals will carry out any electrical tasks. These more technical level 2 tasks are also available to any Sydney location, including all of the Northern Beaches!


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