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Average Household Appliances Costs In Australia

Household appliances make up 33% of Australian’s energy usage which is a large contributor to the energy bill. Knowing how much energy an appliance needs to power can help with decreasing the cost of the electricity bill. More energy efficient appliances will mean they need less energy to function and overall less electricity to consume. Here at The Local Electrician, our Sydney electrician team is here to perform any work with household electrical appliances.

The average running cost of household appliances within Australia are:

  • Refrigerators and freezers – 336kWh per year costing $96
  • Clothes washers – 166kWh per year costing $47
  • Clothes dryers – 1080kWh per year costing $308 
  • Dishwashers – 657kWh per year costing $188
  • Home entertainment and office equipment – 471kWh per year costing $119
  • Swimming pools and spas – 1250kWh per year costing $357 (swimming pool) and 330kWh per year costing $94 (spa)
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Refrigerators and Freezers

The fridge and freezer are always running which is why companies are building their systems to be more energy efficient. Today’s fridges and freezers consume 40%less energy than they did 15 years ago which has extremely helped people save money on their energy bill. The average refrigerator and freezer will consume 226kWh per year which will cost a person $96.

Clothes Washers

Front loaders are more energy efficient when compared to top loaders, and also are more water efficient. Even though front loaders will often take longer to complete a cycle they use far less energy than top loaders. Washing machines will mostly cost around $47 for their electricity usage, consuming an average of $66kWh.

To save money on the electricity bill, an efficient front loader will save a large amount of money. Front loaders are also gentler on clothes, make clothes drier when finished a cycle and can be easily installed. 

Clothes Dryers

Dryers are a large contributor to the overall energy bill cost of household appliances and around 50% of Australians use them. Purchasing higher starred dryers will greatly decrease the overall cost of electricity. With a 6-star dryer consuming 1080kWh per year while a 2-star will use 1990kWh per year, a total of $260 can be saved.


Dishwashers are a household appliance which is being much more favoured to use than hand washing. Newer models are becoming far more energy efficient when compared to models in previous years, using 40% less energy. An average dishwasher will use 657kWh per year which costs on average $188. 

Home Entertainment and Office Equipment

An average television or large computer screen which is used for 10 hours a day can consume 471kWh per year. This can add up to $119 and can at times use more energy than fridges and freezers. Using computers, multiple monitors, printers, scanners and other displays can add onto the energy bill. Entertainment and office equipment is important but it is also crucial to purchase energy efficient models and ensure they are used less often.

Swimming Pools and Spas

With one in six homes within Australia having a swimming pool it is important that the system is as efficient as possible. Swimming pools need electricity for heating, filtering and pumping reasons, using 1250kWh per year on average. This can cost around $357 a year, and with spas using 330kWh per year and costing $94, the energy bill can add up. Choosing pumps and filtration systems which are energy efficient and moving to solar heating can help reduce energy costs.

How Can I Lower the Cost of My Energy Bill with Household Appliances?

There are many steps and actions a person can take to ensure that their household appliances use less energy in a year:

  • Purchase appliances with higher energy star ratings as they will use less energy when operating. Even though they might be more expensive to initially purchase, the long term savings are better than purchasing lower star rating appliances.  
  • Ensure the refrigerator and freezer are out of direct sunlight and have 75mm of air space around all sides.
  • Purchase a highly efficient front loader as the choice of a washing machine. Try to also decrease the number of washes and limit warm washes as they can greatly increase energy usage. Cold washes are highly recommended because to create warm or hot water the machine will need to use more electricity. 
  • If possible dry clothes on a clothesline to limit the number of times the dryer is utilised. 
  • Move away from hand washing dishes as much as possible and place dishes straight into the dishwasher. Make sure though that large food scraps are removed early with pre-rinsing. When pre-rinsing use cold water as warm water will waste energy and also keep pre-rinsing to a minimum. 
  • Decrease the number of hours which the entertainment and office equipment uses power. Turning off these appliances through the powerpoint and decreasing the time spent on them can assist. Make certain to also not leave the television or screens on if they are not in use. 
  • Purchase pumps and filtering systems for the swimming pool and spa which are high star rating, some models are 9-stars. Swap to solar heating in order for the pool to be warmed to greatly decrease the amount of energy needed to heat the water. To reduce energy costs more, lower the water’s temperature by 1-2 degrees celsius to decrease energy usage by 10-15%. 

For more tips on how to reduce the energy bill we highly recommend reading our blog with further details.

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Each Sydney electrician will operate in all suburbs and areas, including Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and South Western Sydney. Our Level 2 Electrician service has us also performing more advanced electrical work which our licensed electricians undergoing expert jobs. 


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