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Can I Watch Smart TV Without An Aerial Socket?

A smart tv transmits video and sound using digital encoding and has phased out analogue tv. Digital TVs are able to run with or without an antenna and have many benefits that come with them. Here at The local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is able to work with tv wiring and cables and also the outlets when needed. 

Smart tvs do not require an antenna to work as streaming services only need the internet to connect to the tv. To watch other channels then an antenna is needed and they can either be indoor, outdoor or within the roof. It is important that the right antenna for the tv is bought, it is aligned properly and a booster is installed to strengthen the connection. 

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What is a Digital or Smart TV?

A digital tv is where sound and video are transmitted through digital encoding. It allows for more variety and accessibility of content and has much better quality compared to analogue tv. The broadcasting is high definition and the resolutions are also better than the standard definition. Smart televisions also allow for the ability to watch something on one channel while simultaneously recording another program. 

Upgrading to Digital TV

When it comes to upgrading to smart tv the antennae does not need to be replaced or upgraded to have the new digital transmission. If the aerial socket is older than 15 years then it is advised to replace it. The smart tv can be plugged into the wall socket with the current antenna if the antennas are working perfectly.

What are the Advantages of Digital TV?

The main benefits of upgrading from analogue tv to a smart tv are:

  • They use less bandwidth allowing more channels to be played on the television
  • Digital tvs can have the option of other multimedia platforms, such as music streaming and gaming
  • There are additional features present on the tv, including subtitles, electronic programs, and the ability to have languages spoken 
  • Digital transmission has a much higher definition that allows the picture to be clever and sharper
  • Clearer tv reception
  • The picture quality is extremely better
  • There are many more channels and services to be available
  • Digital radio is included while the digital stereo sound is much higher

Do I Need an Aerial Socket for my Smart TV?

There is no need to have an aerial socket or antenna for digital tv as an internet connection is often only needed. Channels can be bunched into some online platforms and there are also many different streaming services. Some notable internet tv services within Australia are:

  • Freeview
  • Netflix
  • Stan
  • ABC iView
  • Tenplay
  • 7plus
  • 9Now
  • Foxtel
  • Fetch
  • Hayu
  • Kayo
  • SBS on Demand

What are the Different Types of Smart TV Antennas?

The option to have an antenna is still available and having the right design and size antenna is important. Here are the different types of digital tv antennas to choose from to be installed in the home:

Indoor Antennas

Having the antenna installed inside is easy but the quality of the signal is negatively affected. Depending on whether the home has a good tv signal or not will determine how effective the indoor antenna will be. If the antenna needs to be installed indoors but the quality is not the best then it will have to be placed near the window or in a higher spot.

Outdoor Antennas

Outdoor antennas are the most common and there are two types that can be installed. Log periodic antennas have a weaker signal but offer a wider range of channels while Yagi antennas have a stronger signal with fewer channels offered. 

Loft Antennas

Loft antennas are installed within the roof with the quality being in between indoor and outdoor antennas. They are more difficult and complex to install but allow for the antenna to not be seen either inside or outside the home.

How Do I Know if there is an Issue with My Smart TV Antennas?

If the signal has become lost on the tv then perform the following steps to see if the antenna has an issue and make sure to not climb the roof at any time. Look if the antenna has all parts connected and if it is facing the right direction. Ensure that all the cables are connected, the remote is correctly imputed and that the tv is re-tuned. If the tv is still not connecting then have a licensed tv antenna installer look at the issue. 

How Do I Get a Batter Digital TV Reception?

The best ways to increase the reception quality and strength of the smart tv are:

  • Ensure that the tv antenna is suited for the tv such as if it needs an Ultra High Frequency or a Very High Frequency antenna or if it needs UHF or VHF
  • The antenna should be installed correctly and by a professional and that it should fae a specific way and be the correct height
  • A UHF or VHF antenna might need a tv antenna booster to provide better signal power and quality

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