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Can You Run Power To Your Home Underground?

Underground power can be installed into properties as an alternative to overhead power lines. There are many advantages to choosing underground cabling instead of overhead service lines. From having fewer power surges to not needing a private pole, underground power lines can sometimes work better than overhead lines. Here at The Local Electrician, we offer Level 2 Electrician workers to install, replace and perform maintenance with underground power lines.

The option to run underground power can happen in properties instead of connecting power through overhead service lines. An underground overhead connection and a half underground, half overground connection are two ways to install underground power. The main benefits of underground service lines over overhead lines are the less frequent power surges and no need for visible power poles.

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What is Underground Power?

Connecting the property to power occurs most times with overhead service lines connecting to the point of attachment, consumer mains and meter box of the home. A private power pole can also be installed but most times overhead cabling is how power is transferred from the electricity network to the home. Underground service lines replace the need for visible power poles and cables as the connection travels underground.

What is Involved in Connecting to Underground Power?

A level 2 electrical contractor is required to connect underground power to the property. The level 2 electrician is trained to perform work with both underground and overhead power connections. Electrical work involving the underground cabling network includes:

  • Installing new cabling connections that will run underground and start from the road reserve under verges
  • Having connection pillars, or green boxes, installed at the front or adjacent to the property
  • Install switchgear and transformer units so they can properly manage the distribution of power throughout the property. These will mainly be installed in parks, public areas or along property’s side verges
  • Installing the underground connections and connecting them to the connection pillars then the meter box
  • Convert the property from overhead to underground power when the process is completed. This also includes removing any old overhead service lines, cables, poles, conductors and equipment

What are the Benefits of Underground Power?

The main reasons why underground service lines will be installed over or replace overhead power are:

  • Public safety is improved as the chance of a power pole and cables falling over from a storm or trees is removed
  • Underground power lines are more reliable in not experiencing frequent power surges or losses. This is because the lines are protected underground and fewer disruptions to the system occur and overall fewer power outages
  • With the power pole not present then the street or property will look cleaner. The absence of the power pole and inclusion of underground power also increases the property value
  • Another benefit of there being no power pole is the need to trim the tree constantly. This means that maintenance costs will decrease and trees will also be able to grow without continuously being cut
  • Underground power lines have a longer life expectancy when compared to overhead power lines as they require less maintenance work and receive less damage

How Much Does it Cost to Install Underground Power?

The process of installing underground service lines into a new property is around $1500 to $3000. Installing underground service lines into current properties and with overhead lines is around $3000 to $5000. The cost of running electricity from the street to the home is the same cost underground as if the cables were above ground.

Who Can Work with Underground Power?

Due to the nature of underground service lines, only a fully qualified level 2 electrician can operate with them. This includes installing, repairing, replacing, handling electrical defect notices and performing maintenance work with the underground cabling network. There are also other systems alongside underground power lines, including the consumer main, point of attachment and meter box systems. The level 2 asp electrician will operate with the system carefully even if the underground service line job is difficult.

What are the Reasons to Not Install Underground Power?

There are some reasons why underground service lines are not favoured over overhead service lines, such as:

  • It is more difficult to repair or inspect the underground cables due to being underground. Even though they experience fewer repairs, when it is time to repair labour costs will increase
  • Electricians can work with overhead cables much more easily than underground lines
  • Some terrain cannot allow the underground power systems to be installed, such as areas prone to flooding, heavy root presence or the ground is too unstable

Professional Level 2 Electrician Sydney Services

The Local Electrician is an accredited service provider of Level 2 Electrician workers to operate with underground power. Our electrical services are here for our team to install and work with any underground service lines. We can operate in any place to perform any needed task with the service line located underground. Each electrician is swift, professional and efficient at working with underground service lines at any time.

Our level 2 electrician and also Emergency Electrician team is here for all of Sydney, including South Sydney, Hills District and Eastern Suburbs.


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