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Ceiling Fan Not Working – What To Do

Ceiling fans can encounter multiple different issues which can result in it to not work properly or not at all. There are many reasons as to why a ceiling fan has stopped working but specific actions can be taken to fix these issues. The Local Electrician has been working on ceiling fan installation and repairs for over 25 years across all of Sydney. Due to this, we understand all there is with ceiling fans, therefore, know how to effectively solve the problems they experience.

When the ceiling fan stops working it can be from not receiving electrical power or other internal issues. As a result, the ceiling fan can not turn properly, and will make humming noises and wobble. Being quick to act and understanding the source of the problem can help with the ceiling fan repair.

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Ceiling Fan Completely Not Working

When turning on the power and the ceiling fan will not spin, checking the home’s circuit breaker or fuse box and the ceiling fan’s switch is important. As a result, firstly:

  1. Inspect the circuit breaker or fuse that is responsible for the ceiling fan’s power
  2. If seeing one which is flipped, flip it off then back to on for resetting the breaker
  3. Turn the ceiling fan back on to determine if it works again

If these steps have not resolved the ceiling fan issue, the problem may be with the ceiling fan switch:

  1. Turn off the main electrical supply to the ceiling fan
  2. Have the switch’s plate cover removed then unscrew the screws which are responsible for mounting the switch to the electrical box
  3. With a voltage tester inspect the screw terminals which are on the side of the switch.
  4. While making sure there are not electrically charged, or hot, using the voltage tester, pull the wires and switch out
  5. Next, ensure the wires are unscrewed from the terminal. If the chance that the wires inserted into holes within the back of the switch, a small, flat screwdriver can be used to release the wires
  6. Turning the circuit back on is the next step, if the fan is on and working the switch needs replacement. However, if the fan does not turn back on the issue is a result of the fan fixture and/ or wiring
  7. Switch the power back on to the circuit while also reconnecting the present switch and placing the cover on again

Ceiling Fan Blades Not Operating

When the fan works, however, the blades do not spin, spin in uneven patterns or only on one setting, the fan’s capacitor is the issue. Being defected or worn out, they will need replacing as they are what helps the blades start to move. The capacitor is the more common cause for the blades not moving, but there are other symptoms to why they will not move.

If the light fixture in the fan works or if hearing a noise when clicking buttons on the switch/ remote occurs, this means the switch works and power is going to the fan. To solve the issue with the blades, therefore, flipping the “Forward-Reverse” switch multiple times followed by switching it back into “Forward” might help them spin. However, if this does not help, have the dip switches in the receiver of the fan and the control contain the same frequency.

Jamming may also be an issue with why the blades are not moving. When the ceiling fan is newly bought and the blades do not move, the packing material could be jamming them. Moreover, an older fan that worked properly might have a part or screw jamming them as well.

Ceiling Fan Which Hums

When humming sounds coming from the ceiling fan, they are relatively easy to repair. However, if the motor is made with cheaper materials the humming may be a side effect from this. Moreover, if the fan is remote controlled, purchasing an anti-hum feature can be chosen. A fan with a light, as well as the amperage rating, will need to be considered though for the remote control.

However, generally to solve the humming problem, following these steps can help:

  1. Turn off the power for the ceiling fan through the circuit box and the ceiling fan’s switch
  2. Have the faceplate removed off the switch and use a voltage tester the ensure it is turned off
  3. Make the wires on the switch disconnected
  4. Have the ends of the wires straightened then twisted together
  5. Add new wire nuts and have the control screwed back into the electrical box
  6. Reattach the faceplate and turn on the power

Ceiling Fan Which Wobbles

Being extremely dangerous, a ceiling fan which wobbles more than it should is never wanted. If being hung from normal ceiling electrical boxes rather than specific ceiling fan boxes is often the issue. The extra weight will cause stress to the box which may mean it can crash down. Here are the steps to stop the wobbling from occurring:

  1. Unscrew the bracket housing and lower it down
  2. See what is supporting the fan, is it meant for fans or is it unsupported
  3. Then wiggling the supporting bracket can see if it is firm if not tightening it is needed
  4. Inspect the drop rod if the fan hangs from one and ensure the ball joint at the top is supported with the fan
  5. Ensure the blades hang evenly through the tips, if not, replace the bent or warped one

For more information on how to properly install a ceiling fan, visit our insight offering simple and useful advice.

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