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Connecting Your Pool To Power – What You Need To Know!

Connecting the pool to power involves many different components to ensure everything runs safely. Since the pool contains water all electrical outlets and systems need to be of the correct distance and type. Choosing the right pool pump and heaters, and considering solar powered options, are also important. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here to work with swimming pool wiring for all Sydney locals.

When connecting the pool to power an electrician should be contacted to help with the planning and installation of the system. Knowing what certain switches with the right IP rating and where to install them is needed. Considering the pool pump and heating system, such as if they will be solar power, and considering upgrading the switchboard to 3 phase are also required.

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What Do I Need to Consider When Connecting the Pool to Power?

Below is a guide on the many different considerations that are involved with connecting the pool to power:

Switches and Sockets Types

The power outlets and switches located in or near the pool area need to be waterproof in the event water makes contact with them. Within Australia, the power switches have an IP rating which is how much protection they have against external elements, such as dust or water. The number at the front stands for how strong the socket is against dust while the second number that follows is for water resistance. Common weatherproof sockets are rated IP53 where they limit the amount of dust that can enter the socket and can protect against sprays of water. A rating of IP55 means that there is a spring attached to it providing added protection against water, such as a garden hose blast. 

IP66 switches mean that dust cannot enter the power socket and have stronger protection against water, such as a fire hose water blast. A switch with IP67 can handle being submerged in water briefly while IP 68 can handle large amounts of pressure from being submerged in water.

Switches and Sockets Location

The type of switch with certain IP ratings needed to be installed in the pool will be influenced by where they are installed:

  • Zone 0 – this is the area inside of the pool or spa where power sockets and switches cannot be installed as they will be underwater and be extremely dangerous. 
  • Zone 1 – this is the area that extends outside of zone 0 up to 2m from the pool edge and also a 2.5m height. The rating for the switches and sockets must have the second number at 5 or higher while the first number can be any. 
  • Zone 2 – this is the area outside of the previous zone 1 where power switches and sockets can be for general use. The IP rating needs to have the second number of 4 or higher while the first number does not need to be any one specifically. 

Have an electrician inspect the area if you are not sure with what IP rating powerpoint and switch need to be installed in certain locations within the pool area. 

Pool Pumps and Pool Heater

The pool pump is responsible for cleaning the pool throughout the day and the pool heater is used to warm up the pool. These systems utilise a large amount of electricity which is why planning the electrical systems needs to be done accurately. 

It is strongly advised to install energy efficient pool pumps and heater systems as they use less energy throughout the day, even though they are expensive when initially purchased, they will save large amounts of money in the long term. Additionally, considering solar powered pool pumps and heaters means that the electricity cost to run these systems dramatically drops but proper planning needs to occur to allow them to happen. 

Upgrading the Switchboard

When solar powered pool systems are not going ahead then it is recommended to upgrade the switchboard to 3 phase power when the pool will be installed. The pool uses a large amount of electricity so the switchboard needs to reliably handle this amount of power. Since it will run throughout the day while other appliances are in use the switchboard if not up to today’s power standard might overload. 3 phase power provides the home with more reliable power sources which means the pool systems and wiring can run safely and effectively. 

If you are wondering if your swimming pool needs to have 3 phase power our Level 2 Electrician team is here to help. We can perform electrical inspections on the property to determine if the current switchboard can handle the pool’s electrical needs on top of the current electrical usage. We will offer our professional advice on what is best for your needs regarding connecting the pool and if switchboard upgrades are required.

Reliable Electricians with Pool Power Systems

The Local Electrician is here for Sydney locals who need trusted electricians to help them when connecting the pool to power. Each fully qualified electrician will know how to properly plan for all the electrical systems involved while providing professional advice in the process.

We make sure that each step of the service is carried out expertly and guarantee the pool power system is worked on correctly. Our pool electrical services and all other electrical services are here for all of Sydney, including South Sydney and North Shore


For professional and reliable electricians to help when connecting the pool to power – contact The Local Electrician today!

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