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Consumer Mains Defect Notice – What Is It?

When an electrical defect notice is given out regarding the consumer main then it needs to be handled quickly. Receiving an electrical defect notice means that the consumer main is either old or has electrical safety issues. Here at The Local Electrician, our Level 2 Electrician team can address the consumer main problems. Each electrician is licensed to work with consumer mains and will repair or replace the old one efficiently. 

A consumer main defect notice often involves an older system which needs to be replaced. Also, the current one might need repairs which a level 2 electrician will need to complete. When someone receives a defect notice, such as related to the consumer main, it will need to be addressed quickly.

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What is the Consumer Main?

A consumer main is what connects specific wires together to assist in providing power to properties. They connect from the point of attachments, which are connected to the main power pole, to then the main electrical switchboard. These supply cables are incredibly important for electricity supply and must be of relevant safety standards to work correctly. Only a licensed Level 2 electrician can operate on these systems as they are more complicated and dangerous.  

Electrical Defect Notices with Consumer Mains

Ausgrid will send people an electrical defect notice when the consumer mains is not up to safety standards. These notices will need to be addressed with 21 days or they will cut the electricity supply to the building. A defect notice means that there has been an issue with the system which does not align with safety standards. The issue was noticed by an inspector who will look at all systems in each property across the electricity network. 

Old Consumer Mains

The main reason for receiving the defect notice is from the age of the consumer main. Older consumer mains were made with different materials which could have deteriorated away. Also, they are not built for the electrical demand of today’s world which means they could overwork. Here is a more detailed explanation of the dangers of old consumer mains:

  • Fire Hazards – the chance that the insulation has worn away is high with older mains. This can lead to wires touching and causing sparks which could lead to an electrical wire. Also, older wires might not handle the voltage which coils lead them to spark.
  • Electrocution – the system might be overloaded with high amounts of voltage. When this happens then the consumer main, as well as other electrical systems, could have high voltage running through them. If a person touches this then they can receive an electric shock which could also be fatal. 
  • Power Outages – overloaded with voltage and overworking, the consumer main might break. If this happens, in extreme cases, the power could be disrupted and an outage occurs. 

There are many issues which could arise if an old main is continued to be used in a property. Especially as the electrical demand of today is higher than before the chance of the system overworking is high. An electrical safety inspection is carried out by a professional who inspects the current main. They determine if it is in a good state or not and if it needs replacing or repairing. 

Consumer Mains Built with VIR Cables

Another reason why the defect notice would be related to consumer mains is that it is built with VIR cables. These are older cables which are extremely outdated and can lead to many complications if still being used today. Older homes which have not undergone a rewiring process could still have these wires present. 

This can be related to consumer mains where thee wires are present within or around them. The insulation could be worn away or the steel conductors could pose a serious electrical risk. It is again to undergo an inspection on the current system, especially for older homes. The risks and issues can be identified and resolved early before the notice is given out. 

For more information on the dangers old wiring systems can bring, read our blog for a deeper understanding.

What to do with a Consumer Main Defect Notice?

The central step to take is to contact a Level 2 Electrician to perform the electrical work. Whatever the defect or problem is the level 2 electrician will know how to work on the system. A level 2 electrician is trained to work with electrical defect notices as well as consumer mains. They are licensed to work in all areas, which includes residential, commercial and industrial. 

Electrical Installations

The main task which the level 2 electrician will do is to install a new consumer main. As the main reasons for the defect notice were from a damaged and old consumer main it will need to be replaced. The process often takes 10 weeks to perform and 3 weeks to plan. Inspections are needed and the method for installing the main will depend on the location. 

Electrical Repairs

If there are any damages involved then the level 2 electrician will resolve them properly. Sometimes newer mains can still experience issues which could interfere with Ausgrid’s safety regulations. The trained professional will make sure to use the best techniques and tools to resolve all consumer main issues.

Expert Consumer Main Services

Anyone in Sydney who has received a consumer main defect notice should trust The Local Electrician. Our team of level 2 electricians are qualified to work in any suburb and help with the defect notices. We are certified to operate on all consumer mains and complete any needed repair, replacement or installation. 

Working around Sydney, including the Northern Beaches, Hills District and Sutherland Shire, we will work on consumer main defect notices. Our Emergency Electrician service is available 24/7 where we can provide a qualified electrician to help with any job.


When needing professional help with consumer main defect notices contact The Local Electrician on 0439 823 190. We arrive on time, always work with expert skills and ensure that all jobs are performed safely.

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