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Differences Between A Level 1 & Level 2 Electrician?

A Level 2 Electrician and a level 1 electrician are both qualified electricians but specify in different work fields. The main differences are where they can work and what electrical systems they can operate on. With these differences, it means that a person will need to contact the specific accredited electrician for a specific job. The Local Electrician offers the best level 2 asp electrical service works to Sydney where we will carry out any service professionally. 

The main difference between a level 1 and level 2 electrician is where they perform electrical work. Level 1 electricians operate on electrical systems connected with the electricity distributor, such as next to roads. Level 2 electricians will work in private property and perform work on power poles, consumer mains, cabling networks and more.

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What is a Level 1 Electrician?

Level one electricians mainly operate on electricity networks which are located next to the roads. This means that with underground and overhead cabling lines belonging to Electricity Supply Authorities they will install, connect and repair these systems. The main tasks that a level 1 electrician will perform are:

  • Stringing, laying and installing electricity cables or joining existing ones together
  • Installing electricity poles in new locations and also excavate areas to install underground cables
  • Carry out line work, which includes operating on live cable networks
  • Developing, working on, building or assisting with electricity distribution substation

What are the Different Qualifications of a Level 1 Electrician?

A level 1 electrician will be qualified in different areas, sometimes many or in just one field. The main certifications which come with being a level 1 electrician and what they can work on are:

  • Class 1A – working with or near overhead electricity systems and distributing networks. The types of jobs can include installing power poles, constructing towers, striking new conductors and working with street lighting.
  • Class 1B – operating on underground systems and networks. Some jobs include excavating the ground to create trenches, jointing cabling networks, constructing new substations, cable laying and duct laying. 
  • Class 1C – working with Underground Polymetric and also underground cabling lines and systems. 

If warning to know more about a level 1 electrician, such as what training is needed to become one, our blog ‘what is a level 1 electrician’ offers greater insights.

What is a Level 2 Electrician?

Level 2 electricians are qualified to work on electrical systems which run inside a property and connect to the electrical supply network. This includes operating in residential, commercial and industrial properties, installing, repairing, disconnecting and reconnecting various systems. The main jobs which level 2 electricians are able to carry out are:

  • Electrical defect notice – when Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy give out these notices level 2 asp electricians are the ones to handle the defects
  • Consumer mains – these are important systems for connection purposes and are highly advanced which is why level two electricians are needed 
  • Point of attachment – to connect electricity network wires to the home or business and eventually other systems level 2 electricians will need to operate on these networks
  • VIR cables – these are older cabling systems where a level 2 electrician is trained to safely and properly remove them
  • Overhead and underground power – for wires and cables that run from the street into private property a level 2 electrician is trained to work on them
  • Private power pole – installing, repairing and connecting private power poles are always completed by professional level 2 asp workers 

What are the Different Qualifications of a Level 2 Electrician?

There are many qualifications that a level 2 electrician can have and will determine what jobs they can perform. Having multiple of these qualifications is not uncommon as it allows an electrician to operate on more networks. The main qualifications level 2 electricians can possess are:

  • Class 2A – working to disconnect and reconnect the service lines which connect at the point of attachment. These cables are connected to power buildings and a level 2 electrician might need to install, connect or repair them. 
  • Class 2B – operating with underground service wiring networks and conductors. This includes removing the local electricity distributor cables, installing or relocating service lines to replacing neutral wire links. 
  • Class 2C – working on overhead service lines, cables and conductors. Like with the underground service wires, level 2 electricians will work with the electricity distributor lines and the private property lines. Reconnecting, installing and repairing these overhead service lines will also be performed by level 2 asp workers. 
  • Class 2D – operating on service protection devices and fuses and other advanced electrical network equipment. This can include a wide range of jobs, ranging from removing network service items to energising service network equipment. Installing, upgrading, connecting and repairing any protection systems are also performed by level 2 electricians.  

To know about level 2 electrician areas of expertise we recommend reading our blog with greater detail into the topic.

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