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Electrical Lightning Surges – What To Do?

Electrical lightning surges occur when lighting strikes directly or near the house and can cause power surges and spikes. To ensure that lightning strikes and storms do not create power surges installing lightning protection systems are important. This includes surge protector devices as they will divert the increase in electrical power to the systems grounding system. Here at The Local Electrician our Emergency Electrician team is here when electrical lightning surges are causing issues around the home. 

When electrical lightning surges occur it is important to contact an emergency electrician to resolve the problem. To prevent power surge damage and chances of making sure surge protector devices are installed with the electrical system is crucial. These will divert the large power surge away from the device and into the part connected to ground.

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What are Power Surges and Spikes?

Power surges are where the electrical energy of an electrical system increases in its voltage levels. This happens within the electricity network and the increase in the current will cause electrical appliances to often be damaged. Power surges and spikes can lead to serious problems, including electrical fires, melted wires and appliances not working. Power surges will often occur in larger appliances as they require more power to function. Large appliances and electrical devices include:

  • Air conditioners
  • Fridges
  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Microwaves
  • Printers

What Causes Electrical Lighting Surges?

Electrical lighting surges are when lighting strikes directly on or near a house and cause appliances to experience surges and spikes. When lighting directly hits a home this is a rare occurrence but the lightning damage will be great. It will damage the electrical equipment of the home but will also cause damages to nonelectrical equipment. 

When the lighting strikes nearby a house then it can enter through pipes and wires. This can be plumbing that extends to the home and other wires as well, such as the communication lines, the private power pole and other utility cables. The damages will be less severe than a direct lighting strike. But it can still cause people to be shocked if they are touching the system at the exact time and can also easily cause power surges to occur. 

Electrical Systems and Cables

Electrical systems are the most common way that lighting will travel into the home. The lightning will travel from the power line then into the path that has the lowest resistance then into the home’s panel. If there are no surge protector devices installed then the lightning will often travel to the other wiring systems. The surge protector device if installed will stop the lightning and divert it to the earthing systems

Communication Cables

At times the lightning strike may enter the communication cables, which includes data and phone lines, internet cables and the television. This means that these appliances and systems will receive major damages and often not work. When these systems are connected to a surge protector then the lightning will be diverted to their grounding systems.

Large Appliances

Larger appliances are the more likely systems to experience surges in general and can also experience damages from lightning. If the device uses mechanical functions then it will often withstand the force of lightning. If the appliance uses electrical components then it will often be more sensitive to surges.

How Can I Protect My Appliances From Electrical Lightning Surges?

There are two main ways to protect electrical appliances and systems from electrical lightning surges:

Surge Protectors

These are the main devices that will protect appliances from general and lightning surges. The main type is one that is installed in the main electrical switchboard where multiple are installed to protect different circuits. This means that if one circuit experiences a surge and the power to that system is temporarily unavailable the others can still work.  

A powerpoint that also has an inbuilt surge protector is another option. This means that there is further protection for those appliances that are more likely to experience surges, such as the washing machine, fridge and air conditioner. Portable surge protectors are also there for when people work with power tools for example and make sure that the device is safe from surges. 

Preparation Tasks

Before a storm occurs it is advised to turn off and even unplug devices to make sure that they are not damaged. Disconnecting the TV ariel, unplugging the wifi and turning off the air conditioner are some ways to make sure the lighting does not damage these systems. When a surge protector is present and working well then it should be safe to use these appliances. But to be extra safe or when there is a major storm unplugging and disconnecting appliances from power is recommended.

If you want to know information about how to plan and prepare for a blackout, then our blog is here with helpful information.

Who Do I Call When I Experience an Electrical Lighting Surge?

The Local Electrician is here with fully qualified emergency electricians to make sure we repair systems from electrical lighting surges. Our 24 hour electricians will arrive at any time of the day and make sure that the system is repaired from the surge. We will operate safely and repair the system after it has been damaged from the surge and repair further problems, such as melted wires.

Our team is here to help with electrical lighting surges in all Sydney areas, including Inner West and Sutherland Shire. We are also here with professional Level 2 Electrician workers for us to carry out more advanced and complicated jobs as well.


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