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Electrical Renovation Ideas For Properties

There are many different jobs that can be performed during an electrical renovation within a home. Our team of electricians are full of renovation ideas for your property. Completely renovating an old house to upgrading parts in new homes, electrical work can be done to enhance the electrical elements of the home. Installing new appliances, repairing electrical wiring and increasing electrical safety are some reasons for the renovation. Here at The Local Electrician, our Sydney electrician team is here to help with tasks involving electrical renovations.

Some electrical renovation ideas for properties include:

  • Changing the lights to LED
  • Replacing all the smoke alarms
  • Inspecting and replacing the hot water system
  • Undergoing an electrical oven installation
  • Installing smart appliances
  • Installing emergency efficient appliances and solar panels
  • Upgrading the electrical wiring
  • Installing security alarms, cameras and lights
  • Connecting appliances to ethernet over wifi
  • Installing electric car charger stations
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What are Some Electrical Renovation Ideas?

When undergoing a home renovation it is highly recommended to plan out certain electrical renovation tasks. An electrical maintenance check performed by a licensed electrician will have them look for any defects that might need fixing. There are also general upgrades and jobs that can be performed to enhance the electrical systems and side of the home. 

Changing Lights

Changing the lights to LEDs is a smart option due to them being more reliable, long lasting and energy efficient. LED downlights will be slightly more expensive to purchase but the long term cost savings are greater than any other lighting type. They also provide the same amount of lumens, or brightness, but use much less energy, on average 7-20 watts per hour while other lights use 35-500 watts per hour. Most last for 10 years, are simple to install and are highly recommended to be installed in homes.

Smoke Alarms Replacements

Replacing the existing smoke detectors with new ones are encouraged when undergoing a home renovation. Most last for 10 years and it will give peace of mind knowing that there are properly working smoke alarms present in the house. Installing a smoke alarm is simple and affordable where most electricians will complete the task swiftly.

Hot Water System Replacement

Replacing a gas hot water system with an electric or solar powered hot water system can occur during an electrical renovation. Installing the hot water system will be performed by an electrician for all the electrical components. Electric and solar have benefits over gas and can be considered to replace gas if wanted. 

Electric Oven Installation

Similar to replacing a gas hot water system, replacing a gas powered oven with an electric oven is possible. Electric ovens are becoming more popular and have their benefits over gas ovens. An electrician will efficiently install the new electric oven and ensure that the appliance is safe to use. 

Smart Appliance Installations

Smart appliances will help with making certain tasks easier where often appliances can be connected and controlled using a smartphone. An electrician can connect the appliances that utilise a smart option to the phone. Tests will be carried out and these smart appliances will be able to be controlled by using the smartphone. Some appliances include lights, refrigerators, water dispensers, washing machines, heaters, air conditioning and security systems. 

Solar Panel and Energy Efficient Appliances Installation

Solar panels are a great way to have electrical costs cut down significantly and have the electrical power be self made. The solar panels can power parts of the home or the whole house and will save a large amount of money on the energy bill.

Installing and choosing electrical appliances that are more energy efficient will also help with decreasing the overall electricity costs. The higher the star rating of an appliance means the less energy the system uses and most times will also work more effectively and last longer than other appliances. 

Electrical Wiring Systems Upgrades

Rewiring a house might need to occur for older homes if the wiring system is outdated. Modern ways of living and using older wiring and cabling systems can cause many dangers. Undergoing a wiring replacement electrical service is important to ensure a new and safe wiring system operates around the home. It can be a complete wiring upgrade to one particular room or system, such as a kitchen rewiring service or installing new powerpoints.  

Security System Installation

CCTV and security lights can be a part of the electrical renovation process. Installing the security camera and security lights will ensure that the home is protected under a security system. Electricians will ensure that the security system operates properly, all wiring is connected well and that the whole unit safely works. 

Ethernet Connections

When working from home or when wanting specific appliances to have a stronger and more reliable internet connection then installing ethernet is an option. These have the internet connected directly to the appliance or system rather than through wifi networks. This means that the internet connection is stronger and will not drop out as frequently as wifi might be. Appliances that most times use ethernet connections are laptops, computers, gaming consoles and televisions.

Electric Car Station Installations

For people who drive electric cars, installing an electric car charging station is a recommenced task during an electrical renovation. An electrician will install the right car chagrin station and ensure that it operates properly. The process is important for those who drive electric cars to ensure they can charge their car at home reliably.

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