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Maintain your home security with CCTV installation

Do you live in a high-crime neighbourhood? Have any of your neighbours been robbed while they were away? Do you want peace of mind knowing your home or business is protected 24/7? What better way to protect your loved ones than with CCTV installation?

Burglars and vandals will target any property that they consider vulnerable, whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial property. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to stay proactive when keeping your property secure. And an excellent way to do that is CCTV installation in your Sydney home or business.

Why choose us for your CCTV camera installations and repairs?

The Local Electrician offers Sydney professional CCTV installation services our licensed electricians perform. We are qualified to install every brand of CCTV system in residential, commercial and industrial properties, thanks to our team of passionate emergency electrician experts.

Our team knows how to install all types of security camera systems and ensure they are functioning perfectly. With the CCTV installation services we offer, we develop plans for the process, complete the task efficiently and carry out tests to make certain the installation of the CCTV system works perfectly.

We’re just a phone call away… so call us today!

We’ve been helping clients in Sydney and the surrounding areas for over 25 years, and we’d love to apply our expertise to help you with your CCTV repair and installation needs!

Licensed & Insured Electricians

We have licensed and insured electricians to help you with your power outage problems. Our services include power outage repairs, general electrical repairs, lighting fixture repairs and many more. You can count on us to put your safety on top of our priorities.

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We are here to serve you with our professional services at any time of the day or night. Our power outage electricians will arrive at your location shortly after receiving your call. If our electricians cannot arrive on time, we will not charge you anything for their service.

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We know how stressful it can be when you suddenly have a power outage in Sydney, so we ensure fast service to get your home or business back up and running as soon as possible.

Free Safety Inspection

During a Sydney power outage, it's essential to know that you're getting help from the best electricians in the area. We offer free safety inspections to guarantee that your home is safe and secure.

5 Year Warranty On All Materials

You can trust us to only use high-quality German-made materials for our power outage repairs. These components are incredibly durable and long-lasting, but we still offer you a 5-year warranty on all materials, just in case!

Interested in a security camera or CCTV installation in Sydney?

The Local Electrician has all the products and expertise you need. With the best CCTV systems in Sydney and a wide range of security cameras for you to choose from, getting the security camera that is best for your purpose and budget is easy.

Our CCTV installation and repair experts work closely with both residential and commercial customers to offer comprehensive CCTV security solutions, including:

  • Camera systems and CCTV installation.
  • Installation of customer-supplied CCTV equipment.
  • CCTV repair and maintenance services.
  • Access control and video intercom solutions.

We supply a wide variety of professional-grade CCTV brands, including Swann Security, Hikvision, Uniview, Dahua and more. Our Sydney team is also available to assist with the professional installation of security systems supplied by our customers.


Expert CCTV installation services for businesses and homes

You want your CCTV camera installation to operate optimally for years to come. This is why you should always choose qualified and licensed professionals for your Sydney property’s CCTV installation. This ensures you will get the most out of your CCTV installation and not have any issues during the process.

Through the years, we’ve installed and repaired phone lines in residences and businesses. We’ve connected the lines from the main distribution frame and installed new phone lines in kitchens, study rooms and home offices.

Even in homes, phone lines are still crucial for connecting and communicating. Although video calls and online chats are here, talking through a phone just doesn’t go away. We understand the importance of phones which is why we act promptly whenever there’s an issue.

Every CCTV installation project we complete comes with a warranty on labour and workmanship. Some of the additional benefits you receive include:

  • Optimal CCTV camera coverage to ensure every inch of your property is protected.
  • Long-lasting, quality installation from licensed and bonded technicians.
  • Avoid potential damage to your property from a DIY installation.
  • Professional advice and qualified after-sales service.
  • Potential savings on your property insurance.

We are your local security experts

It’s right there in our name for a reason. The Local Electrician has a passionate team of highly qualified experts and licensed technicians based in Sydney. If you’re unsure which brand or products to purchase for your CCTV installation or repairs, one of our professional technicians will visit your home or business to conduct a detailed survey.

After an in-depth conversation about your wants and needs, our electrician will provide a customised solution perfectly suited to your budget, safety concerns, lifestyle, property type, and structure.

For more guidance on choosing a new CCTV installation system for your home or business, don’t hesitate to book a free, no-obligation quote — or call us today. You’ll receive a written quote within 24 hours, and all the work we complete will be covered under The Local Electrician satisfaction and service warranty.


Full security system integration

Integrating CCTV systems installed by The Local Electrician with the other components of your existing security system — such as your video intercom or alarm setup — is not as complicated as it seems. Doing this means that you will be able to manage your whole security system from a central location. Your new CCTV installation will be connected to an indoor station and a smartphone app, allowing you to monitor your property and ensure your loved ones are safe no matter where you are.

Initial Planning

It is important that our electricians discuss the wants and needs of the CCTV installation before we carry out the work. This includes discussing how many cameras will be installed, whether the system is analogue or IP based, the best locations of the cameras and more. We make sure to be clear about how we will perform the installation as well as provide professional advice on what should be installed and where. 

CCTV Installation

The CCTV installation includes using the plans to install the security cameras, cabling, storage devices and DVR/NVR. The cameras are installed in specific locations to best suit the security needs, the cabling is connected within the walls and then threaded back to the main monitoring point and connected to the monitoring source or device. Throughout the whole installation process, we are efficient with our skills and make certain that the security camera systems are installed properly and on time.

Final CCTV Inspections

Our electricians always carry out a free electrical safety inspection with all of our electrical services, including when we perform CCTV installations. We will look over each camera to see if it is mounted correctly, all the wiring is protected and connected and also that the cameras function correctly. Our team will also make sure to look over the cabling system and the NVR/DVR to make certain that it functions properly.

CCTV Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Choose Analogue or IP Based Cameras?

Analogue cameras are cheaper however it is recommended that IP based cameras are chosen for the CCTV system. IP based cameras have a higher image quality, can store videos within an NVR, utilise ethernet cables, provide more site ranges, can zoom better and are overall greater at security needs. Analogue systems are an older technology compared to IP based cameras while having limited quality, thicker cabling, more limited site ranges and not as efficient as IP based cameras. Talk to a sydney electrician for their input on what the best camera type is and what best suits your needs.

What are the Differences Between NVR and DVR Recorders?

These are the systems that record what is being fed through the cameras and the main difference between the two is what type of camera system they work for. Network Video Recorder (NVR) are for IP cameras and encode and process videos at the camera to then stream at the NVR recorder. They can be either wireless or wired, have a more complex system and each camera only needs to be connected to the one network. Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are for analogue systems and process the video data at the recorder, are wired and less complex but the user needs to connect each camera to the recorder. 

What Factors Influence the Cost of the CCTV Installation?

The main factors that will influence the final cost of the CCTV installation service are:

  • What type of cameras are being installed, more expensive models will add to the final price
  • How many cameras will be installed as this means extra labour and more cabling needed
  • How large the home is where often double storey homes or overall larger houses will make the task more difficult or longer to carry out
  • The distance between the cameras and the NVR/DVR as more cabling and labour will be needed
  • Whether it will be an analogue or an IP based systems, IP bases systems are often more expensive but are greater in choice

Should I Choose Hardwired or Battery Cameras?

Hardwired systems are favoured over battery systems because they are generally more reliable and are easier to integrate within the electrical structure of the building. Battery CCTV cameras will need to be inspected more to ensure the battery does not run out while hardwired cameras work more efficiently. 

Where Should I Place the Cameras?

When placed outside, the cameras should be in a location where they cannot be damaged by vandalism or the weather, while providing good coverage of the area. The main locations for CCTV to be installed are the front door, back door or entry, any side passageways, the garage and in the corner areas to look over as much of the perimeter of the property as possible.

Expert CCTV Installation Services Sydney

Our CCTV installation services here at The Local Electrician are the best for Sydney locals to rely on. Our electricians are here to install every brand of CCTV system inside any property and area, including Hills District, Eastern Suburbs and South Western Sydney. We ensure that the CCTV system is installed correctly, every part functions properly and the whole process is completed on time. Our Level 2 Electrician team is here as well when people need electricians to perform more advanced work in their properties. For reliable and professional CCTV installation services – contact The Local Electrician today!

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