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What Is A Consumer Main?

Consumer mains are located in the main switchboard within a building and are extremely important. These are otherwise called as supply cables and are there to provide power to the building and the electrical switchboard.

With consumer mains and house mains, a fully licensed Level 2 Electrician is legally required to install, repair and overall work with the cables and mains connection. They have the training and certification to know how to safely work on them, which regular electricians are not able to. As well as being illegal, an average electrician cannot work on consumer mains.

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Here at The Local Electrician, our team members all have Level 2 Electrician licensing, meaning we can work on consumer mains. Our 25+ years of experience working with consumer mains has helped us know exactly how to install and work on them. Moreover, we are able to work anywhere within Sydney, no matter the suburb, and on all types of consumer main cables..

Licensed & Insured Electricians

We have licensed and insured electricians to help you with your power outage problems. Our services include power outage repairs, general electrical repairs, lighting fixture repairs and many more. You can count on us to put your safety on top of our priorities.

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We are here to serve you with our professional services at any time of the day or night. Our power outage electricians will arrive at your location shortly after receiving your call. If our electricians cannot arrive on time, we will not charge you anything for their service.

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We know how stressful it can be when you suddenly have a power outage in Sydney, so we ensure fast service to get your home or business back up and running as soon as possible.

Free Safety Inspection

During a Sydney power outage, it's essential to know that you're getting help from the best electricians in the area. We offer free safety inspections to guarantee that your home is safe and secure.

5 Year Warranty On All Materials

You can trust us to only use high-quality German-made materials for our power outage repairs. These components are incredibly durable and long-lasting, but we still offer you a 5-year warranty on all materials, just in case!

Dangers of Old Consumer Mains

With consumer mains, older systems are designed for the time periods in which they were installed. Many older systems, as a result, are not built to meet the power consumption needs of today’s world. Therefore, the consumer cables are more likely to overwork which can lead to many negative problems. The main dangers and problems of older consumer mains can include:

  1. Electrocution – if wiring is exposed or when there is a large amount of voltage running through the older cables, touching them can be fatal. Even if the wires are not touched, the cables are still dangerous and can lead to severe issues.
  2. Fire Hazards – as the cables are worn out and/or receiving too much voltage, they can spark, increasing the chance for an electrical fire
  3. Power Outages – when overworked, the older consumer mains usually cannot handle the amount of voltage and can overload. Most power issues that lead to outages are often linked to the older consumer mains. They cannot keep up with all the electrical appliances in use/ needing power and will stop working

Consumer Main Types & Sizes

Older builder consumer mains in residential buildings often range from 6mm – 16mm with commercial and larger buildings being from 16mm and up. This is a problem because the smaller the cable, and depending on its type, can mean it cannot handle the amount of power and voltage needed. For example, the size of the consumer main depends on how much electrical power needs to run through them. A 6mm cable has a rating of 40amps, whereas a 16mm cable rates to 63amps. With this, the cabling is too small for today’s needs and often too much power is running through the system.

Additionally, as there are more electrical appliances in modern buildings and homes there is a greater need for power. When multiple devices are on at once and needing the amps to run, the outdated consumer mains can become overloaded. Moreover, the older the cabling the more chance that the system is unlikely to have the recommended consumer mains. Especially if the cables were installed over forty-five years ago, the chance of dangers increasing heightens.

VIR Cables and Consumer Mains

The older the home, the chance of it being installed with VIR (Vulcanised Indian Rubber) increases. These outdated wires were built with the lifespan being decreased, as well as are often the cause for serious issues. For instance, electrocution, electrical fires, electrical short circuits and other problems are often a result of these cables. Also, because they are older, the insulation is probably deteriorated away from the conductors which increase the negative risks. Likewise, as split steel conduits were often where the VIR cables were installed, the electrically conductive nature poses more threats.

If you know that these are installed in the building, if not checking the main electrical switchboard can help, having them replaced is critical. For more information on what VIR Cables are and why they are so risky, we are able to provide helpful information on the topic.


Electrical Defect Notices and Consumer Mains

Mainly due to the age and danger of old consumer mains, Electrical Defect Notices are often given out for people to remove them. In NSW, the older consumer mains will need to be upgraded/ new ones installed – more information on ‘New South Wales Standard Electricity Service & Installation Rules.

As a result, Ausgrid will deliver an electrical defect notice to inform that the building needs new consumer mains. Hiring a Level 2 Electrician to install new consumer mains is the best option. This process will happen in a short amount of time with the home/ building owner in charge of the situation. For more information on how to handle Ausgrid ELectrcial Defect Notices and Endeavour Energy Notices, we are able to help

XLPE Cabling - The Modern Solution

Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) consumer mains are the safest and most modern consumer mains. These are mainly for domestic/ residential buildings and have a minimum size of 16mm.

Being safer and working with modern power needs, these consumer mains have stronger insulation included. With this, the tensile strength increases, as well as elongation and the impact resistance. Likewise, as carbon block is included in the mix, cut through resistance and hot deformation is further improved. More importantly, these cables are designed to last longer, not melt/ deteriorate and can handle the voltage increase.

Like mentioned before, working with consumer mains, especially XLPE, needs a Level 2 Electrician to do the job. A regular electrician does not have the training, more importantly, legal authority to do so. Hiring a skilled and certified level 2 asp electrician is the only way to go.

House Mains & Consumer Mains Installation

There are two main methods for installing consumer main cables which a level 2 electrician can choose from. One method can be using the roof cavity by the Point of Attachment, where the main overhead cables are located and attached to the house. Another option is through underground measures, at a private pole within the property. Or through the green electrical transformer box or at the street light in front of the place.

When undergoing an installation for consumer mains and house mains there also needs to be thought for each step of the process:

  • The general time taken for the installation is around ten weeks
  • Before that, at least three weeks are what usually takes for a quote with all the inspections and needed steps involved
  • A professional electrical consultant or contractor is needed to be involved in the process as well. A single line diagram, as well as a site plan, are also needed

How Much Do Consumer Mains Cost?

The cost can also alter depending on the person or company chosen. We have decided to detail some national Australian averages. However, these are all approximate estimates and you should always call us for a detailed and proper quote.

  • Application fees will generally be around $495
  • The design fee can be from $1,320 for standard, $3,300 for detailed or around $6,600 for complex
  • Construction will vary greatly
  • A cancellation fee can be around $550 but can change depending on how far into the process the job is

Professional Consumer Main Level 2 Electrician Workers

Here at The Local Electrician, our Level 2 Electrician workers are always available for working on house mains and Consumer Mains connection. We work efficiently, on time and work on affordable rates in all Sydney suburbs. Moreover, we are available as Emergency Electrician workers, meaning we are open 24/7 to be contacted for working with consumer mains. Call us on 0439823190 or email us at info@thelocalelectrician.com.au when needing the best support for consumer mains in Sydney.

Frequently Asked Level 2 Electrician Questions!

What Consumer Main Services Do You Provide?

We provide every consumer main service including upgrades, repairs and consumer main installations!

How Far Can Power Run From A Meter?

It is recommended that power can run from a meter for 200 ft (61m) for your house mains.

What Is A Sub Main?

A sub main is a subsidiary of the consumer main. It connects the main switchboard to the sub-main distribution panel through circuits.

How Deep Are Underground Electrical Cables?

The minimum depth for underground electrical cables is 600mm below the surface. The underground service should be parallel to the property’s line by a distance of 400mm-900mm.

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