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Homeowners, land managers and businesses in Sydney have a lot to gain from a professional EV charger installation tailored to your property. Not only does it add value to your residence, but it can attract new tenants and customers to your location. In other words, a custom-designed and professionally installed EV charging system is a smart choice for the future.

Save time and money on your home EV charger installation or repairs with our Sydney-wide service

The fast and efficient charging of a powerful EV charger station means it will quickly pay for itself. Depending on your choice of electric car charging station and your electric car charger installation, you may achieve up to 10x the charging speed of a standard plug-in socket charger. This can be an excellent attraction for residents and customers.

It also provides residential and commercial property owners with better cost efficiency than paid charging stations or programming your station to charge your electric vehicle during off-peak periods. With a high-quality, customised electric vehicle charging station contract installation, you can slash fuel and maintenance costs while living the EV dream.

Why choose us for your electric car charger installation?

The fully qualified technicians at The Local Electrician are proud to offer our professional electric car charger installation and repair services to the residents of Sydney and the surrounding areas. We are certified to install, repair and maintain any electric vehicle (EV) charger — including Tesla Powerwalls for use with any EV’s including Tesla vehicles. With our electric vehicle charger repairs, we can resolve any issues that your EV car charger station may have, as well as any problems with the associated electrical components.

Whether it’s repair, installation or maintenance work you need, our electricians will arrive on time, operate safely, work efficiently and, most importantly — charge fairly!

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We’ve been helping clients in Sydney and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. Our electric vehicle charging station contractors are standing by to provide any EV charging station services you may need!

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Electric vehicle (EV) charger installations in Sydney

If you’re an EV owner looking for professional electric vehicle charging station contractors in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place. Our electricians are qualified and certified for EV charger installations in Sydney for any application, including private homes, multi-dwelling units, strata buildings, offices, shopping centres and more.

Electric car charger installation for any application

The Local Electrician is a certified EV charger installer paving the way for the residents of Sydney. Along with our comprehensive electrical services aimed at helping you be as electrically efficient as possible, we provide turnkey EV charger installation solutions for residential and commercial clients. This includes strata buildings, multi-dwelling units, offices, retail centres and car parks.

End-to-end design and installation

Our electricians are trained to handle your new EV charger’s entire design and installation. This includes minor earthworks, running cables, testing your installation and performing maintenance after installation. You can rest assured that we’ll provide you with a safe, hassle-free and compliant EV charger installation experience.

Top-quality EV chargers and electrical components

We’ve gone out of our way to ensure our customers get nothing but the best, sourcing products from the market leaders in EV charging stations. We only install top-quality EV charging equipment, and all the additional electrical components we use are of the same high quality.

Our process

If you’re wondering what to expect when installing an EV charger in Sydney, here are the steps we follow to get your EV charger up and running.

Step 1 — Site assessment

We arrange a visit to your property to comprehensively evaluate your EV charging station requirements and existing electrical infrastructure. This includes recommending a location for your EV charger if necessary.

Step 2 — Design and quote

We design a custom EV charger solution to meet your EV charging requirements and needs. Then, we provide an obligation-free quote and any details you need to help you make an informed decision about your installation.

Step 3 — Installation

We arrive at your property at a prearranged time to install your EV charger with no hassle or fuss. We’ll perform any minor earthworks or cabling required and use only top-quality EVs and electrical components in compliance with industry regulations.

Step 4 — Testing

Once installation is complete, our experienced and licensed electricians run comprehensive tests on your new EV charger installation to ensure that it is safe for daily use and meets all electrical regulations.

Step 5 — Training

Once we’ve confirmed that your installation is operating correctly, our friendly team will show you how to use your new EV charger. We’ll provide one-on-one or group training that is clear and informative, as well as detailed documentation.

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Home Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

With our installation services of electric vehicle charging stations, we make sure that the whole process is properly planned and completed. Our team will install the charging station in the best spot possible, being no more than 3m away from the charging point. It is important that the station is correctly connected to the wiring of your home as we also ensure that RCD and safety switches are connected to the station for added safety. 

Depending on whether you have a Tesla Powerwall or any other ev charger model station we can connect the system to either a single phase or three phase switchboard. Every step of the installation is correctly monitored and planned to prevent problems from occurring. Tests will be carried out at the end of the installation to make certain that your station works perfectly all year round. 

What are Some Considerations with Home Electric Vehicle Charger Installations?

When undergoing an electric vehicle charging station installation there are 3 important factors to consider:

  • Correct Cabling: The charging station will need its own cable from the switchboard and no other appliances should be connected to the circuit. The right cable size also needs to be installed to ensure the system can charge the vehicle correctly. For example, if the cable is too thin, then there is a high chance that it can burn. Our qualified electricians will be able to advise on the perfect cable size for your charging station.
  • Adding Extra Safety Devices (e.g RCD Switches): It is important that all safety devices, such as RCDs, are connected to the charger to make certain people and appliances safe from electrical spikes and surges.
  • Switchboard Upgrades: It is not uncommon for your property to need a switchboard upgrade  due to the added electrical strain an EV charger can have on your property’s wiring. If you have recently had an electric charger installed and are having repeated trip switches, then this is a sure sign that you will potentially need a 3 phase upgrade to handle the electrical demand.
  • Dedicated Cabling: the EV charger will need its own dedicated circuit meaning no additional appliance should be connected to the outlet or circuit. This is to ensure that all the power goes to the electric vehicle charging station but more so to prevent electrical overloading from occurring. If appliances are connected alongside the EV charger then the circuit might be drawing in too much power which can result in dangerous situations.
  • Circuit Breaker Installation: alongside the electrical safety devices which protect people against being shocked from an electrical fault a circuit breaker is used to protect the charging station from electrical issues. The EV charging station will need to be connected to an appropriate circuit breaker to ensure if an issue occurs it will stop the electrical flow to the EV charger to prevent damages from happening.

Home Electric Vehicle Charger Repair

We offer the best EV charging solutions and repairs to problems with home electric vehicle charging stations. Problems range from a broken charging cable, the plug being ruined and switches breaking. Other issues might be the station being faulty, the system does not charge the car properly or there is overall limited power. No matter the issue our licensed electricians will ensure to have the electrical repairs of the charging station correctly completed.


Electric Vehicle Charger Compliance Testing?

It is important that an electric car charging station is regularly inspected for any issues or problems. Performing an electrical safety inspection on an EV charging station is just as essential as it would be with other electric systems. That is why The Local Electrician offers professional electrical vehicle charger compliance testing. This is where we look over the whole charging station and ensure the systems and all Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) are working perfectly.

We will look over the location where you charge your electric vehicle to ensure that there are no dangerous hazards. The ev charging station will be examined, including the charging cable, plug type and overall condition of the system. Tests will also be carried out, such as charging speeds and charge times, to ensure everything is operating correctly.

Why do I Need an Electric Vehicle Charger Testing and Inspection?

The main benefits of having an certified electrician inspect the electric vehicle charging station are:

  • All products, parts and systems of the charger are working under the correct standards
  • Makes certain that people and appliances are safe from potential faults with the charger
  • The charger is checked for its performance and adjusted if needed

Will I Need To Upgrade My Switchboard?

At times the ev charging station might need a large amount of power to properly function. This means that a 3 phase electrical switchboard might be required to meet the power needs of the station. Some electric home chargers will work perfectly with single phase, however three phase systems may be required for properties that have larger electrical usages.

3 Phase Switchboard Upgrades For Electric Vehicle Chargers

Most fast charging Electric Vehicle chargers will need a 3 phase switchboard as the system requires a large amount of energy. Only a licensed Level 2 Electrician can carry out  a 3 phase switchboard upgrade. 

Here at The Local Electrician we have level two electricians on 24/7 standby always ready to lend a hand. Our level 2 electrician will have your old switchboard upgraded or replaced with a new system, all while ensuring all wires and cables are properly connected. Our team will also have your switchboard perfectly connected to the charging station and perform tests to make certain it functions well. 

Qualified Electricians For Your EV Charging Installation

Installing electric vehicle charging stations requires an electrician to be fully qualified with all the needed licensing and insurance. The Local Electrician promises that our Sydney electricians are all able to professionally install the EV chargers. There are many components to installing the electric vehicle charger and these are also dangerous to operate with. This is because there are multiple cabling systems involved as well as installing various electrical equipment and points. 

It is also important that a licensed electrician performs the EV charging installation to make sure that each system is connected and installed correctly. If they are incorrectly installed then the chance of them not working properly and for safety hazards to form increases. 

Our level 2 asp services are here as well to professionally work with EV charging installations and upgrade to 3 phase power. When the switchboard needs to be upgraded for the EV charging station our team is qualified to do so. We operate smoothly and effectively throughout the whole installation process with the electric vehicle charging station installation and 3 phase power upgrade.

Sydney Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Electricians

The Local Electrician offers some of Sydney’s best and highest reviewed electric vehicle charger installation & repair services. Each electrician with us is a licensed professional who will install, repair and perform maintenance tasks with all types electric vehicle chargers, including Tesla home charging installations!

Our team will operate in all Sydney locations, including everywhere from the Northern Beaches to South Western Sydney, on EV chargers, Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) services and 3 phase switchboard upgrade. We also offer 24hr Emergency Electrician professionals who will arrive at any time of the day to help with any sort of electrical problem. For the best services regarding electric vehicle charger stations – contact The Local Electrician today for same day services!


Frequently Asked EV Charging Installation Questions!

How Much Does EV Charging Installation Cost?

The price of an EV charging installation will vary depending on certain factors but the average is from $750 to $3500. The various factors that can influence the overall cost range from the labour, equipment and hours involved. Purchasing any equipment for the job, such as the actual charging station and any additional safety devices and cabling for instance, will add to the cost of installing an EV charger in the home. The more there is to complete the installation will add to the labour involved and how long the process will take, adding to the final cost. Each different EV charger installation will be different in pricing because there are many different components involved. 

Can I Use Solar Power To Power My EV Charger?

Solar panels can be installed to power the electric vehicle charger in the home. An electrician can organise connecting the solar panels up to power the EV charger and have it operate smoothly. Using solar panels to power the electric vehicle charger will save money in the long term and can be more effective at charging the car faster.

Do I Need An Electrician To Install My EV Charging unit?

An electrician is required to install EV charging stations in all places and buildings. This is because electrical systems, cabling and equipment are involved and without training, it is highly dangerous to work with these. If an untrained electrician installs the electric vehicle charger then it is illegal, unsafe for the person and unsafe for everyone as it is more likely problems will develop in the future. 

What Different EV Chargers Are There?

There are three main types of electric vehicle chargers to choose from and each will be more suitable for different people and their needs. The most basic charger is a Level 1 EV charger that can be plugged into an outlet but it is also the slowest at charging. Level 2 EV chargers are the recommended ones for residential use. This is because they charge the car efficiently and suit most people’s needs. They have their own charging station and require their own dedicated electrical circuit. Level 3 EV chargers are mainly for commercial use as they use more power but charge cars more quickly.

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