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Do you own an old property? Are you worried about the faulty wiring in your business or home? Get a comprehensive electrical safety inspection from the qualified experts at The Local Electrician and find out what you’re dealing with today!

Comprehensive electrical safety services for your Sydney home or business

Responsible home and business owners understand how important it is to have a power system that is both efficient and safe. To help ensure your home or business is running at its best, The Local Electrician offers professional electrical safety checks and services to our customers in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Our comprehensive business and home safety inspections cover a variety of points with your electrical systems, including but not limited to:

  • Checking compliance with current government regulations.
  • Determining any existing electrical hazards.
  • Inspecting your switchboard, safety switches and power box.
  • Checking for DIY wiring, outdated wiring, uncovered permanent wiring and other exposed wires.
  • Testing power points, lighting and smoke alarms.
  • Evaluating electrical efficiency and distribution.

Get hold of the professional experts at The Local Electrician to find out what electrical hazards may be lurking in a new property or one you own. With our comprehensive electrical safety checks and tests, you have all the information about any changes you need to make to protect your family, home and business.

Why choose us for your electrical safety inspection?

Experienced and Professional Electricians for Safety Inspection

An electrical safety test can give you peace of mind because a degraded or outdated electrical system can cause fires or worse. This can be a serious problem for any property and is something owners of older properties should be very concerned about.

It goes without saying that you will always get reliable service from the professionals at The Local Electrician. Our number one priority is always safety. We perform electrical safety checks on power outlets and points, lights and switches, smoke alarms and detectors, switchboards and electrical wiring. We can also do a thorough inspection of a range of electrical appliances.

The goal is to get rid of the electrical hazards and keep the systems working in perfect condition. An electrical safety inspection is vital for all types of buildings. Residential, commercial and industrial properties should all have regular inspections regarding their electrical systems. There are numerous points that can increase the need for an inspection, such as an older property or outdated electrical systems.

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Remember, we’re just a phone call away… so call us today!

We’ve been helping clients in Sydney and the surrounding areas for over 25 years, and we’d love to use our expertise to help with any electrical safety services you may need!

At The Local Electrician, our tradesmen all have the needed qualification to perform an electrical safety inspection. Firstly, a level 2 status for an electrician means they have done additional training than a regular electrician. As a result they can work on a wider variety of jobs and do more dangerous jobs. As a result, average level 3 electricians cannot inspect a building for electrical defects/ safety issues. Therefore, our team has the Level 2 license so that they can inspect your electrical systems.

Fully accredited master electricians

All the tradespeople at The Local Electrician have the highest qualifications necessary to perform an electrical inspection for any property. What this means is that each of our technicians is a certified Level 2 electrician, which is the only professional who should be performing this important safety task. This is because they have undergone more training than a regular electrician.

As a result, they can perform more dangerous jobs and work on various projects, including inspecting a property for electrical defects and safety issues — something that an average Level 3 electrician is not allowed to do.

Our expert electricians are fully accredited and have to abide by a stringent active electrical safety process for every job we work on. Just like a building inspection designed to locate any structural issues in your home, an electrical safety check and inspection cover every aspect of the electrical system in your existing property or a property you’re planning on buying.

Comprehensive electrical inspection services

When you contact The Local Electrician for an electrical safety check or inspection, we’ll find a time and day that works best with your schedule. Then, our licensed technician will conduct a walk-through of your home or business. You can bring up any specific concerns and ask any questions you may have about your electrical system.

Our knowledgeable technicians will talk you through each stage of the inspection, discuss anything they find and recommend solutions that fit your budget for replacements, upgrades or repairs.

Commercial and residential electrical safety services

An electrical inspection is something that many property owners overlook when it comes to annual maintenance, whether in a commercial or residential setting. But it is a simple fact that electrical fires or direct electrocution are responsible for multiple deaths every year.

While death and injury are the extreme consequences of a faulty electrical system, you’ll also lose a lot of money in wasted power. A high-quality electrical safety test and check from The Local Electrician will ensure that everything about your electrical supply operates at full capacity and is completely safe.

It is good practice to have an electrical safety check or home safety inspection on your Sydney property every 2-3 years. Among the specialised equipment we use are thermal instruments that allow us to quickly investigate your outlets and wiring without majorly disrupting your daily activities.

An electrical inspection is an excellent way to effectively diagnose any electrical failures and pinpoint areas of your property that need attention. It takes less than a day to conduct one. So, if you’re looking for the best electricians Sydney has to offer, contact us today to book your electrical home safety inspection!

Licensed & Insured Electricians

We have licensed and insured electricians to help you with your power outage problems. Our services include power outage repairs, general electrical repairs, lighting fixture repairs and many more. You can count on us to put your safety on top of our priorities.

On-time Electrician Or It's Free!

We are here to serve you with our professional services at any time of the day or night. Our power outage electricians will arrive at your location shortly after receiving your call. If our electricians cannot arrive on time, we will not charge you anything for their service.

Same Day Services

We know how stressful it can be when you suddenly have a power outage in Sydney, so we ensure fast service to get your home or business back up and running as soon as possible.

Free Safety Inspection

During a Sydney power outage, it's essential to know that you're getting help from the best electricians in the area. We offer free safety inspections to guarantee that your home is safe and secure.

5 Year Warranty On All Materials

You can trust us to only use high-quality German-made materials for our power outage repairs. These components are incredibly durable and long-lasting, but we still offer you a 5-year warranty on all materials, just in case!

Family Safe Electrical Safety Inspections

Safety first. It sounds like a mantra, but for many people until they’ve experienced the ramifications of not putting safety first, they don’t really appreciate what it means. Anyone who has experienced an electrocution (and lived) has a markedly different attitude towards electricity. They understand the importance of a safe system.

If there’s a chance of electrocution, don’t delay: contact our team.

Whether there’s something wrong with the power outlet or you suspect the smoke alarm has had its day, it’s important to act and get these things fixed right away.

For local electrical contractors and professionals, Sydney turns to us. Everyone from householders to corporations contacts us when it comes to electrical testing. We use the most up-to-date tools and equipment in finding the exact locations of potential electrical hazards and problems. Once we do that, we then take necessary measures to correct the problem. It’s better to be safe than sorry after all.

Right now you might already have suspicions about your electrical systems and fixtures. You can talk to us to confirm the problem and address your worries. There’s no need to delay!

What is Included in an Electrical Safety Inspection?

There are many tasks which our electricians will perform during an electrical safety inspection service. Some of the main inspections involved are:

  • Inspecting Electrical Systems and Appliances – our team will look over each electrical system to make sure that they are functioning correctly. Small tests, from checking their voltage levels to any visible damages, are performed. Each appliance, system and electrical component of the building will be thoroughly tested and inspected. 
  • Examining for Broken or Exposed Wiring – wiring systems will be properly inspected for noticeable damages. To prevent house fires and electrical spikes these wires will be replaced as soon as possible. 
  • Looking Over Any DIY Projects – an electrician will ensure that any electrical jobs which were not carried out by an electrician have been properly completed. DIY electrical jobs can be performed poorly with loose connections and systems out of place. The electrician will look over the whole project to make sure that it is safe. 
  • Testing Electrical Switchboard and Similar Systems – the switchboard and also the safety switches and RCD switches are properly looked at. These systems are extremely important in protecting appliances and people from electrical overloads and spikes. Small tests and precise inspections are carried out to ensure each system has not defected. 
  • Light Inspection – all types of lights in the building are correctly looked at. These inspections on the lights make certain surges and other potential electrical problems are avoided. 
  • Electrical Surge Protection Levels – tests will be carried out and the electrician will determine if there needs to be more protection from electrical surges. This might include adding updated safety switches or new electrical outlets, all protecting electrical surges.

Reasons For An Electrical Safety Inspection

The most important reason why you would have someone check your electrical system is because of safety. Consequently, here are some main points which further your chances for having an electrical safety inspection:

  • Your home or building is older than 25 years
  • Especially for appliances that are over 5 years of age, equipment/ appliances operating in a faulty/ incorrect way
  • An older wiring system is present in the building
  • If you are moving selling homes then the new buyer can be reassured that everything is safe. Bonus – it is a good selling point
  • It can save money, as in lowering the costs of future problems. As well as, if replacement of appliances occur, more energy efficient ones being installed reduce electric bill prices.

Overall, you would want an electrical safety inspection as soon as possible. This is to reduce the risk your current system has on damaging your work or home. Additionally, it can prevent future issues from occurring. Also, can possibly save money from your electric bill on better and more energy efficient appliances.

When Should I Get an Electrical Safety Inspection?

It is strongly recommended that an electrical safety inspection occurs at least once a year. Below is a guide on other times which safety inspections regarding electrical systems should occur:

  • Residential Places – Every 3-5 years
  • Commercial Properties – Once a year
  • Industrial Buildings – Every 3-6 months
  • When buying or renting a home for the first time
  • When selling the home 
  • If the home is older than 10 years or there are outdated systems present

For more information on when to get an electrical safety inspection, we encourage reading our blog with further details. 

Electrical Safety Inspections - Protect Your Property

For the best service in all of Sydney, The Local Electrician is the one to trust. We recommend our work because we are all correctly trained and qualified. We know exactly what to do with the inspections and never rush any job. Here is what often happens when we inspect a property:

  • Ensuring that no electrical equipment or circuits are overloaded. For instance, you surge protectors are functioning correctly so your appliances do not have their lifespan shortened from random electrical spikes. This also includes consumer mains inspections.
  • Confirming that older electrical systems in older buildings are not faulty. For example, the grounding system is still healthy or else major problems could occur to the building, appliances or even human life.

Moreover, there are numerous other components of our electrical safety inspections. To clarify, we are focused on ensuring that your property is approved by government safety standards. More importantly, we want your safety to be the highest outcome from the inspection. Thus, we always perform the needed job properly to confirm that your property, appliances and yourself included are safe.

Contact us on 0439 823 190 or email at info@thelocalelectrician.com.au for us to inspect your property efficiently and correctly. If in the case of an emergency, we can provide instant emergency electrician operators to inspect your property in the shortest amount of time. We also offer a free basic safety inspection on any job we complete.

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Our skilled electricians are qualified to carry out any electrical repair or installation within Sydney. We strive to deliver absolute customer satisfaction by offering electrical services that are affordable, safe and long lasting.

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