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Smoke alarm services are essential for Sydney homes and businesses. In the event of a fire, smoke detectors will sound to draw your attention and provide an early warning so you can get to safety.

However, there are so many types of smoke alarms and smoke detectors that it can be very confusing which type is best for you and your property. This is where The Local Electrician’s smoke alarm service comes in. We can recommend the best smoke alarm installation for your property and uphold your fire safety at a very high level for you and your loved ones.

Meet the smoke alarm installation experts in Sydney

Smoke alarms can save your life. But just having a smoke alarm is not enough — you have to ensure they’re working perfectly and installed properly. Our team can ensure proper smoke alarm installation according to Australian Standards. We ensure that the alarms will give you the warning they are supposed to during emergencies. It’s your safety at stake, so contact us today.

Why choose The Local Electrician for your smoke detector installation and service

The Local Electrician has provided electrical services to the greater Sydney area since 2009. We have the training, experience and knowledge to provide you with any electrical solution you need. Smoke detectors are just one of our specialties, and our decades of commitment to fire safety have resulted in tens of thousands of smoke detector installations across Sydney.

Installing and maintaining smoke detectors in buildings should be a priority. We help our customers stay compliant and, most importantly, stay safe. Licensed electricians from The Local Electrician will perform smoke detector installations and ensure the visual and audio indicators are working as they should be.

It’s difficult to know if the smoke alarms are working by just looking at them. What should be done is to let our professional electricians inspect the smoke alarms.

Remember, we’re just a phone call away… so call us today! Our professional smoke alarm installers are fully certified to perform your smoke detector installation and smoke alarm testing.

Smoke alarm installation in Sydney

When it comes to smoke detectors on your property, you must hire a professional smoke alarm installer to install your fire safety system. The Local Electrician has years of experience installing smoke detectors and can advise you on the right system for your property and service it once installed to keep you protected for years to come.

There are several options to consider before installation.

Choosing between Ionisation and photoelectric smoke detectors

There are two types of lithium smoke detectors: photoelectric and ionisation. Ionisation smoke detectors have a tiny amount of radioactive material between two electrically charged plates. This ionises the air and creates a current that flows between the two plates. When smoke enters the chamber, it disrupts this flow. The reduced flow of current activates the alarm.

Photoelectric smoke alarms aim at a beam of light angled away from the sensor into a sensing chamber. When smoke enters the chamber, the beam of light reflects onto the light sensor, triggering the alarm. These smoke alarms react faster than the ionisation type because it takes very little smoke to disrupt the light beam.

Ionisation smoke detectors are also more prone to go off for no reason, so you’re more likely to unplug them because of their annoyance. Ideally, it is best to install both ionising and photoelectric alarms.

Networked smoke alarms

Interconnected or networked smoke detectors are a great option for large homes and properties. When the detector picks up a hazard, it signals to other smoke alarms in the facility, and all your smoke alarms sound simultaneously. Talk to The Local Electrician’s licensed smoke alarm installation technicians to discuss the best options for your property.

The importance of smoke detector services and maintenance

Smoke detectors often fail not because of a technical problem but because the battery runs out and no one in the house notices. Or, an irritating false alarm may cause people to turn off the alarm. In either case, smoke detectors may fail to operate in the event of a fire, putting building occupants in serious danger.

Your smoke alarm can be fitted with a battery system to keep it powered or hardwired into the house with a battery system to use as a backup in case of power failure. This is a great option, as you are always 100% protected. Smoke detectors with lithium batteries can last up to 10 years.

Call us today to discuss your smoke detector needs or chat with our smoke alarm testing team.

Licensed & Insured Electricians

We have licensed and insured electricians to help you with your power outage problems. Our services include power outage repairs, general electrical repairs, lighting fixture repairs and many more. You can count on us to put your safety on top of our priorities.

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During a Sydney power outage, it's essential to know that you're getting help from the best electricians in the area. We offer free safety inspections to guarantee that your home is safe and secure.

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You can trust us to only use high-quality German-made materials for our power outage repairs. These components are incredibly durable and long-lasting, but we still offer you a 5-year warranty on all materials, just in case!

We Use Lithium Iron Battery Which Lasts 10 Years No Need to Change the Battery Every Year!

Why Are Smoke Alarms So Vital?

The purpose of smoke alarms is to alert you and give you extra time to respond to a possible fire (whether extinguishing the fire on the spot or evacuating on time). But what if there’s someone in your household (you or someone else) who may find it difficult to respond or escape during a fire emergency? No worries because we can install specialist alarm systems for specific cases.

What if you suspect that the smoke alarms in your home are defective already? Our electricians can immediately confirm your suspicions by doing an inspection. Perhaps the batteries or the alarms themselves are already expired. We can also promptly check the smoke alarm if it doesn’t stop from beeping or if it just beeps randomly (this might give you unnecessary stress).

This isn’t just about having peace of mind. This is also about having real protection when real emergencies do come. By having reliable smoke alarms (and that are installed by professional electricians), you and your household will get adequate protection. That’s why here at The Local Electrician, we can install (new or additional alarms), inspect and repair the smoke alarms in your property.

1. Fit Smoke Alarms Where A Fire Can Start

Don’t just fit a smoke alarm in your hall and landing – also fit them in any room where a fire can start. For example, any room where you smoke or leave appliances plugged in.

2. Extra Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

It’s also possible to fit extra automatic ‘fire suppression’ systems at home – that’s things like sprinklers. These are a great idea if there’s anything that might prevent you escaping quickly.

3. Installed By A Qualified Electrician

If you choose to have a mains-powered alarm, make sure it’s installed by a qualified electrician.

4. Interlinked Alarms

Some battery or mains alarms can be interlinked, so that when one alarm detects a fire they all go off together, giving you warning wherever you are in your home. This is particularly important where a person has any issues that may prevent or delay their escape to ensure they are alerted to a fire as soon as possible.

5. Extra automatic ‘fire suppression’

It’s also possible to fit extra automatic ‘fire suppression’ systems at home – that’s things like sprinklers. These are a great idea if there’s anything that might prevent you escaping quickly.

Why Are Smoke Alarms So Important?

  • A single smoke alarm isn’t enough.
  • Consider everyone’s needs – if there’s any reason there might be a delay in noticing or escaping from a fire, seek extra help.
  • Make sure any alarms you buy are marked with a current Australian Standards (AS) safety mark, which shows they are approved and safe.
  • Fit smoke alarms on a ceiling (or high up on a wall, if the instructions state it is suitable for wall mounting).
  • Screw don’t glue – if you use glue, it can seep into the alarm, and stop it working.
  • Fit a heat alarm in the kitchen.
  • Screw don’t glue – if you use glue, it can seep into the alarm, and stop it working.
  • Fit your smoke alarms away from kitchens or bathrooms as steam can damage the alarm, or set it off by mistake.
  • Fit a heat alarm in the kitchen.
  • Choose smoke alarms with a 10 year or long-lasting sealed battery.

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