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Electrical Upgrades That Will Increase Your Home’s Value!

There are numerous electrical upgrades that can be done to increase the home’s value. Ranging from updating the cabling to the outlets or appliances, performing certain changes and upgrades will mean the home’s electrical systems are efficient and up to date. Here at The Local Electrician, our Sydney electricians are ready to carry out installations, upgrades and repairs to add value to the home. 

Some electrical upgrades to increase the home’s value are:

  • Installing New Power Outlets and Covers
  • Childproofing Electrical Outlets
  • LED Lighting
  • Dimmer Switches
  • Replace the Electrical Safety Systems
  • Updating the Home’s Cabling
  • Installing Ceiling Fans
  • Upgrading to 3 Phase Power
  • Install Solar Panels
  • Upgrade the Electrical Appliances
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What are Some Electrical Upgrades to Increase the Home’s Value?

Below are some of the best electrical upgrades to increase the home’s value:

Installing New Power Outlets and Covers

Old and damaged power outlets are both dangerous and do not look appealing. Upgrading the power outlets of the homes especially if they are worn out will add value to the home. The new outlets will be much safer to operate due to the wiring and faceplate not being outdated or damaged. Changing the outlets can also mean adding one that fits the aesthetics of the house as well as installing upgraded versions of regular outlets, such as powerpoint ones.

While the outlets of the home can be replaced with new ones, the covers and faceplates of outlets, electrical points and light switches can happen. These can replace old ones that look outdated or are damaged and new ones can be installed. This can help keep the visuals of the home more consistent or modern while ensuring a proper cover safely covers up the wires behind them.

Childproofing Electrical Outlets

Another way to add value to the home through the electrical outlets is to childproof them. To childproof the power sockets means that children are prevented from being electrocuted by accidentally playing with the outlet. This affordable and effective method will mean the home will be seen as safe for children in terms of the electrical which adds value to it.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is the most energy efficient, cost effective and long lasting light to choose from. They might be more expensive to initially purchase but the cost to run them is much lower than other light bulbs. This is because they use the energy more efficiently, not wasting it on heat and not requiring as much, meaning it is better for the environment and also lowers the energy bill. As much as 80% of the lighting bill can be saved by switching to LED lights and it will add value to the home.

Dimmer Switches

Another type of upgrade to the lighting is to add dimmer switches on some, most or all of the lights. The dimmers allow there to be better control of the lighting making it easy to have the room darker or lighter. Dimmers are easy to install and the small adjustment adds value to the overall lighting system.

Replace the Electrical Safety Systems

The electrical safety systems include circuit breakers and safety switches which protect people and electrical equipment from being damaged by electrical faults and spikes. Replacing the old fuses and breakers with new circuit breakers and safety switches will mean the home and people inside are better protected. An electrician should perform an electrical safety inspection\ to see if these safety systems should be replaced with new ones. 

Some signs that the electrical safety systems need replacing are that they are warm, make a buzzing sound, have a strange smell, there is always electrical tripping, their age and that they look visually damaged. Replacing these with new ones will ensure people and the electrical systems are protected which will elevate the home.

Updating the Home’s Cabling

The home’s cabling, including the data cabling, can be updated to stronger and more current systems. The older the home means the more likely the wires and cabling will be less likely to handle the electrical needs of today being built with different methods and materials. This also includes any data cabling or hardwiring that is present in the home and could be upgraded to suit newer technologies and systems. An electrician can update the home’s wiring to make it safer, handle more power needs and overall boost the value of the home.

Installing Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans come with many benefits and are a great way to make the room more comfortable by circulating the air around the room. There are many ways to heat and cool rooms and the home but a ceiling fan can help distribute the air more evenly around the room. This can at times be more impactful and comfortable than turning on the heater or air conditioner to change the temperature. 

Ceiling fans are also great not only in regulating the temperature and allowing air to circulate around the room but also have many other benefits, including:

  • Save space
  • Can have the addition of a light which expands lighting options
  • Come in many styles which can fit with the interior aesthetic
  • Are quiet and also can save money on the energy bill

Upgrading to 3 Phase Power

Three phase power is an upgrade over single phase power which most residential homes have. This power source will mean that the home is supplied with more consistent and effective power to run appliances and systems. A Level 2 Electrician will perform the 3 phase power upgrade and it will add more value to the home.

To know more about what 3 phase power is our blog goes into more in detail about how it is constructed and what functions it has.

Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels will add value to the home, providing a more eco-friendly way to power the home while saving money on the energy bill. Even though the installation may cost a bit it is a cost effective way to lower the electrical bill in the long term. Most times they require little maintenance, offer a reliable power source and will lower the dependency on electric power grids for power.

Upgrade the Electrical Appliances

Upgrading to more energy efficient electrical appliances will enhance the value of the home and will lower the energy bill. The more energy efficient an appliance is, the more effective it is at using electricity and not wasting it. Energy efficient appliances are also often more powerful, efficient and reliable due to being built with better technology. 

Trusted Electricians Performing Electrical Upgrades

The Local Electrician is here to perform all kinds of electrical upgrades and services for Sydney locals. We offer fully qualified electricians who are able to work on all electrical jobs, including wiring, appliances, power systems and more.

Our Emergency Electrician team, ready at all times of the day, are here to perform this work across all suburbs, ranging from the Northern Beaches to South Western Sydney.


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