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Electrician Apprenticeship Job Tasks & Description

An electrician apprenticeship is where a person gets real-life experience in the electrical field when training to become one. In order to become a licensed electrician, an electrical apprenticeship is needed to be completed. A person will complete it alongside undergoing a Certificate III in Electrotechnology and learn skills in electrical installations and repairs. The Local Electrician is here with our qualified electrician team to help Sydney locals with any electrical service. 

Most electrician apprenticeship programs run for three to four years and alongside a TAFE or other Registered Training Organisation course. Completing a Certificate III in Electrotechnology and becoming licensed in the electric trade requires the apprenticeship to be completed. The main jobs involved in an electrician apprenticeship are:

  • Understanding and reading wiring diagrams and blueprints
  • Performing electrical installations and how to correctly plan the task
  • Carrying out electrical repairs, knowing what tools and techniques to use 
  • Working with wiring systems and cables
  • Undergoing professional electrical safety inspections
  • Installing and working with electrical switchboards and safety devices
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What is an Electrician Apprenticeship?

An electrician apprenticeship has many different components involved so a person training to become an electrician knows how to professionally work. They are completed under the guidance of an already licensed electrician and are an apprentice electrician within their workforce. The electrician or electrician team will allow the trainee to develop their skills and gain real life experience working in the electrical trade.

In order to become qualified and gain a NSW electrical license, an apprenticeship is a part of the requirements to get it. Completing Certificate III in Electrotechnology is where a person will work in classroom-styled learning, such as understand the wiring rules. While apprenticeships offer the real world experience aspect of being an electrician. Most apprenticeships will last for three to four years, apprentices will develop a wide range of skills during this time.

What Jobs are Performed in an Electrician Apprenticeship?

The main jobs learnt during an electrician apprenticeship are:

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs are a major part of working as an electrician, especially as an Emergency Electrician. Repairing in the electrical trade can include phone lines, hot water systems to broken surge protectors. An apprentice will work to learn how to safely operate with the electrical equipment during repairs. Knowing what steps to take and tools to utilise will also be developed during the apprenticeship.  

Electrical Installations

Another major part of becoming an electrician is knowing how to correctly install electrical systems and appliances. From simple light installations to installing electrical systems in commercial settings, there will be many electrical installation practices. Installing systems will need to be performed safely and efficiently while tests are commonly performed during the service. Apprentices will understand how to correctly install a variety of electrical units during their training. 

Skills and Tools

Learning about the different types of skills and tools involved in the electrical trade in completed in education settings. Understanding how to use and apply them into the different types of electrical jobs is performed within the apprenticeship. Gaining real life practice with the tools and skills involved in electrical work is an important aspect and benefit from completing an apprenticeship. 

Wiring Diagrams and Work

Knowing how to read wiring diagrams and also blueprints are developed within the electrician apprenticeship. Working with wires and cables, installing and repairing them, are another main component of the apprenticeship. Knowing what wires and cables are made of and their applications in electrical systems are important to know when working as an electrician. 

Electrical Safety Inspection and Tests

Electrical safety inspections are where an electrician looks over electrical equipment and systems to ensure they are functioning safely. Testing these systems for any defects or faults are also carried out by electrical professionals. Apprentices will understand how to correctly test all types of electrical systems and parts. Knowing what to look for during an inspection and what might need repairs or not is developed through the training. 

Working with Electrical Switchboards and Safety Devices

Electrical switchboards are a major system that electricians will often have to work on. This is because this is where a building’s electrical panels and safety devices are stored and managed. Understanding how to inspect, test, repair, install and upgrade an electrical switchboard are skills gained during apprenticeships.

What Skills are Developed from the Mechanic Apprenticeship?

Along with knowing how to carry out electrical jobs, certain skills are gained from undergoing an electrician apprenticeship:

  • Being greater at focusing and paying close attention to details 
  • Developing skills in problem-solving, especially in terms of major repairs to emergency electrical situations
  • Becoming more aware of safety issues and overall dangers that come with different electrical jobs
  • Working and communicating with other electricians develop
  • Communicating to customers about the electrical work performed 
  • An increase in effectively planning for electrical jobs

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