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Fallen Power Poles & Power Lines – What To Do

Fallen private power poles and power lines need to be addressed professionally by Ausgrid and a Level 2 Electrician. Reporting the problem to Ausgrid will ensure that they organise the emergency situation and reconnect the electricity supply. When the power pole is in private property this is when an electrical defect notice will be addressed and the property owners will need to contact a level 2 electrical contractor. The Local Electrician offers our professional level 2 electrician Sydney team where we will safely repair fallen private power poles. 

When fallen private power poles are identified the important steps to follow are:

  • Stay at least 8m away from the fallen power pole, wires and cables
  • Call 13 13 88 for Ausgrid to handle the situation
  • Contact 000 if a person or people have been injured from the fallen power pole
  • The private power pole defect notice will be given out if the power pole is within private property
  • Contact a reliable level 2 electrical service to help repair the private pole defects
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What to Do When Power Poles and Lines Fall?

Fallen power lines and poles are situations that will need urgent attention and professionals to work fast. Ausgrid and a level 2 authorised service will often need to be contacted to handle the dilemma. Level 2 electricians are mainly called when the power pole has fallen inside private property and the power pole belongs to the property owner. Here are the main steps to follow when dealing with fallen power poles and lines:

  1. It is extremely important to stay a minimal 8m away from any fallen wire, line or pole. Do not touch any fences, trees or objects which are making contact with the fallen electrical equipment. 
  2. Contact 13 13 88 in order for Ausgrid to be addressed that there are fallen power lines and poles. Their job will be to ensure that any street or public power poles and lines are repaired. The power supply to the street will be restored as soon as possible after the fallen lines and poles are addressed. 
  3. When the power pole is a part of private property and belongs to the property owner then Ausgrid will help control the situation. Ausgrid will though provide an electrical defect notice on the fallen private power poles where the property owner is responsible for fixing the pole. Ensure to address the private power pole defect notice as soon as possible. 

Organise a level 2 electrician to repair the fallen power lines and power pole when the defect notice has been given out. Ensure to choose an accredited service for level 2 asp workers to make certain the fallen power pole is repaired correctly and safely. For guides on how to choose a good electrician, we recommend reading our blog article with detailed information.

What Do I Do With the Private Power Pole Defect Notice?

There are many reasons why a private power pole defect notice has been given out with one being that the lines or pole has fallen over. Ausgrid will give these defect notices to the property owner who will need to contract a level two electrician to repair the pole. 

A level 2 electrician is trained in working on private power poles and overhead cables which is why they are legally needed to carry out the repairs. It is important to have the level 2 electrical worker repair the defects within 21 days to prevent the power from being temporarily cut off.

For more information on private power pole defect notices and what to do with them, we strongly recommend reading our blog for further details.

What are the Dangers of Fallen Power Lines and Poles?

When the power pole and lines fall there are many dangers which follow with this situation. This is why it is vital that Ausgrid and level 2 electricians are contacted as soon as fallen power poles have been noticed. The main dangers of fallen private power poles and lines are:

  • Electric Shock – with broken electrical cables and wires on the ground and making contact with other objects a person can become easily electrocuted when accidentally touching these. This is the main reason why fallen power poles need to be repaired as soon as possible. 
  • Infrastructure Damage – the pole might fall onto the property and break into the building or damage other structures. 
  • Obstruction – with their high risks and also length they can block paths and roads which will obstruct many people.

Trusted Level 2 Electricians Resolving Fallen Private Power Poles

When needing a level 2 electrician to resolve fallen power poles and private lines The Local Electrician is here to help. With over 25 years of experience behind us, we know exactly the best ways to safely handle fallen power poles. Each electrician will arrive on time, insect the situation and defect notice and carry out the task successfully. We will work in any property and on any power pole and make certain they are safely repaired.

Our Emergency Electrician team is ready to repair, disconnect and repair power poles and carry out any other electrical emergency service tasks at any time. We also work across all of Sydney with power poles and other services, including in the Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and Sutherland Shire.


For professional fallen private power pole and line services with certified level 2 electricians – contact The Local Electrician now on 0439 823 190!

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