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Flood & Storm Damages Electrical Problems

A part of storm damages and flood damages are the electrical problems that they can bring. Lightning strikes to heavy rainfall in these situations can cause electrical systems to be damaged. Other common electrical problems that are a safety concern can also occur during storms or floods. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here to resolve flood and storm electrical problems. 

Common flood and storm electrical problems include fallen power poles, electrical surges and short circuits. Preparing for these events, knowing what to do during and what to organise after the natural events is important in keeping people and electrical systems safe.

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What to Do Before a Storm or Flood to Help Prevent Electrical Problems?

To ensure electrical problems are either prevented or less severe from a storm or flood perform these actions:

  • Safety switches – install safety switches where possible around the home to ensure circuits are protected from short circuits.
  • Surge protector – surge protector should be installed to help reduce the damage caused by a potential electrical spike during the storm or flood.
  • Surge Protected Switchboards – the electrical switchboard and all circuits and appliances connected to it should be protected by electrical protection devices so they can function during a natural disaster.
  • Generator or backup battery – these act as reserves for when the power goes out and are often encouraged for places where storms and floods are common.
  • Turn off appliances and switches – before the flood or storm happens, switch off and unplug electrical appliances from the outlets. Also, turn off any switches and ensure cover plates are secured to ensure power points do not cause electrical shocks from water making contact with the exposed electrical wiring. 
  • Main power – when it will flood it is recommended to turn off the power to the building to prevent electrical safety concerns.

What to Do During a Storm or Flood to Help Avoid Electrical Problems?

It is important that during floods and storms to be safe, and for electrical safety reasons, follow these guidelines:

  • Certain distance – when there is a heavy storm or flood stay away from electrical appliances, cables, extension cords, light fixtures and conductive materials. It is also important to stay clear of the electrical switchboard, keeping these distances ensure that if lightning strikes people are safe. 
  • Water – do not use electrical equipment close to or in water as this is highly dangerous. 
  • Tripped circuits – if the circuit breakers or safety switches have tripped do not touch them and let an electrician fix them.
  • Solar panels – during floods staying clear of solar panels and cables is important.

What to Do After a Storm or Flood to Resolve Electrical Problems?

After a major storm or flood has occurred it is important to not touch electrical appliances and systems if they have made contact with water. The main steps to take is to have a licensed electrician perform an electrical safety inspection of the property. This is to ensure that all electrical systems are looked over to guarantee they are safe to run and be used. 

The main systems that are inspected are the electrical wiring systems, power outlets and power points and other electrical installations, such as the switchboard. Electrical appliances will also be inspected and the cables connected to make certain that they are safe to be used. It is extremely important that a certified electrician undergoes the safety inspection to prevent people from being hurt by electrical dangers.

What are Common Flood and Storm Electrical Problems?

When there is a heavy storm or flood there are many different dangers and problems that can occur relating to electrical systems. These electrical emergencies often lead to power being lost, frequent surges to occur and other dangerous situations to occur. Here are the main or common flood and storm electrical problems:

  • Power Poles – fallen power poles are common in storms and floods along with other problems with the systems. The power google may have fallen from a tree hitting them, from strong winds to the soil around the pole to be too damp and weak. Power poles can also see the cables sagging and dipping from the storm or flood which are other dangerous situations. 
  • Power Surges – lighting strikes can easily cause damages to the home’s electrical systems. Being a direct hit, close to the property or hitting power lines and stations, lighting can be a major issue. The appliances and electrical systems in the home can receive a large power surge and fail to work. 
  • Electrical Shorts – the heavy rain and water can cause appliances and electrical systems to experience shorts. When the short circuit occurs the system loses power and is also highly dangerous when it occurs. People may receive an electrical shock when touching the system or a fire may start when the short circuit occurs.

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