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How Can You Stay Safe From Electrical Hazards During a Storm?

Homeowners and businesses need to be ready for any catastrophe. Preparation is a must to reduce damages after a storm or other extreme weather. It is also vital that every property owner knows which to prioritise when preparing for a storm. By knowing which could cause the most impact, anyone can best fit their home for storms and expect which part of the building’s electrical system could be most affected.

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What are The 5 Main Electrical Hazards?

Several things may be affected by storms and other extreme weather conditions. However, not all can shut down the property’s main electrical system. Property owners need to familiarise themselves with which electrical equipment is frequently affected by extreme weather conditions like storms. The following are five common electrical hazards in homes and commercial buildings:

  1. Electrical wiring – exposed wires present danger to those trapped inside the home or commercial space during a storm. This electrical hazard is common among properties that do not undergo regular inspection. Exposed wiring during a storm can cause electrocution and may even start a fire.
  2. Lightbulbs – lightbulbs may seem like the least threatening electrical device at home or in commercial space. However, these bulbs can easily cause electrical fires. The chances of it causing fire increases when it is near flammable materials like curtains, beds and other upholstery.
  3. Wall sockets – improperly placed wall sockets can also cause accidents. Storm electrical hazards usually start with outside wall sockets. Installing the correct type of outdoor wall socket could decrease the chances of threats caused by wall sockets.
  4. Private power poles and overhead cables – fallen private power poles and low-hanging cables are common sightings after a storm or other extreme weather events. Given the location of these pieces of equipment, it is not easy to prevent them from getting damaged. An inspection from a trusted call out electrician is enough to ensure that these devices can weather through the storm.
  5. Solar panels – homeowners and businesses will turn to solar energy after the storm has passed. While it may be the only available electricity source, there are also dangers with using the system after a storm. It is still best to have an electrician assess its condition before using it.

Are Electrical Storms Dangerous?

Yes, and it could also be costly. First, the combination of water and live electricity spells disaster. Flooding can make things worse. It could cause electrocution and electrical fires if caution is not observed. This consequence is the reason local emergency electricians recommend turning off the power source during a storm

How Can You Stay Safe From Electrical Hazards During a Storm?

The good thing is that property owners have the power to lessen storm electrical hazards. Property owners can do several things to prepare before a storm and after it has passed. By doing these preventive measures, they reduce the chances of suffering from consequences brought by storms.

To prepare for a storm, our Sydney emergency electricians recommend doing the following:

  • Have a safety switch and keep it regularly maintained.
  • Know the location of the valve shutting off electricity, gas and water supplies.
  • Unplug all appliances and keep them in a higher, dry place.
  • Switch off the solar photovoltaic system. It is best to do this according to the safe isolation procedure.
  • Keep updated with local weather updates.

After the storm, property owners must inspect their premises and observe caution when dealing with electrical equipment. These are some of the most prescribed things to do after an extreme weather event:

  • Check for fallen power lines and report them to the concerned authorities.
  • Stay away from electrical devices like electrical signs, street lights and other conductive materials.
  • Refrain from doing some DIY work on broken electrical equipment or appliances. It is recommended to immediately call an experienced local emergency electrician to assess the damage and the needed repairs.

Homes and commercial buildings with equipment containing asbestos must take extra precautions. It should be attended to immediately and in a manner prescribed by experts.

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