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How Do I Get My Property Connected To Power?

There are many steps when it comes to getting your property connected to power and for there to be electricity in the home. The process of having power connected to power will be different for each person. Changing electricity retailers to having a new electricity connection installed, qualified electricians will always be the professionals performing the electrical work. Here at The Local Electrician, our Level 2 Electrician team is here to have power connected to the home efficiently and safely.

To have your property connected to power is to first organise what electricity network provider to use. If the home is already connected with electricity lines then the energy retailer will set up the account and contract. When a new connection needs to be replaced or installed then the energy retailer will organise an energy plan and also design and construct the new power supply connection.

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How is Power Connected to the Home?

Below are the steps of having the property connected to power:

Organising An Electricity Distributor or Retailer

Knowing what energy provider will provide power to the hoe is important before power connections are installed. Often when moving houses or undergoing major construction is when installing new power connections occur. 

Looking at the different electricity network providers which supply and charge for electricity is essential. It is advised to check numerous electricity retailers to gather the prices and information. Compare and decide on the best electricity provider for the home. 

For those who are moving places but want to keep the same electricity retailer as before, ensure to contact them prior to moving. They will disconnect the current electricity and organise the connection for the new place. 

For people who are changing electricity retailers after moving or rebuilding then contacting the previous one first to cancel the account and connection is needed. After the current electricity provider has been cancelled, contact the new retailer to set up the new account, provide a date for when moving into the place and determine if a new connection is needed. 

A new connection means the home is not already connected to a power supply system, if not then the retailer will need to plan, design and build a new connection line for the new place. 

Connecting Power to the Home

After deciding on the right electricity provider the new connection will often be installed in one to three business days. The process of having power connected through overhead service lines involves:

  1. Connecting the service cable lines directly to the home or through to the wooden or steel private power pole
  2. Either directly from the street cables or from the private pole the power lines will meet at the point of attachment
  3. From the point of attachment situated on the home, the cables will run to the consumer mains and then be connected to the main switchboard

For underground service lines and having the property connected to power it involves:

  1. Utilising the green electrical transformer box on the street and connecting it to the home
  2. The cables run to the consumer mains underneath the home and then up the the main electrical switchboard 

When power needs to be connected to apartments or strata buildings then:

  1. From the overhead service lines or underground service lines the cables run to the connection point
  2. The connection point follows to the main switchboard of the building complex
  3. From the main switchboard the cables run to the customer sub-mains and then to the individual unit

Who Helps With Having the Power Connected to the Home?

A licensed level 2 electrician will be involved with having the property connected to power. Level 2 electricians are licensed to operate with the advanced equipment and systems involved with connecting power to home where regular electricians cannot. This includes from the cables on the street to the private power pole and all other systems to the main switchboard. Level 2 asp electricians are also able to install both single and three phase power into homes. 

To know about the individuals who install power supply systems, read our blog ‘who can connect power to my house?’.

What Happens if I Need Temporary Power?

The main power supply cannot be connected for renovations or builds before the project is completed and the new home can receive the proper power supply a temporary connection is needed. Contacting the electricity retailer about providing temporary power during the build then after having the proper connection installed is encouraged. 

For more information about how to receive and organise temporary power our blog ‘how do you get a temporary power supply connection?’ is here to help.

Professional Level 2 Electricians Connecting Power to Properties

The Local Electrician is here to help with getting your property connected to power reliably and safely. Our fully qualified level 2 electricians are able to work in any property and work with any type of power connection. We will install them properly into any location, perform tests to ensure everything works well and always complete the service on time.

Offering Emergency Electrician services as well, our electrical services are here at all times and to all of Sydney, including South Sydney and Eastern Suburbs.


When needing to get your property connected to power by professional electricians – trust The Local Electrician!

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