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How Do I Report An Ausgrid Power Outage?

During a regular or Ausgrid power outage knowing if the area or just your home is dealing with a blackout is important. If the home is the only place experiencing a power outage then an Emergency Electrician should be contacted to resolve the problem. If the street or area is experiencing a power outage then Ausgrid should be contacted for them to resolve the issue. Here at The Local Electrician, our 24 hour electricians are here when the home has no power from an electrical issue and it needs to be restored. 

The steps on what to do during and how to repair an Ausgrid power outage are:

  • Check to see if there is a scheduled maintenance or interruption to the power supply in the area
  • Look at power outage maps to see if the area is listed to have a power outage
  • Inspect all lights and electrical systems of the home if they are functioning correctly
  • Look outside to notice any potential situations that could have caused a power outage
  • Ask neighbours if they are experiencing an outage
  • Contact Ausgrid on 13 13 88 if there is a power outage in the street or area or an emergency electrician when only your home is experiencing power loss
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How to Report for an Ausgrid Power Outage?

During an Ausgrid power outage, there are certain steps to follow to ensure everything is well and safe. Performing these steps are for when the power outage occurs to the whole home and it is not known why. If one section of the home has no power then often this is from the circuit breaker breaking the power to that circuit. To know more about what to do in this specific situation then read our blog ‘what to do when a circuit breaker trips’. If the power is out for the whole home and most likely is due to the electricity network distributor then follow these steps:

  1. Check the Ausgrid power outages map or alerts to see if there is a scheduled interruption to power in the street, such as maintenance done on the power lines
  2. Check other electrical systems in the home, such as the lights and any equipment, to see if they are working
  3. Look outside to see if there has been damage done that may have caused the power outage to occur, such as a fallen power line
  4. Ask the neighbours if they have power or not, if they do then the problem may be with your home and if they do not then the problem may extend to the whole street

After determining whether or not the power outage is to do with the hoe or the street contact either an emergency electrician for a home power outage or Ausgrid if the blackout affects the area. To contact Ausgrid about a power outage either call them on 13 13 88 or through their website.

What to do During an Ausgrid Power Outage?

It is advised to perform certain tasks during a blackout to ensure everyone and the electrical systems are safe. A good guide to follow during a regular or Ausgrid power outage are:

  • Leave one light switch on during the outage so when the power comes on the light will and everyone will know that the power was restored
  • Use a radio with a battery to tune into the local radio station if the power outage affects a wide area for alerts on the situation
  • For alerts on the Ausgrid power outage looking at Ausgrid’s social media updates can also help
  • Ay sensitive electrical equipment, such as the computer or TV, should be unplugged 
  • If a generator is connected to the home ensure that it is used with caution and appliances are only connected to it not the home’s power system
  • Try to not open the freezer or fridge to prevent the cool air from escaping and the food to be cool for as long as it can be

It is important to plan and prepare for a power outage to ensure that if one occurs everything goes smoothly. Remaining calm, safe and staying alert for updates is the best way to have the situation be resolved correctly.

Trusted Emergency Electricians Helping with Power Outages

The Local Electrician is here with reliable emergency electricians to repair any issue that has caused the home to experience a power outage. When the problem is with Ausgrid to resolve the streets or suburbs power then we are here to help individual homes. From the circuit breaker tripping to power lines on private property being damaged, we will ensure power can be restored to the home.

Our team are here to resolve power outage problems for all of Sydney, including Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs. We also offer reliable Level 2 Electrician workers when there are issues with power poles or other advanced electrical systems and equipment.


For the best electrical help with blackout repairs – contact The Local Electrician today!

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