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How Much Do LED Lights Cost & Save?

LED lights cost less to operate than any other light and LED lights save people on their energy bill. The way LED lights are designed means that they consume less energy but still provide amazing lighting. LED light bulbs are easy to install and switching to LEDs over older types of lights is highly recommended. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here to perform LED light installation for any Sydney local. 

LED lights cost and save a large amount of money compared to other types of lighting options. LED lights cost $10 to purchase and $4 a year to run while incandescent light bulbs cost $23 to run. With LEDs also using 75% less energy than halogen lights, replacing 10 halogen bulbs with LED bulbs can save around $650 over 10 years.

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What are LED Lights?

There are many different types of lighting to choose from and LEDs stand out as one of the most energy efficient and cost saving. LED stands for light emitting diode and converts electrical currents into light. These are smaller in size but provide a more powerful and direct light source and also use less wattage. 

The light output and colour temperature are either warm white or cool white. LEDs can also be used as LED downlights, LED strip lights and in more applications, where their energy savings are higher than other lighting options.

Why are LED Lights Cheaper to Run?

The reasons why LED lights cost less to run are high is due to being designed more energy efficiently. They will not become as hot as other lighting options which means it does not waste electricity for creating heat but in providing a light source. 

LED lights also have a direct lighting capability that allows fewer LED lights to be needed to provide the same amount of light as other lights would. Also, LEDs will need not as much energy to provide the same lumen or brightness levels as other traditional lights may need.

How Much Energy Do LED Lights Save?

LED lights save on average 75% energy when compared to other types of lights, including incandescent, compact fluorescent and halogen light bulbs. They will only need 2 – 17 watts of electricity to successfully operate which is often around 60% – 90% less than other lights. 

The lumens are the amount of brightness a light will offer and LED lights can offer the same lumen levels as other lights but with far less wattage usage. For example, a 60-watt incandescent light offering 800 lumens can be compared to an LED light offering the same lumen level but only needs 10 watts.

How Much Money Do LED Lights Save?

The main damages that occur by a power surge are to electrical equipment, devices and appliances. The electrical appliance may not work entirely after the surge has occurred or no damage may happen. Constant or repeated surges can also lead to the quality of the device decreasing over time. In rare instances, the power surge can lead to an electrical fire.

How Can I Know if a Power Surge Has Occurred?

With LED lights needing fewer watts to function this means that there is less energy needed. When comparing lights and their money costs, kilowatts per hour (kWh) is needed. This measurement is how much energy, or 1000 watts per hour, is used by the light. The electricity costs will be influenced by how many kilowatt hours are used within the billing period. With LEDs using less energy to run this means that the savings are high, a comparison shows this below:

8.5 Watt LED Light 60 Watt Incandescent Light
Energy usage for 8 hours per day 68 watts 480 watts
Energy usage in kWh 68/1000 = 0,068 kWh 480/1000 = 0.46 kWh
Cost per day $0.009 $0.06
Cost per month $0.27 $1.91
Cost per year $3.30 $23.32
Cost per year with 10 bulbs $33 $233.2

How Do LED Lights Compare to Halogen and Incandescent?

LED lights are the most cost-effective due to lasting longer and costing less to run for the same brightness levels. Below is a guide on showing how LED lights compare to incandescent and halogen lights which are other common light bulb options:

LEDs Incandescent Halogen
Lumens per watt 72 15 25
Energy usage for 800 lumens 10W 60W 43W
Heat emission 20% 90% 80%
lifespan 40,000 – 50,000 hours 750 – 2000 hours 2000 – 4000 hours

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