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How Much Does Hot Water System Installation Cost?

There can be many different questions and outcomes of the hot water installation cost within a home. Multiple considerations and plannings are needed, along with notes to the costs of supplies, installations, labour and brands. Prices can alter drastically depending on the specific factors and decisions made in the installation process. Here at The Local Electrician, we have been working with hot water repairs and installations for over 25 years and have experience on what the overall cost of installing a hot water system can be.

With the hot water installation, the price can vary depending on the cost of the system, labour, removal, installation and delivery. Overall, the installation can cost from $1000 to over $10,000 depending on the factors listed above. Proper planning and researching before the installation occurs can really alter how much the price is, as well as the familiarity of the process.

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Types of Hot Water Systems

A major contributor to the pricing of the installation results from the unit brand, type and also size. With this, there are mainly four types of systems that can be installed, along with subdivisions of each type.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Storage Systems

This type of hot water system uses electricity to function and heats up stored water in a tank. These storage tanks can come in sizes from 25L, often around $450, to sizes bigger than 400L and costing up to $1900.

Electric Instant Water Heaters

Having no tank, these systems will use a lot of power to have water heated immediately. More than often, they are better as they can save more energy, as well as providing instant hot water. For purchasing the product, the prices can vary from $600 and up to $1600 depending on the brand and size.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas Storage Systems

Using gas as the main power supply, these hot water heaters can vary in prices heavily. For a 135L system, they will average at around $850, whereas a more higher-end system of 360L will come to about $1800.

Gas Instant Water Heaters

Instant gas continuous flow heaters are like electric ones, offering hot water straight away. The price will alter depending on how many water outlets and appliances there are, from $750 or up to $1900.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Being more expensive to purchase but cheaper for running costs, solar systems are becoming more popular.

Roof-Mounted Solar Systems

The more popular type of solar system, the prices can change mainly depending on the model. As such, often the roof-mounted system will range from $3800 up to or over $5400.

Electric-Boosted Solar Systems

Otherwise called a “split-system”, an electric-boosted solar powered hot water system has the main tank on the ground. The price range for the electric-boosted system can be from $3900 to $6000 or higher. These are good for when roofs cannot hold the weight of the tank or when sunlight is not as present.

Gas-Boosted Solar Systems

Also a type of “split-system”, using gas as well as solar energy, the price can be from $4900 to more than $6500.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Like solar-powered hot water systems, these are also efficient in its energy use. Again, being more expensive to install, it can, however, save costs overtime when running. Using technologies like an air conditioner, it will be noisier when running. The price for this system will start from $3800 for 160L systems, rising to $4500 for 315L pumps.

Labour Costs – Delivery and Installation

The delivery of the equipment will influence the overall cost. Factors like the size of the system can change how many people/ equipment is needed to transport the item.

Moreover, installing a system has more paths where the pricing of labour can be. An average of $80 is the common ground for installers of hot water systems. Here is a list which describes some other factors that can alter the pricing for the installation:

  • For replacing the old system and the new systems being in the same location, pricing can be from $260 up to $690. To mention, the disposal of the old system can cost up to an additional $80
  • When additional valves are needed, Fairtrading NSW made it compulsory to have tempering valves installed, it can cost around $190 to $250
  • Having the location of the hot water system moved from the original one, pricing will be from $1100 to $2100
  • Upgrading the size and/or moving from one energy type to another, like gas to solar, will have an additional cost of $1500 to $3000
  • Time will influence the labour costs with the average installation taking two hours. If using the average pricing for general labour, the cost of labour/ work can be roughly $160. Factors, like having the site of the system moved, can increase the time of work by 2-4 more hours. At times, if the severity of the situation needs it, an additional day may be required to install the unit.

An important part of the installation price can also be influenced by the location of the site. To explain, stairs, roofs and other types of obstacles can make it more difficult for the tradesmen to work. As a result, additional labour and equipment, for example cranes, may need to be included. Therefore, all of these additional actions will influence the final cost for the labour installation price.

Government Rebates with Hot Water Systems

Installing a solar hot water system is highly encouraged by the Australian Government, providing rebates. Because they are more efficient, therefore better for the environment, is why the government recommends the use of solar energy systems. As a result, with the knowledge that they are more expensive to initially purchase, the government will reduce the expenses of the system by $600 to $1200.

Expert Installation on Hot Water Systems

Here at The Local Electrician, we are able to successfully and affordably install all types of hot water systems. Our Emergency Electrician workers are easily able to work on all the electrical components with hot water system installations. Likewise, we can work in each Sydney suburb and on every range and brand of unit.

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