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How Often Should I Get An Electrical Inspection?

Knowing how often electrical inspection jobs should occur can help prevent the home from electrical issues. Electrical inspections have a licensed electrician inspect each electrical system, outlet and appliance in the home. They make sure that they are working safely and any issues are identified early. Here at The Local Electrician, we offer electrical safety inspection services to all of Sydney. 

Understanding how often electrical inspection services should be performed is important for keeping everyone and electrical equipment safe. It is recommended that the inspection occurs annually for every place but will also depend on the type of building:

  • Residential homes – every 3-5 years
  • Commercial buildings – every year
  • Industrial buildings – every 3-6 months
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What is Involved in an Electrical Inspection

All electrical components, parts and systems of the building are properly inspected by a fully qualified electrician. The common jobs and inspections involved in the service are:

  • Examining all outdoor electrical systems, such as sensor lights
  • The power box is properly inspected
  • Unprotected or exposed wiring is detected
  • Testing safety switches, RCDs and other systems in the main switch
  • Looking at all lights, including downlights to outdoor security lighting
  • Grounding systems are tested
  • How protected the place is from surges and spikes
  • Checking if any part of the system interferes with electrical standards

Residential and Commercial Electrical Inspections

Within residential and commercial buildings the inspection should be a regular maintenance task. Occurring at least once a year, the inspection ensures that the electrical systems all work correctly and are safe. All outlets to the electrical part of the hot water system are inspected. It is important that people in homes and workspaces have the inspection performed regularly.

Safety Switches and RCD Switches

The safety switches and RCD switches are what will cut the electrical supply to a system when a fault is detected. They help prevent electrical surges and people from receiving electrical shocks. 

An untrained person can easily test the system as often there is an in built test which can be performed. Simply pressing the test button every three months can help with knowing that the system is working correctly. A trained electrician will also properly inspect the switches during the annual inspection. 

Industrial Inspections and Test and Tag

Testing and tagging are needed for companies to complete to ensure that the electrical appliances are safe. This is to ensure that the workspace is safe for people to be within and each workspace has their work test and tag requirement. 

Construction, Demolition and Building Industries

There are multiple different electrical systems and tools involved within construction so testing them are important. The workplace is often harsh and the tools are used daily so it is important that they are working safely. Within the construction industry and environment, the chance of electrical systems breaking is increased. That is why the test and tag occur every three months to ensure that all parts are operating safely.

Factories, Warehouses and Production

There are also multiple different appliances and electrical systems which are used within these workplaces. Being used consistently and every day the electrical systems need to be working correctly. The test and tag inspection occur every six months in this type of work environment. 

Hostile Environments

Workplaces where the electrical devices and systems are more likely to be damaged need to be inspected annually. This includes environments which are more prone to moisture, dust and also corrosion to impact electrical appliances. To ensure that these systems are healthy, safe and align with the safety standards the annual test and tag will inspect for defects.

Other Times to Complete the Inspections

There are other situations where the safety electrical inspection is encouraged to occur. An Emergency Electrician might also be called at or during these times when the inspections need to occur fast. 

Before Purchasing a Home

When looking to buy a home having it inspected of its electrical systems is important. This is to detect electrical issues early and prevent dangerous issues to occur when moving in. Additionally, if a defect is identified it should be fixed before moving in the home. Sometimes the electrical inspection will be included within the overall pre-purchase inspection of the home.

The main areas which should be inspected are the smoke alarms, lights, main switchboard and the outlets. These are expensive to repair at times so ensuring they are fixed before purchasing the house is important. 

Older Homes and Buildings

Older homes are built with older electrical systems that were suited for the time they were designed. These older systems need to wor harder than they were designed to when working in today’s world. This is because people have more appliances, use electricity more and need more power. 

Older systems are more prone to cause electrical issues, such as tripping circuits and power outages. When the electrical system is outdated or the home is older than 25 years then an inspection is highly recommended.

After Severe Weather

Storms and flooding are likely to cause issues to a home’s electrical system, such as causing faults. It is crucial that if the home was close to a storm or flooding then inspecting the electrical systems is important.

Trusted Safety Electrical Inspections

The Local Electrician is the most reliable for Sydney when it comes to performing safety electrical inspections. Our electricians are fully qualified and have the skills to correctly inspect all systems in all types of buildings. We arrive on time while closely looking at all systems to guarantee that they are safe. Each electrician will perform the needed steps, tests and tasks to make certain that everything is inspected properly.

Our electricians can perform inspections across all of Sydney, including South Sydney, Sutherland Shire and Noth Shore. We also offer professional Level 2 Electrician services which we are qualified to perform more advanced and expert work. We encourage you to read our blog ‘what is electrical testing’ for more information on how we might inspect each system.


When needing professional electricians to perform safely electrical inspections – contact The Local Electrician now on 0439 823 190!

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