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How To Childproof Your Electrical Outlets?

Childproofing electrical outlets is extremely important in making sure children are safe around electrical outlets and powerpoints. Children are more likely not to know the dangers of playing with outlets and can easily be electrocuted from handling them incorrectly. A part of proper electrical safety is using child and baby proof electrical outlet covers. Here at The Local Electrician, we offer professional Sydney electrician workers to help install childproof electrical outlets. 

The best ways of childproofing electrical outlets are:

  • Safety plugs
  • Sliding covers
  • Faceplates
  • Box cover
  • Hiding the outlets
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What are the Best Way to Childproof Electrical Outlets?

The main ways to have electrical outlets and powerpoints childproofed and help avoid safety and electrical problems:

Safety Plugs

The most common way to childproof outlets is to install safety plugs onto them. These plugs will fill in the outlet stopping children from sticking fingers and items in the outlet. Adults will be able to easily remove the safety plug when needing to use the powerpoint. A child will find it more difficult to remove the safety plugs. At times, the safety plugs will also be the same colour as the powerpoint so children may not notice the outlet is there. 

Safety plus are simple in their design and can be easily installed. They come in different colours to help blend in with the decor and are also cheap to purchase. 

Sliding Covers

Sliding covers are creative ways to stop children from playing with electrical outlets. They can be easily removed when the powerpoint is needed to be used. When the outlet needs to be covered then the cover will simply slide over the outlet to conceal it. Appliances can remain plugged in with sliding covers, removing the hassle to constantly take out the plug. If the outlet is commonly used, such as a USB powerpoint in a study, then sliding covers are great.


When a house has numerous outlets and some do not get used then faceplates can be installed. A solid faceplate can replace the existing outlet to ensure that children do not touch the powerpoint. Instead of removing the outlet, installing this faceplate will temporarily disable the use of the outlet. Depending on the type of outlet and outlet plugs will determine what type of faceplate will need to be installed. 

Box Cover

Covering the outlet in a box specific to the type of outlet will help childproof the powerpoint. These are similar to sliding covers in that they can still allow appliances to be connected to the outlet when the cover is on. It is different as it comes in the shape of a box to prevent children from playing with the outlet. To prevent children from receiving electrical shock a box cover is one way to avoid this. 

Hiding the Outlets

Utilising furniture or other objects can be used to hide the outlet from children. When the outlet is not exposed or known by children this will prevent a situation where they will want to play with it. Concealing them through one of the above methods or placing objects to hide them is a reliable way of preventing children from touching outlets.

How Much Do Childproof Outlet Covers Cost?

Below is a rough guide on the average cost of the different types of childproofing electrical outlet devices. The style, size, type, brand and what the device is made of will influence the overall cost:

Childproofing Electrical Outlet Devices Average Price
Safety Plugs $3 – $100
Sliding Cover $4 – $90
Faceplate $3 – $110
Box Cover $10 – $80

Ensure to purchase the outlet protective devices from reliable sources and stores. Make certain they are fully childproof and refundable in case they are a faulty device.

Does an Electrician Need to Install Childproof Electrical Outlets?

Most simple childproofing electrical outlet protectors do not need a licensed electrician to install them. This is because they might simply connect directly onto the outlet like a normal appliance does, such as the safety plugs. Removing faceplates or adding the covers will need to be done safely and properly to ensure everything is safe. 

It is extremely important not to interfere with the wiring behind the outlet as this can easily cause electrical shock. An electrician will be able to work on multiple appliances and install the childproofing electrical outlet device. When this happens it will be safely and properly completed as the electrician will know how to work with the outlet.

Reliable Electricians Working with Outlets and Powerpoints

The Local Electrician offers Emergency Electrician professionals to work with childproofing electrical outlets. Each fully qualified electrician will install, repair and install the childproof electrical outlet devices in any place. Our electricians will also be able to perform other types of services relating to powerpoints. This includes installing new powerpoints, repairing burnt out outlets and carrying out regular safety electrical inspections.

We offer our trusted electricians working with outlets to all of Sydney, including the Eastern Suburbs and Hills District. Our Level 2 Electrician team will perform all kinds of advanced electrical works in all locations.


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