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How To Connect To The Electricity Network?

To connect to the electricity network involves planning and many considerations. Contacting electricity network distributors and energy retailers and organising the connections are important. Considering other factors, such as upgrading switchboards or installing solar panels, are other factors. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here to work any task involving power connection supply systems in Sydney.

The steps involved to connect to the electricity network are:

  • Contact the electrical distributor, either Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy, to discuss the plans and new connections 
  • Contact the energy retailer to decide on the right plans
  • Determine whether private power poles, switchboard upgrades, solar panels and other jobs are needed or wanted
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What are the Steps to Connect to the Electricity Network?

There are many different paths people can take when it comes to connecting with electrical networks as it depends on their current situation and their needs. Below is a guide on some of the different ways a building can connect to the electricity network.

What Electrical Distributor Needs to be Contacted?

Depending on where in NSW the building is will influence what electrical distributor company network will need to be contacted. Ausgrid will be for wider Sydney up to Newcastle and inland while Endeavour Energy is for Sydney’s west, Blue Mountains, Illawarra and to the Southern Highlands and South Coast. Essential Energy is for rural NSW, such as Bathurst, Port Macquarie and Byron Bay. knowing who to contact about the new electrical network supply is an important first step. 

Are You Already Connected to the Network But Changing Retailers?

If your home or business is already connected to the electricity network, including power lines and poles, but the energy plan is being changed then the retailer needs to be contacted. Electricity retailers are those who purchase electricity then send it to retail customers and charge them based on how much electricity they use during the billing period. When changing retailers or plans then the company needs to be contacted, new accounts might need to be created, plans need to be discussed and an arrangement for the final plan will be made.

Are You Needing to Connect to the Electricity Network for a New Connection?

When a new connection is going to be added to the home or building then arranging the new connection with the distributor and retailer is important. The electrical distributor owns and also maintains the street power poles and lines and will need to organise a method to connect the home to power. They will design and build the new connection to the home within a connection offer. 

If a private power pole is going to be installed on the property then a Level 2 Electrician will be hired by the homeowner to connect the power from the street to the pole and the home. If no private power pole is being installed then the distributor company will connect the cabling from their power poles on the street to the home.

Will Solar Panels and a Battery Storage System be Installed?

If solar panels are installed alongside a battery storage system then a few considerations are needed. Deciding whether the electricity will be exported back to the grid or not is important. If the electricity is not exported then the installation process is simpler but profiting on the extra power your solar panels create will not happen. 

Sending electricity back to the grid allows the extra power generated to be exported and money will be given back depending on how much is exported. There will be further processes involved in the installation however which makes the installation involve more steps and agreements.

Is the Switchboard Going to be Upgraded?

Upgrading the switchboard is often done when new connections or changing retailers are carried out. Older switchboards can be replaced with newer ones that can safely handle the electrical demand of today’s times. Considering upgrading to 3 phase power is also there to see if the home needs this added power source. An electrician can offer their advice on the situation, performing an electrical safety inspection to see whether or not it will be beneficial and economical to upgrade the switchboard. 

Professional Electricians Here to Help You Connect to the Electricity Network

The Local Electrician is always here to send a fully qualified emergency electrician to help Sydney locals connect to the electricity network. Our experienced team can perform a wide range of tasks, including working with private power poles, upgrading the switchboard to carrying out inspections.

Each task we complete is done safely and swiftly no matter the type of job. We work in all Sydney areas to connect homes and businesses to the electricity network, including Northern Beaches and South Sydney.


For trusted electricians to connect your place to the electricity network – rely on The Local Electrician!

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