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How To Fix A Broken Light Switch?

When a light switch fails to work there can be multiple reasons why it may happen. The problem could be related to the light itself or from the wiring system having complications. At times the solution can be quite simple, however, sometimes the problem can be more dangerous which needs professional attention. This is where The Local Electrician comes in with our Light Installation performed by our Emergency Electrician team. We have been working with lights for over 25 years in Sydney and can easily help with any issue.

Having the powered turned off then determining the cause of the issue of the light switch not working is needed. This is to understand the required steps to take, and so, a light switch breaking is often from the following:

  • Outdated dimmer switches causing flickering
  • The connections with the switch are not wired properly
  • Deteriorated older light switches failing to work
  • Warm and buzzing light switches causing complications
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Dimmer Switches Which are Outdated

LED lights which have the dimmer option on the light switch can lead to the lights flickering after some time. This is especially related to conventional dimmers or older dimmer switches which are designed to work with standard incandescent lights. If the current LED lights are controlled by the dimmer, the most effective way to fix the flickering is to replace certain components. This can be from wither purchasing and installing LED light bulbs made for dimming.

Moreover, buying a switch plate made for LED lights to replace the old dimmer switch is a better option. Overall, LED lights specifically made to be dimmable is always going to remove the flickering.

Wall Switches Controlling Ceiling Lights

For the types of lights connected to the ceiling where a switch is needed, electricity flow being disrupted can lead to issues. The electric light’s status will determine the best cause of action when issues are present.

When the light bulb flickers the switch contacts might be breaking with buzzing sounds common, therefore replacing the switch is needed. Furthermore, the switch’s connection might be the source of the concern, which needs an electrician to look at it.

If the light does not switch on rather than flickering, then the lightbulb might be burnt out or not properly in the socket. The switch, furthermore, may night be connected properly to the light bulb, therefore, could be loose. If the problem originates with the wired connection or the circuit breaker not working then an electrician should be called out.

Overloaded Light Switches

Overloaded switch breakers can mean that the light switch does not work. Moreover, the light switch may be deteriorated or too old so it may have caused the circuit overload. If this is the case then removing the faceplate and previous switch to locate the ground and connecting it to the green screw can occur.

After connecting the leftover wires (single-pole switch can have any wire to the screw) the light switch may work. With all these steps, the power should be completely turned off, however, we highly recommend that calling for a professional who knows what to safely do is the best option.

Hot and Noisy Light Switches

The light switches not working may be due to it being too hot or make unnormal sounds. With regards to being too hot, it is often with light switches that act as dimmers. These are designed to reduce to alternating current (AC) so the lights are not so dark. Therefore, they will build-up heat and disperse it safely and are often warmer when touched.

However, when the plate becomes hot this is a problem that should be addressed before it leads to more complications. To solve this, buying a larger faceplate, suggested metal, can increase the heat transference, meaning more heat is removed. Additionally, removing any excess insulation behind the dimmer traps can decrease the heat which should be done by professionals Also, choosing lower bulb wattages can help as they will not need more power to work more effectively.

With the lightswitch creating buzzing noises it is often from excess wattage levels in the dimmer or hyper-fast AC interruptions. To fix this, replacing the light bulb with shorter filaments will often stop the buzzing. More effectively, replacing them with LED light bulbs designed to dim is both more energy-efficient and powerful. Likewise, having lower-wattage bulbs installed if the lights are often dimmed can eliminate the buzz.

Dangers with Broken Light Switches

Broken light switches can actually be more dangerous than it may seem. If left unattended and depending on the type of damage to the switch, these are the following hazards:

  • Electrocution – when wires experience wear and tear with the grounding systems being weakened, electricity can travel to the actual switch. Therefore, unknowingly touching the switch can lead to electrocution, which can be fatal.
  • Fire – if the wires in the light switch are broken exposing the wires the heat will escape or sparks can happen. As a result, an electrical fire can occur with the materials near or on the switch igniting.
  • Burns – burns can happen if touching the current connection to the switch with electricity running through it. Additionally, touching an overheated faceplate can also result in a burn.

Professional Electricians Experienced with Light Switches

The Local Electrician is here for all Sydney suburbs with our experienced electricians who know all there is with light switches. As a result, we can provide assistance with regards to repairing, installing or general work related to light switches. Moreover, we are fully qualified which means we are able to operate on all electrical systems, including the ones with lights.

Additionally, our Level 2 Electrician services are open to all of Sydney, such as the Hills District and South Sydney. The emergency electrician has the level 2 licensing, allowing us to perform more work with lights at any time of the day.


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