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How To Fix Broken Electrical Wires?

There are many ways to fix broken electrical wires with restoring the connection being the main goal. Fixing the wires underneath the cabling or fixing the insulation around the cable are the main goals for most people. At times replacing the wire completely with a new one will be more effective but other times performing quick repairs is better. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here to repair any broken wires in electrical systems or appliances. 

To fix broken electrical wires using a connector or with soldering. The insulation of broken wires can be repaired using electrical tape or heat shrink tubing. An electrician should repair the damaged wire to prevent electrical hazards and safety concerns. Considering replacing the wire over repairing it is encouraged as it might be the best, most efficient and quickest option. 

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Can I Legally Fix Broken Electrical Wires?

Rewiring a home or building and also repairing a damaged wire is illegal for an uncertified electrician because it is extremely unsafe when an untrained electrician attempts to. There are different types of electrical work you can legally do yourself but working to repair wiring is not one of them. Wires and cables are highly dangerous as they can cause electrical fires, overloading and electrocution if managed in the wrong way. This is why even though performing a simple electrical wire repair might seem harmless and anyone can do but it is extremely important to contact a licensed electrician to prevent electrical hazards from happening. 

How Can I Fix a Broken Electrical Wire?

There are many different ways to repair damaged electrical wires, some of the main ways are below:

Using a Connector

A connector is an easier way to repair broken wires and there are many types of connectors to choose from. Striping back the insulation carefully without damaging the wire to apply the connector, applying the connector will depend on what type it is. Using a connector to fix damaged wiring it simple and suitable for when the wire is not under too much stress.

Splicing with Wire Nuts

When there is enough slack in the wire and space around it wire nuts can be a good solution. Once the wire has been carefully stripped the bare ends should be twisted together using pliers or a similar tool. The wire nut should then be placed at the end, cinch it down then covering it up with electrical tape. If the wire will not be under mechanical stress then the wire nuts will be a good resolution. It is important though that the right sized nut is applied, not too big and not too loose.

Splicing with Butt Splice Connector

If there is not enough slack to install a wire nut then a butt splice connector can be used. There are two butt ends with this connector where the ends of the bare wire are crimped down. This forms a good electrical connection but a crimping tool should be used for the best result. 

Splicing with Level Connectors

Level connectors can also be used to police wires where the bare ends of the wire are placed into a hole then a lever is closed to connect them. Level connectors are expensive but provide a good repair option for basic wire use but not for mechanical wire use.


Soldering is an amazing way to fix a broken electrical wire as it provides a good all-around connection electrically and mechanically. The repair can also make the wire stronger than before when it is done correctly. A piece of heat shrink tube is slid on the insulation of the wire when the wire is twisted together with flux applied to it. The soldering iron is then used to solder the wire to provide a strong repair and connection.

How to Fix the Insulation of a Damaged Electrical Wire?

There are two ways to fix the insulation of a wire when it breaks and exposed wiring is there:

Electrical Tape

Applying electrical tape over the broken insulation is helpful but also does not provide a permanent fix. It looks unprofessional but the wires underneath are still exposed without proper insulation covering them. The electrical tape should be used as a temporary fix while waiting to replace the wire or repair the insulation. 

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing provides a more reliable way to repair the insulation. One end of the wiring is disconnected so the tube is slid onto the wire and over the broken insulation sections. Heat is applied to the tube then it will shrink down to make new insulation to cover the wires.

Expert Electricians Perofmring Wiring Repairs

The Local Electrician offers fully qualified emergency electricians to repair damaged electrical wires and cabling systems. Our Sydney electricians will repair any wire or cable around the property using safe and professional techniques. We are here as well to rewire the home and perform a wide range of services related to electrical cabling. 

Each of our electricians will perform electrical wiring services across all of Sydney, including South Western Sydney and the Inner West. We also offer trusted Level 2 Electrician services where we will perform more advanced work in any location.


Trust The Local Electrician for broken electrical wiring repairs and all other services related to electrical cabling!

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