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How To Fix Short Circuits?

When short circuits happen often wires, appliances and other electrical circuits can become damaged. There are many reasons why the short circuit occurs but repairing them needs focus and the needed tools. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here to help Sydney fix short circuits. From repairing the system ourselves or providing guidance, we ensure the issue is addressed professionally. 

To fix short circuits, call for an emergency electrician or follow these steps:

  • Identify which appliance has experienced the short circuit within it
  • Locate the exact location of the short circuit within the wiring system
  • Make a new wire to replace the old and damaged one
  • Remove some insulation from the ends of the new wires and solder them to the current wires
  • Ensure the wires are safely installed and turn on the circuit breaker to test if successful
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What is a Short Circuit?

 A short circuit is where electricity will unexpectedly travel in a different path from its normal route, being the wires. This stray from electrical circuits will mean the electricity will enter a pathway which is the shortest route to ground. 

Often this is other appliances, flammable materials to humans. It will do this as the copper wire has more resistance than other surfaces. This will have the electricity will travel through those surfaces/ materials instead.

How To Repair a Short Circuit

Suspecting or knowing that there has been a short circuit means that immediate action is needed. Either from circuit breaker trips or an overloaded circuit, it is important to address the dilemma quickly. There are two main phases in the repair of a short circuit, both will need to be carefully done. 

Phase One – Inspecting and Locating

For situations where the short circuit is suspected but not directly known here are the best steps for properly identifying where the open circuit is. 

  1. Tripped Circuit Breaker – to see if the circuit breaker has been tripped inspect the panel. If any of the switches are snapped to the ‘off’ position this is an indication. The system might have an in-built orange or red light to easily provide information that the circuit is tripped. Keep the specific circuit breaker off while inspecting for other short circuits. 
  2. Appliance Power Cords – inspect appliances and their power cords if they are connected to the tripped circuit breaker. There might be damage to the insulation which can indicate a short circuit in the appliance. Safely unplug the appliances from the power outlets and turn on the circuit breaker. If the circuit is working without tripping then the appliance is causing the issue. 
  3. Lights and Appliances – turn off all appliances and lights while switching the circuit breaker back to the ‘on’ position. At the same time, if the circuit breaker tripped then turn back on each light and appliance. 

Phase Two – Performing Repair Work

To repair the short circuit ensure to operate safely at all times and use the correct equipment, these include:

  • New wire
  • Soldering gun
  • Utility knife
  • Soldering iron
  • Safety gloves

As mentioned, it is extremely important to perform all steps safely, without skipping steps or doing them incorrectly.

  1. Ensure to properly locate and determine where the short circuit occurs
  2. Purchase a new wire to replace the old one at the local hardware store. The new one should be the correct length to replace the damaged one. Also, if it is already cut at the proper length it will help with the ease of the situation
  3. With the new insulated copper wire designed to flow large amounts of electricity extend it out. If needed, cut the wire in the correct place to ensure that it is the appropriate length. 
  4. With a utility knife to remove small amounts of insulation at the end of the wire. Expose the wire enough so it is able to attach to the contact points on the current wire
  5. Using the soldering gun, put some solder onto the contact points. Place the new wire with the wiring system, the ends of the wires connecting to the current wires. Solder them together with the soldering iron to attach them together
  6. To test if the method is successful, put the wires into the system and turn the circuit breaker back on. If there is no tripping at the circuit breakers then the process was successful

How to Prevent Short Circuits

There are many small tasks which can be extremely useful in preventing short circuits. 

  • Perform regular inspections – checking each appliance for cracks, exposed circuits to damaged wires can detect issues early. This is similar to the circuit breaker where identifying burning smells, defects or sparks from the system can see repairs performed before it is too late
  • Reducing electrical usage during storms – when it is lightning outside ensure to limit the number of appliances used. Lightning can cause short circuits so using only necessary appliances and systems during the storm
  • Professional electrical inspections – an electrician will correctly inspect all systems to determine if they need repairs or replacing. Having a professional safety electrical inspection is important for safety reasons and will save costly repairs in the future

We encourage reading our blog ‘what is electrical testing’ to understand why the service is crucial to perform.

Reliable Short Circuit Emergency Electrician

When needing a professional electrician to repair a short circuit The Local Electrician is here to help everyone. Our fully qualified electricians will repair all short circuit issues correctly using effective methods. No matter the system or place we work in our electricians make certain the short circuit is repaired properly.

We will repair short circuits across all of Sydney, including the North Shore, Greater Western Sydney and South Sydney. Also, our Level 2 Electrician team is here to help Sydney with more complicated work in any place.


We highly recommend that our trusted emergency electricians help resolve all short circuit issues no matter the time. It is important that Sydney relies on us to repair short circuits – call us now on 0439 823 190!

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