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How To Install A Doorbell Camera?

When needing to install a doorbell camera an electrician will be the best person to contact. Doorbell cameras have many benefits and there are two forms being battery-powered and hardwired. Any person can install a doorbell camera however an electrician will perform it professionally, efficiently and safely. Here at The Local Electrician, our Sydney electricians are here to install a doorbell camera for all locals.

The best way to install a doorbell camera follows:

  • Contact a trusted electrician to install the doorbell camera
  • Have the old doorbell removed and all the wiring organised
  • Ensure that the doorbell transformer has the correct voltage
  • Install the mounting bracket for the doorbell camera and connect all the wiring
  • Test to see if the doorbell camera works, connect it to devices and customise the settings
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What are the Benefits of a Doorbell Camera?

Installing doorbell cameras into the home is a smart way to boost overall safety and convenience. Here are the main reasons why you would want to install a doorbell camera into the home:

  • When the system detects motion it will alert the owner of the home via their phone or similar device
  • Speaking through the doorbell camera to visitors can happen
  • The door can be answered from any location even when not home
  • When waiting for parcels the camera makes it easy to know if they are there or not
  • If any incidents occur the camera on the doorbell will be able to record it
  • It contains night vision which will help with seeing who is at the front and alike
  • It overall adds an extra layer of safety to the home by capturing who is at the front door

To add further protection to the home consider installing security lighting and CCTV, contact The Local Electrician to discuss ways we can help add more protection to the home!

How Do I Install a Battery-Powered Doorbell Camera?

Battery-powered doorbell cameras are easier to install and rely on a battery to install them. This battery will need to be monitored because when it is flat it will need charging or be replaced to make sure the system can work. The way a battery-powered doorbell camera is installed follows:

  1. Charge the battery for the doorbell camera before mounting it. The batteries often come with a micro USB cable or alike to charge it, often lasting one month or up to six months and each time the battery is low on power it will need to be charged. 
  2. Mounting the doorbell camera is next and it is important that if you live in an apartment or rental property that you are the landlord first. Mounting the battery-powered doorbell camera starts with installing the mounting bracket on the wall. Attaching the battery-powered doorbell camera is next and then attaching any security screws on the bottom of the doorbell should happen, these are used to stop anyone from stealing the doorbell camera.
  3. Setting up the battery-powered doorbell camera should happen after it has been mounted. Installing the app on a smart device is needed and connecting the device to the battery-powered doorbell camera will most times be done through a WiFi connection. When the device and the battery-powered doorbell camera have been connected customising the settings on the app can be done. This can mean the motion sensitivity, video recording length and other factors can be altered. 
  4. After setting everything up, test to see if the battery-powered doorbell camera is in the correct position, has a good motion sensitivity, records properly and overall if it functions correctly.

How Do I Install a Hardwired Doorbell Camera?

Hardwired doorbell cameras have their own dedicated electrical circuit where it is powered at all times. They are a bit more difficult to install but it removes the need to constantly replace a battery. It is strongly recommended that an electrician installs the hardwired doorbell camera due to the electrical cabling and systems involved. Not knowing how to work with and safely operate with the electrical systems means there is a higher chance that it will be incorrectly installed and that electrical issues may occur. Here is the basic process on how hardwired doorbell cameras are installed:

  1. Turning off the electricity at the circuit breaker to the circuit of the existing doorbell is important to prevent whoever is working on the installation from receiving an electric shock.
  2. Located where the doorbell transformer is to see if it is the correct voltage level for the new hardwired doorbell camera. The voltage level should be from 16-24 volts and to find the transformer it is under the doorbell chime box or near the circuit breaker.
  3. The doorbell chime will need to be inspected to see if it is mechanical or digital. This means that when the doorbell rings if the sound is mechanical where small hammers hit when the doorbell is rung or if it is mechanical where a tune will play when the doorbell is pressed. This information is needed to know how the new hardwired doorbell camera will be connected to the chime and if extensions, adapters or replacements are needed.
  4. Next is to remove the existing doorbell done by unscrewing it and carefully removing the wires from it without losing the wires behind the wall. An extension may need to be added for the wires to have them be longer for the new hardwired doorbell camera and it is also important to check the quality of the cabling to ensure they will be safely working. 
  5. Mounting the new hardwired doorbell camera is done after removing the old one. Placing where the mounting bracket will sit is first, followed by pulling the two doorbell wires through it and then attaching the bracket to the wall along with the security screws. Connecting all the needed cabling and hiding them when done is also completed.
  6. Turning the power back on is done when everything is safe then testing to see if the hardwired doorbell camera works correctly is done, including all the needed settings and connecting it to devices.

Trusted Electricians Professionally Installing Doorbell Cameras

The Local Electrician offers fully qualified electricians to install a doorbell camera for any Sydney locals. Our Emergency Electrician team is here at any time of the day to install a doorbell camera while also replacing or repairing one. We can inspect the system, provide help with setting it up and also help with other forms of electrical security systems

Our doorbell camera and electrical security system services are here for all of Sydney, including Northern Beaches and Greater Western Sydney. We also provide trusted Level 2 Electrician services for us to complete more advanced jobs in suburbs. 


When needing a certified electrician to install a doorbell camera – contact The Local Electrician today! 

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