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How To Install A Powerpoint?

Installing a powerpoint should only be performed by a qualified and licensed electrician. This is because there are wiring systems involved that need to be connected. This is incredibly dangerous because an untrained person can electrocute themselves or create sparks leading to other hazards. The Local Electrician offers our Sydney electrician team to install a powerpoint into any space without any issues. 

The main steps involved when electricians install a powerpoint are:

  • Turning off the power to the building and especially to the circuits that the powerpoint will be installed on
  • A live wire test will be performed to ensure that there is no electricity running through the wires
  • If there is already an existing wall plate it will be removed carefully
  • Identify all the different types of wires, such as red, black, yellow and green, and remove them
  • With the new socket attach the wires to it
  • Install the new powerpoint with the wires properly attached and tested to ensure it is safe to use

It is highly recommended that only a licensed electrician installs powerpoints as the chance for electrical fires and electrocution is high when performed by an untrained individual.

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What are the Steps in Powerpoint Installations?

Electricians who install a powerpoint will most times follow these set of steps:

  1. Turning off the power to the building and in particular to the circuits the new powerpoints are being installed. This is to prevent major shocks and dangerous situations when the electrician is working with the wires. 
  2. Carrying out a live electrical test to guarantee and know that all power has been disconnected to the circuit. This is a final safety measure to make certain the electrician installing the new powerpoint will be safe. 
  3. Removing the current wall plate if there is one by unscrewing it from the wall. 
  4. Identifying all the present wires through their colour, shape and size. This is to ensure that when the electrician connects the new powerpoint that each wire is positioned in its correct spot.
  5. Connecting the wires to the new powerpoint and in all their correct terminal and places
  6. Installing the new powerpoint into the wall, screwing it on and securing it in place
  7. Performing an electrical safety inspection to ensure that the new powerpoint functions correctly. Any issue will be found at that point in time and professionally addressed by the electrician.
  8. Reconnecting the power back to the building and to the specific circuit is the last step

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Powerpoint?

The average cost to install a powerpoint is around $100. The difficulty of the installation will also influence prices, on average as low as $75 or can increase to $140. If the location of the powerpoint is difficult to work around then this can increase the labour costs. 

Adding a USB powerpoint will greatly increase the price due to its added USB port. Installing unique wall plates or adding data points will also influence the overall cost to install a powerpoint. It is also important to note that the more powerpoints that are going to be installed will mean that there will be more labour involved leading to a higher cost.

When Will I Need to Install New Powerpoints?

The main signs to look out for that suggest it is time to install new powerpoints are:

  • Not working – when the powerpoint is failing to work, plugs cannot be connected or there is no power then this indicates a new one is needed. Sometimes this might just be because of faulty wiring and not the powerpoint so an electrician should inspect it beforehand. 
  • Burning or melting – if the powerpoint has burnt or melting marks or there is a discolouration then this is a warning sign. This means that there is a serious wiring issue and an Emergency Electrician should look at the problem as soon as possible.
  • Cracks and physical damage – cracks and other forms of physical damage means the powerpoint should be replaced. This issue can lead to wires being exposed and the potential for someone to be electric shocked.
  • Plugs falling out – wear and tear of the powerpoint can indicate that the powerpoint is damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • Hot to touch – if the powerpoint is constantly hot when an appliance is connected then the wiring could be damaged. Make sure to not use the powerpoint and have an electrician install a new one and inspect the wiring. 
  • Smoke and sparks – smells of smoke or sparks present when the powerpoint is in use means a new one is needed.

Trusted Sydney Electrician Installing Powerpoints

The local Electrician will install a powerpoint into any property at any time of the day. Our Sydney electrician team are fully qualified to work with electrical wiring and install new powerpoints. We will make sure that the new powerpoint is installed safely and will work correctly after the installation.

Our experienced electricians will install powerpoints in all Sydney suburbs, including North Shore, Inner West and South Western Sydney. Our Level 2 Electrician team is here to help work on advanced and more complicated tasks in any location.


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