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How To Prepare Your Home For An EV? (Electric Vehicle)

There are many ways to prepare for an EV at home. Important steps and considerations need to be made to ensure that the electric car and the charging station properly work in the home. Deciding on the location, if a power supply upgrade needs to occur, the energy source and what about apartments are some of the main considerations. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team are here to help you prepare for an EV at home while offering installation and upgrade services

The best way to prepare for an EV within the home is to:

  • Decide on the location of the ev charging station
  • Determine if the home needs to upgrade to 3 phase power
  • See if renewable energy will be used to power the electric vehicle charging station
  • When living in an apartment contact the owner’s corporation or the strata manager to organise the process
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How to Prepare for an EV at Home?

When buying an electric car considering how it will be charged at home is extremely important. There are many different factors that influence how and where the electric vehicle will charge at home. 


Most times the best spot to install the ev charger is in the garage or carport but any location is optional. Within the garage or carport decide on the side where the charger will be needed. Whether the car is revered or driven straight in and where the charging port of the car needs to be considered. 

The room needed for the ev charger does not have to be that large as well. Most charging units will be 380mm tall, 130mm deep then 180mm wide while it will weigh around 3kg. The charger will need to be located at a maximum height of 1.5m when inside and when outside 0.6m. It will also need to be close to a wifi connection and be installed on a flat and vertical surface. 

Upgrade Power

3 phase power is where the power to the home is greater than normal homes and sometimes considering upgrading to it for the Electric Vehicle is needed. When an electrician installs the ev charger they will add a new dedicated circuit for the ev charger from the switchboard. Single phase switchboards can still reliably charge electric cars though three phase will be able to charge the car much faster. 

It will also need to be considered if the cables can reach the charger from the switchboard. Whether they will need to run through the ceiling, wall or floor is also important to know. Adding cables or connections in order for the charger to reach the switchboard should be discussed and planned.

Renewable Energy

Deciding if solar panels will be used to charge the Electric Vehicle should be done. This is because solar panels may be a bit expensive to install but they will save a large amount of money in the long term. Solar panels on the roof will charge the car and installing a battery to store the energy can also be done. Going through the installation process of ev chargers means that deciding if moving to solar panels as an option is beneficial.


In apartments it may be harder to install an electric vehicle charger but the process is simple. The older the building often means it is harder to plan and prepare for an Electric Vehicle but most times it can be done. Asking the owner or strata manager of the building to see if it can be done is also important first. Gaining the approval to install the ev charger before undergoing the process is always needed.


There are many other considerations that need to be done in order to properly prepare for an ev and the charging station:

  • Organising a reliable electrician to carry out the installation is needed to ensure that they can help with the planning process and that they will correctly install the charger
  • The type of EV charger, for residential either level 1 or 2, will need to be planned. Knowing the needs of the charger, how much the car will be driven and more information will help decide what level of ev charger to install
  • Deciding on the charger itself, such as if it is AC charging, DC charging, a home wall box or into a wall socket, for the charge time is needed

Expert Electricians Here to Work with EV Chargers

The Local Electrician is here with professional emergency electricians to help prepare for an EV and also install, repair and operate on them. We offer fully qualified electricians who will be able to install any type of electric charger and make it complete correctly. The whole process is carefully planned and we ensure that the ev charger is installed using the best methods and techniques.

We offer our ev charger services to all of Sydney, including Sutherland Shire and North Sydney, while also providing professional Level 2 Electrician workers as well.


For the best EV charger electricians for any job – rely on The Local Electrician!

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