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How To Reset A Safety Switch?

To reset a safety switch there are certain steps to follow to ensure the system is properly and safely reset. The safety switch is what switches the electricity supply to a circuit if an electrical fault has occurred. These electrical safety switches are located within the electrical switchboard most times and should be tested at least twice a year. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here to perform switchboard upgrades and help reset, install and repair safety switches. 

The main way to reset a safety switch is to:

  • Determine what switch has tripped in the electricity meter box
  • Flip the switch back to the on position
  • If the system keeps tripping contact a licensed electrician to resolve the issue
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What are Safety Switches?

Safety switches are a type of electrical safety device that protects people from electrical faults. When the switch detects the electrical fault it will quickly turn off the electrical supply to the circuit. The switch can detect the electrical fault within 0.3 seconds and will switch off the power as soon as possible. The safety switches will protect people from electrical shock while the circuit breakers and fuses protect electrical appliances and electrical systems from current overloads.

How to Reset the Safety Switch?

As safety switches are installed to protect people from electrical issues and shocks, after they have tripped they need to be reset. The main way to know when a safety switch has tripped is that power to a particular circuit has been cut off due to a faulty appliance or other electrical problems. Here are the steps to follow to properly reset a safety switch:

  1. Locate where the safety switches are which is most likely inside the electrical meter box and on the switchboard
  2. Find the safety switch that has tripped, which is the one that is in the off position and flip it back to the on position
  3. Inspect to see if the appliances on that circuit work after the switch has been reset
  4. If the appliances do not work and the safety switch trips again, find what appliance is causing the switch to trip. Do this by unplugging each appliance one by one and look back to the safety switch to see which one is tripping the switch
  5. If all the appliances have been tested and the safety switch continues to trip then contact an electrician for them to find the issue

How to Test a Safety Switch?

Testing the safety switch is performed to guarantee that they are all working correctly. The steps are simple and only takes a few minutes to complete:

  1. Located where the safety switches are located, some might be different colours and shapes but most will have a label saying its a safety switch
  2. Press the test button for the switch to turn into the off position
  3. Look to see if appliances have turned off from this test
  4. Switch the safety switch back into the on position, for fridges, air conditioners and other larger appliances wait a few minutes before turning their safety switches back on again
  5. If the test button was pressed and the appliances do not turn off then this means the safety switch should be looked at by an electrician

How Often Should I Test a Safety Switch?

It is recommended that testing the safety switch should occur every three months or at least twice a year. This is to ensure they are working properly and people are protected by them. If some or all of them are not working then people are in danger of receiving an electrical shock if a fault occurs. Knowing that the switch either works or needs replacing is extremely important which is why testing is vital.

What Causes a Safety Switch to Trip?

The switch will trip when the electrical flow within appliances and circuits reach an unusual change. The main problems that cause the safety switch to trip are:

  • Power points, outlets and sockets being overloaded, often from them being older or too many appliances connected to them
  • An appliance has experienced an electrical fault causing the electricity levels to rise
  • The home wiring has caused a fault and the safety switch to activate
  • Water has made contact with appliances, wiring or circuits causing electrical problems

Professional Emergency Electricians for Sydney

The Local Electrician provides trusted and fully qualified 24 hour electricians to help with electrical emergencies around Sydney. Each emergency electrician is trained to perform a variety of emergency services, including operating with safety switches. We can help reset a safety switch to install or repair them at any time of the day.

These and our other electrical services, such as hot water electricians, are here for all locals, including South Western Sydney and Inner West. We are also professional Level 2 Electrician workers and will perform more advanced jobs that require level 2 asp certifications.


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