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Level 2 Electrician Areas Of Expertise

A level 2 electrician is a qualified electrical professional who performs more advanced electric work than regular electricians. This includes operating on more complex and dangerous systems to completing tasks which involve more labour and manpower than normal. Here at The Local Electrician, our level 2 electrical services are the most reliable within Sydney. Providing this authorised electrical service to every type of complex, our ASP certified electrician can work in all homes and businesses. 

The main areas of expertise that a level 2 electrician is trained in are:

  1. Electrical Defect Notices
  2. Consumer Mains
  3. Private Power Pole Replacements
  4. Point of Attachments
  5. Overhead Power
  6. Switchboard Upgrades
  7. Safety Inspections
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1. Electrical Defect Notices

An electrical defect notice is when the electrical systems of the property do not meet safety standards. These standards are set by Australian electrical companies such as Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy. A level 2 electrical contractor will help resolve the issues highlighted in the electrical defect notice. Problems may be from defective equipment, point of attachment issues to low hanging overhead cables. 

A level 2 electrician is trained to read the electrical defects on the notice and will know exactly how to resolve the electrical issues. The electricians work may require the repairing of broken electrical parts or even the resolving of switchboard defects. It is important that a level 2 electrician works on the defects within 21 days or else the power to the property will be disconnected. 

2. Consumer Mains

Consumer mains are an electrical system located on a property that connects the wires from pillars to the main switchboard. With these wires being extremely dangerous, an ASP certified  level 2 electrician is required to work with consumer mains. 

Jobs with consumer mains can include removing VIR cables from the consumer mains and installing new ones. The consumer main might also be damaged from a storm or old age, if this is the case, a level 2 electrician will know exactly how to repair the damaged consumer main. If a level 2 electrician works in an older building, they will understand that they need to operate extra carefully with the consumer mains so that they do not cause more issues.

3. Private Power Pole Replacements

The private power pole electricity network will deliver electricity from street connection points to the property. These power poles are installed on private properties, both domestic and commercial. A level 2 electrician is the only person who can install these power poles. Having a private power pole can provides many benefits but is essential that the level 2 electrician installs them. 

The ASP certified professional is able to work with both timber and galvanised steel power poles in any property. When disconnecting and reconnecting a new power pole they will ensure to operate safely as the electricity supply is live. Working with this system requires great skill and electrical experience, this is why a level 2 electrician must be contacted.

4. Point of Attachment Brackets

Where wires from the street meet the property is called the point of attachment system. With the wires connecting to each other, this area is extremely dangerous and full of electricity. A level 2 electrician will know how to manage the wires and connect, repair and install them correctly.

The point of attachments connect to the consumer main as well and any defective wires can be dangerous. When a n electrical defect notice is presented, this means new ones are required to be installed by a level 2 electrician. Point of attachments can also be in difficult places to reach, however level 2 electricians know how to manage a complicated workspace.

5. Overhead Power Cables

The overhead service lines located on the street are highly dangerous and only a level 2 electrician can work on them. These overhead power cables have different cables for different reasons to connect to homes and businesses. A level 2 electrician will need to work on these when it comes to repairing broken wires to installing new ones.

A level 2 electrician might also have to place tiger tails on these powerlines to make people aware that the wires are live. These wires which are within streets need professionals to operate on them due to being highly electrical. Also being high from the ground, these overhead wires will be worked on only by ASP certified workers.

6. Switchboard Upgrades - 3 Phase

An electrical switchboard might need to be upgraded from single phase to 3-phase which requires high electrical experience. Level 2 electricians know how to disconnect the wiring of the old system and each circuit breaker, fuse and other parts. Removing the old system from the property is also carried out safely by the electrician.

Upgrading from single phase to a 3-phase system occurs as people need more power and need a safer system. The level 2 electrician is trained to install the switchboard and connect all wires and parts to it properly. 

We recommend reading our blog why you should upgrade to a 3-phase switchboard to see why it is highly recommended for people living in today’s world.

7. Electrical Safety Inspections

Having an electrical safety inspection performed by a level 2 electrician is highly advised. It is further recommended to homes older than 25 years, if older wiring systems are installed and if appliances are older than 5 years. The team at The Local Electrician will ensure all points are inspected.

These electrical inspections are highly important and will cover everything from the lights, the switchboard, the consumer mains, power points and even individual appliances. A level 2 electrician is more reliable at performing these inspections as they are able to inspect the more advanced systems.

Level 2 Electrician Services in Sydney

The Local Electrician is the most reliable level 2 accredited service within Sydney. All of our level 2 electricians are fully qualified who can work on all of these systems and perform these jobs. We promise that for Sydney, including the Northern Beaches and Inner West, our level 2 electricians are the most trusted.

We also offer Emergency Electrician services where we will work on any job regardless of the time or place. 

For professional and certified level 2 electricians within Sydney – contact The Local Electrician on 0439 823 190!

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