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The City of Parramatta shares a common history as a community with Sydney. Both started at the same year, 1788, by the British government. Both have also grown and developed into thriving communities with local hotspots such as Meat & Wine Co Parramatta and Parramatta Park. Parramatta is now considered as the economic capital of Greater Western Sydney. Changes have been at a fast pace especially with more young families coming in as well as new businesses establishing headquarters in the area. This is where The Local Electrician plays an important role in helping keep each day worry free. We can assure customers that their electrical systems are robust and relied on for continuous power.

We have been serving the folks at Parramatta as Level 2 electrical contractors for more than 25 years. Our team can handle the simplest cases to the most complicated ones with ease. Every member of our team are certified as Level 2 ASP and equipped with the right equipment to guarantee excellent results. Going through the stringent process of becoming Level 2 electrician has our team sharp and agile to custom-fit solutions for every customer.

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100% Customer Satisfaction Always Guaranteed!

We have been providing our clients throughout Parramatta with quality and reliable level 2 electrical services for over 25 years!

Licensed & Insured Electricians

All of our electricians are fully licensed and insured to work on both residential and commercial properties!

On-time Electrician Or It's Free!

We understand that your time is precious. That is why we offer the guarantee of an on-time electrician or we work for free!

Same Day Services

Our friendly team members are obsessed with delivering customer satisfaction. So obsessed, that we offer same day services!

Free Safety Inspection

To ensure that all of your electrical systems are safe and working all year round. We also proudly carry out a free safety inspection on each job!

5 Year Warranty On All Materials

As we only use the best and most quality products. We also offer a 5 year warranty on all materials!

Electrical systems strong and secure to provide power

Having our ASP Level 2 electrician crew onsite is just a phone call away. We will give a thorough checkup for free if you’d like us to make sure your electrical systems are all good. We’ve also made it a trademark to provide lifetime warranty on workmanship and labor for every assignment completed. Our electrical level 2 professionals can also navigate through refurbishments and offer above ground or underground troubleshooting. Having our level two electrician team around can also cover creating another source of power onsite if necessary.

Level 2 ASP electrician specialists at The Local Electrician are on the ready for any customer at Parramatta. We have made it easier to contact us and let us know more details on how we can assist you. We also know the ins and outs in the area and we’ll be able to get there within the soonest possible time. We’re always ready to provide our expertise on electrical systems. We’ll be ready all days of the year, 24/7.

Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

Upgrading to the most modern equipment is one way to reduce the chances of electrical hazards on the property. Our level 2 ASP electricians can help with switchboard upgrades and recommend this move in residential and commercial properties still relying on old and outdated equipment. Our Level 2 ASP Electricians recommend upgrading to the 3 Phase Electrical Switchboard. A 3 Phase Power system allows the switchboard to connect to the main distribution line in three phases. This setup comes with three active wires and one neutral wire and gives the property with 240V and 415V electrical supply. With a 3 phase power, residential and commercial buildings can handle bigger power demand. To know more about how a 3 Phase Switchboard helps prevent overloading, read more about it on our blog post “Electrical Overloading – Everything You Need To Know!

Overhead Power Lines Installations and Repairs

More Sydney homeowners and businesses prefer using overhead power lines than underground cables. Their choice comes from the fact that this equipment offers more benefits than the other option. It is easier and cheaper to install and maintain. From our L2 electricians’ perspective, it is also more convenient to modify and reroute. Its location allows for easy identification of issues affecting the cables.

Consumer Main Upgrades

Like the electrical switchboard, a modern consumer main can handle modern power demands. Buildings that are still dependent on the old and outdated Vulcanised Indian Rubber (VIR) cables are best to upgrade to a newer consumer main. VIR cables offered several unique advantages, including corrosion resistance, waterproof and abrasion resistance. However, several hazards come with its use. These hazards are also why it is no longer recommended to use these cables. The Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) consumer main offers several advantages aside from being free from asbestos exposure. It also provides increased impact resistance, improved hot deformation and stronger insulation. 

Point of Attachment Repairs

Improper installation and the need for replacement are common job requests associated with the point of attachment. These requests usually appear on an electrical defect notice. Commonly located on the edge of the building’s roof, a point of attachment is the first point of electrical supply and is where the service cable connects with the property. Given its vital role, regular maintenance is a must for the point of attachment to be at its best state. A well-maintained point of attachment ensures a stable supply of electricity 24/7.

Electrical Defect Notices

Inspectors issue an electrical defect notice when there’s missing or defective equipment in the property or when the electrical system setup does not meet the standards set by Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy. NSW requires regular inspection as mandated by the Electricity Supply Act 1995 and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2006. Irregularities found in these inspections are listed in the notice and must be addressed within 21 days. The following are common issues listed in an electrical defect notice:

  • Dangerous private power poles
  • Point of attachment issues
  • Old and outdated electrical switchboards
  • Low-hanging overhead power cables
  • Vegetation interference 
  • Other defects or missing equipment

Always a Level 2 electrician near me at Parramatta

The weather can be a factor to consider on the wear and tear it can have on electrical systems. Humidity is also a condition that surrounds the area, especially with the Parramatta River weaving through the community. We’ll surely be able to secure your electrical systems and have this withstand these challenges.

If you have recently received an electrical defect notice and are not sure what to do. ASP Level 2 electrician team, if you want more information on our services or would like us to know more about how we can assist you, simply send us an email at info@thelocalelectrician.com.au. We can also conduct a free onsite checkup as soon as we see your contact form filled up. We are looking forward to being of help by continuing to deliver quality Parramatta level 2 electrician services!

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Our skilled electricians are qualified to carry out any electrical repair or installation within Sydney. We strive to deliver absolute customer satisfaction by offering electrical services that are affordable, safe and long lasting.

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Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship and Labor