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Mains Connection – Everything You Need To Know!

Mains connections are important parts of the electrical system of the home. They are needed to connect the street’s power lines to the home and are often referred to as the supply cables. A Level 2 Electrician is legally needed to perform services on the consumer mains which includes repairs, upgrades and installations. Here at The Local Electrician, our level 2 electrician services have our certified electricians perform all types of services with mains connections. 

Consumer mains connections are the supply cables that connect the street’s power lines to a switchboard on a property. The cable mains connections can attach to the home through a direct connection to the home via overhead cables. The other connection method is through the street’s mains to a private power pole that is on the property then from the power pole it goes underground or overhead to the switchboard.

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What are Mains Connections?

Mains connections are the supply cables or consumer mains that are needed to connect the home or property to the street power lines. They connect to the property in two ways:

Who Can Work on Mains Connections?

The person who can carry out mains connections services are level 2 electricians. These electricians have gone through additional training to perform more advanced work than regular electrical jobs, which includes operating on consumer mains. They can repair, install, upgrade and carry out any type of work with the mains inside the property. Level 2 electricians know how to work with the added voltage and dangerous systems which a regular electrician cannot know how to or are qualified to do.

To know more about the different areas of expertise of a level 2 electrician our blog is here with more information!

When Do I Need to Upgrade My Consumer Mains Connections?

The main situations that require the mains connections to be upgraded are:

Knockdown/ Rebuild

A level 2 electrician will need to disconnect the power to the home during a knockdown or rebuild and set up temporary power to the property. This is all properly planned out but after the new house has been built a new connection is required which includes upgrading from the old mains. 

Installing a New Roof

When a new roof is being installed then the consumer mains, point of attachment and other systems will also be upgraded. The high voltage lines will need to be disconnected during the job then when the new roof is installed the mains are upgraded and installed. 

Installing a New Pool

A new pool often means that any overhead service lines will need to be disconnected to allow the excavator and more to have easy and safe access to the back. During this process upgrading the mains connections is a good option, especially if they are older or in need of repairs.

Switchboard Upgrade

When a switchboard upgrade is occurring most times the mains connections are upgraded to accommodate the new switchboard. When the old wiring and switchboard are replaced then the mains are too and the house will be overall safer to handle and use electricity. Another reason why people upgrade their mains is when single phase is being upgraded to three phase power

Old and Unsafe Connections

When the property has old or unsafe wiring, connections and mains then a part of replacing the electrical systems of the home is upgrading the consumer mains. The mains connections being older or unsafe pose a dangerous hazard on the home’s electrical systems and people inside it which is why upgrading them to newer ones will prevent major problems.

What are the Dangers of Outdated Mains?

Outdated mains are dangerous to have in the home due to being of older technology and designed for older times. Today’s electrical demands and systems are much more than previous decades and older mains most times are not designed for this electrical power demand. The main dangers that come with outdated mains installed in the home are:

  • Electrocution – the outdated wiring may be exposed due to the high voltage and when this is touched people can become shocked. Even if someone does not touch the wire and animal might or the cables might electrify other systems causing them to be dangerous to touch. 
  • Fire hazard – worn out and outdated cables can spark which can lead to a fire hazard forming.
  • Power outages – overworked outdated mains cannot handle the voltage and overload causing a power outage. 

If there are outdated mains or if the system is defective then receiving a consumer main defect notice is common, read about this more in our blog!

Professional Level 2 Electricians and Mains Connections Services

The Local Electrician is here with professional and fully qualified level 2 electricians to perform work with mains connections. Our team will operate with repairing, installing and upgrading consumer mains, along with private power poles, point of attachments, switchboards and service lines. We have the skills and experience to perform all kinds of work on these electrical connections and do it safely and efficiently.

Our mains connections services are here for all of Sydney, including Inner West and Northern Beaches. We also offer trusted 24 hour Emergency Electrician services for us to carry out any form of electrical work at any time.


For reliable mains connections and level 2 electrical services – contact The Local Electrician today!

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