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MPD Installation Service Sydney

An MPD installation service involves a Level 2 Electrician installing the meter protection device in commercial and residential properties. This device is used to protect an electricity meter when the system trips and has the circuit individual to its own. It is also installed for when multiple meters are within one property the single one can be worked on without disrupting the other ones. Here at The Local Electrician, our level 2 electrical services include us working to install the MPDs in any property. 

A meter protection device, or an MPD, is a type of isolation device that will isolate the electrical current for one electricity meter. This is to ensure that the meter is protected from electrical surges as it connects to the circuit breaker. It is also installed so work can be done on the single meter without having the other meter’s power disconnected. An MPD installation is where a level 2 electrician will install these devices.

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What is a Meter Protection Device?

An MPD will be installed alongside a new meter or an upgrade to an existing meter will see the device installed as well. Electricity meters will most times need to be replaced or upgraded every 10 years. This means that the MPD installation or upgrade will occur during this time as well.  

They are important to ensure that the electricity meter has its own circuit. The isolation device will connect to the meter box and the circuit breaker and will be isolated to the other meters. This means that if there are multiple electricity meters in one property then work can be done on one without shutting off power to another. Commercial properties, such as apartments and units, and residential properties with multiple dwellings appreciate this ability to have the different meters have their own circuits. 

As the MPS systems are connected to the circuit breaker then they will be protected from electrical surges as well. In the chance that a surge occurs the circuit breaker will shut off power to the electricity meter. This is to ensure that the rise in electrical power will not damage the electricity meter. In the case that the circuit breaker detects a spike in the electricity meter and shuts off power to it it will also allow the other meters to remain operating.

Who Performs an MPD Installation?

Local electricity networks will be able to perform the meter protection device installation but most times a level 2 electrical contractor will be contacted. They have the certifications and licensing to carry out the task of performing the MPD installation. This includes installing the device and connecting the lines from the meter protection device to the circuit breaker. Performing electrical tests and making sure that the system will be protected from surges and can have power disconnected individually is important as well. 

A level 2 electrician is needed to work on the task not only for having the skills and certifications but will follow all the rules and regulations. It is important that the MPD is installed correctly and following the proper rules. If the system is installed incorrectly then an electrical defect notice might be given out. This will require a level 2 electrician to resolve the problems that are listed on the notice and are linked to the MPD.

How Much Does an MPD Installation Cost?

The cost of an MPD installation will cost on average from $200 to $1000. The electrician working on the installation will provide the price of the meter protection device installation depending on a number of factors. The difficulty of the job, how much labour is involved, the amount of time spent on the task and the location all influence the price.

Trusted Level 2 Electricians Installing Meter Protection Devices

The Local Electrician is here to perform MPD installation work with our professionally level 2 electrician team. We have the skills and qualifications to install meter protection devices inside any property. The process is completed swiftly where we make sure to have a clear plan and use effective techniques to install the MPD. Various tests will be carried out to ensure the device functions correctly and we will operate as efficiently as possible.

Our MPD installation services are here for all of Sydney, including Northern Beaches, Greater Western Sydney and Hills District. We also offer trusted Emergency Electrician services where we will arrive at any time to perform any kind of electrical work for locals.


When needing professional level 2 electricians to carry out MPD installations – rely on The Local Electrician!

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