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Office Lighting Upgrade Installation – Everything You Need To Know

Office lighting installation and undergoing an office lighting upgrade process will help with brightening up the office in many ways. Lighting design in office spaces is important to ensure people are focused and also to save money with electricity. Switching to LED lights, installing high-quality lighting fixtures and ensuring there is adequate natural light are some improvements to consider. Here at The Local Electrician, our office lighting installation Sydney services are here for all locals. 

An office lighting upgrade is important to save money, keep workers more focused and will help with work productivity. Installing LED lights in offices over fluorescent lights can save $2300 a year. Adding dimmers, motion sensors and energy efficient lights will also save money. Ensuring there is as much natural light as possible and all lights tinted cooler will help with concentration and productivity.

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What Factors Do You Need to Consider for Office Lighting?

There are many different considerations when undergoing an office lighting upgrade to ensure the workspace benefits most from lights. 

Type of Light

It is highly recommended that LED lights are the chosen lights installed in offices and all other types of homes and businesses. This is because LED lights are extremely energy efficient when compared to other lights and have a longer lifespan. LED lights are also better for the health of workers because fluorescent lights can cause migraines and interfere with sleeping patterns. Other benefits of LED lights are that they do not emit infrared radiation, can be dimmed and are easier to maintain. 

Natural Light

Along with what light to install, considering natural light is important for office spaces. Natural light will help worker’s health in terms of reducing headaches, eye strain to sleep disturbances. Windows should be considered, and if not possible, installing skylights may help as a natural lighting solution. 

Colour and Temperature of Lights

The light fitting’s colour and temperature are important factors when deciding what lights to install in offices. When lights are warmer and give off more orange light tones then the space becomes more relaxed. Lights that emit cooler temperatures and have white and blue lighting will help with concentration and working. This is why LED lights are preferred for office spaces as they help with keeping people focused. 


In common areas, kitchens and meeting rooms where screens are not present then natural light is preferred. When working with screens natural light is still advised to be present but the screens will overall become darker. Lights should also combat this and be bright enough for the screens to be visible. When the room is darker the lights should not be extremely bright as this can place strain on the eyes. 

Energy Efficiency

To save money in the office, changing to energy efficient lights is a great option. Replacing for example 50 fluorescent lights with LED lights will save around $2300 on the energy bill. Even though energy efficient lights are slightly more expensive to purchase, the long term cost benefits outweigh this factor. Installing sensor lights in areas where people are not always present and installing dimmers are other ways to decrease electricity costs.

How do I Choose the Best Lights for an Office Lighting Upgrade?

When planning for an office lighting upgrade there are many lights and factors to choose from. To know what to look for and ensure the office has the correct lighting here are some steps to perform:

Examine Office

Look at the workspace and determine what type of lighting, how much and where the lighting should be installed is important. Note down where there is natural light and if the natural lights can replace artificial lighting partially or completely during certain parts of the day. Other questions to consider are if the existing lighting is placed correctly and only new lights are needed. Knowing if the lights should be rearranged, if glare is a factor and if workers experience eye strains can help with the overall process of adding, removing and upgrading office lighting. 

Type of Lighting

Lights are either direct, indirect, direct-indirect or shielded and influence how the lights shine in a room. Direct lights are those such as lamps or downlights that shine light in a direct spot and can be used in individual work areas. Indirect lighting focuses lighting around the room and is mainly used in office settings to illuminate light evenly around the room. Shielded lighting is also used in office spaces when techniques are used to illuminate light across the whole room. Most office spaces will utilise a variety of lighting to ensure the whole workspace is well lit. 

We encourage reading our blog ‘what are the different types of lighting’ to know more about the various lights that can be installed inside. 

Ambient Lighting Reduction

Ambient lighting is extremely important but should be reduced as much as possible to reduce energy costs, eye strains and other factors. Natural light is a great substitute for ambient lighting while direct lighting, such as desk lamps, are also advised. Each team member having access to a desk lamp or places away from utilising ambient light is an option.

Reliable Office Lighting Upgrade and Installation Services

The Local Electrician is here with our light installation services and to work in all offices in Sydney. Our fully qualified electricians will perform professional office lighting upgrade services and ensure that the new lighting system and layout are installed correctly. No matter the type of lights, where we operate or how difficult the job is, our lighting expert electricians will work at their best.

We offer our office lighting installation services to all Sydney locals, including the Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburb areas. Our Emergency Electrician and Level 2 Electrician team are here to perform a wide range of electrical services for anyone as well.


For the best office lighting services in Sydney – trust The Local Electrician!

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