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Oyster Light Installation

An oyster light is a design of light that is round in shape and can light up a room well. The oyster styled light comes in a variety of types and is great for lower ceiling rooms. It is important that an electrician performs the installation of these lights to make sure they properly and safely work. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here to perform all kinds of light installations for Sydney locals, including the oyster types. 

The general process of an oyster light installation is:

  • Removing the old light
  • Gather the material of the oyster styled light
  • Isolating the light power system
  • Installing the mounting bracket, light dome and connecting the wiring
  • Performing tests to ensure the oyster light works perfectly
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What is an Oyster Light?

An oyster light is a type of light that is installed in a room or on a ceiling fan that has a round shape. They come in many different brands, colours and sizes and offer good lighting coverage, are often low cost and can add to the aesthetics of a room. Oyster lights are energy efficient and cost effective and they are mounted or attached to the ceiling directly. This lighting type can be installed in many different places but they are effective in places with low ceilings as they provide good illumination levels. 

Tips When Choosing the Best Oyster Light?

Here are important tips to know when choosing the right oyster light to install in your home:


LED lights are the best type of light to choose from compared to other forms of lighting, such as incandescent. This is because they last longer and are much more energy efficient which will save a large amount on the energy bill. With oyster styled lights, LED lights are still the best choice and should always be selected. To save money on the energy bill and offer great lighting levels when using the oyster and other lights, LED is always encouraged.


The lumen levels are how bright a light will shine so when determining what oyster styled light to install consider its lumen levels. The higher the lumen level means the brighter the light will shine so before buying the light know how bright you want the room to be. Most LED oysters within a normal sized room should have a 2500-3000 lumen rating but for smaller rooms 1500 lumens will be good. 

Dimmed Lights

Dimmers on lights allow the flexibility of having darker or brighter lighting options in a room. If this is wanted then choosing an oyster light with the dimmable option is recommended. Most LED oysters will come with dimmer options but make sure that they are of higher quality and can dim the light at a wide range. 


Choosing the high quality and reputable brands will bring good warranties and also longer lasting and quality oyster lights. Cheaper retailers or brands will often offer cheaper options which only increases the chance that the oyster styled light will have issues, need repairs or not be as long lasting. Cheaper retailers and oyster options will often have integrated LED lights which means if the light goes out the whole oyster will need replacing. Quality retailers and brands will offer replaceable bulb options but also oyster lights that last longer and are of better quality. 

Colour Temperature

The colour temperature is if the light is cooler or warmer and with most oyster styled lights they will be around 5000k to prevent any dark shadows from developing around the light. A dimmable oyster will be able to help with providing the correct colour temperature of the light so that it is not always so harsh. A 4000k oyster will provide a warmer tone with a natural white colour while lights that are higher in their colour temperature rating will have the light be whiter and often brighter.

How are Oyster Lights Installed?

An electrician will perform the oyster light installation and the general process is:

  1. Gathering all the materials and accessories for the installation and removing the existing light and ceiling bracket if there are present
  2. Installing the ceiling bracket by turning the bracket anticlockwise
  3. Determining where the new light will be located and then mounting the bracket by screwing it into the ceiling
  4. Isolating the power to the light cabling circuit to prevent injuries when installing the new light
  5. Installing the light, including connecting the wires to the light and in the bracket and installing the lamp to the bracket
  6. When safe the power will be connected back to the light circuit and testing the light and the dimmable options will be done

Professional Oyster Light Installation

The Local Electrician offers the best oyster light installation services in all of Sydney. Our fully qualified electricians can work on all types and kinds of lights, including oysters, and install them into any residential, commercial and industrial space. We make sure that the oyster styled light is installed safely using professional techniques and that it works perfectly. 

Our light services installation and repairs are here for all of Sydney, including South Western Sydney and Northern Beaches. We also offer reliable Level 2 Electrician services where we will carry out more advanced and expert level 2 asp work for locals.


For the best oyster light services – always trust The Local Electrician!

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