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Range Hood Installation – Everything You Need To Know

A range hood installation is performed by a qualified professional and most times is within kitchen settings. The cost to install a range hood depends on the type of hood to where the vents and ductwork are located. The process on average is a few hours and installing the hood is helpful for home improvement and house cleaning. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team will help install range hoods into any home.

Range hood installation will cost on average $500 to $2000 for most people. The labour costs, the type of range hood, where the system is being installed and all the ductwork and vents add into the final costs.

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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Range Hood?

The average cost for a range hood installation is between $500 to $2000. This includes the costs of the installation process, labour costs, travel rates and the cost of the range hood itself. Below is a guide on the different types of rangehood installations and their costs:

Range Hood Type Average Costs Description
Hood System $50 – $100 per hour Installing the range hood can take one to four hours depending on the electrical work and ductwork involved. How difficult the job is, the location and the type of range hood will influence the installation costs the most. 
Island Range Hood System $300 – $500 Installing the island range hood will often take around three to four hours to complete depending on the size of the model. Larger island range hood models often require two people to install which is why it takes longer to install. Also with island range hoods is the process of installing it through the roof which is why it often takes longer. 
Vent Hood System $100 – $2000 The cost range of a vent hood system is wider due to the ductwork involved. Range hoods use a ducted system to allow the exhaust to exit the home. This is either straight out of the house through a wall or up outside the home. 
Vent Range Hood Outside $500 Labour costs and the price of the ductwork influences how much it costs to install a vent range hood outside. How long the ductwork is and where it needs to be installed are other main factors influencing the installation cost. 
Range Hood Ductwork $85-100 per hour Most times the range hood duct installation service takes four hours to complete. The length of the ductwork, the number of turns and where the ductwork goes influences the costs. The range hood ductwork itself will cost differently from the installation prices.
Venting Through the Roof $250 -$500 Three hours is the average time to complete the installation and often costs less than installing ductwork and vents through walls. There are fewer turns with installing vents through the roof of a range hood which is why the process is faster and cheaper.
Kitchen Exhaust Fan $65 – $300 To install a kitchen exhaust fan takes around the same time as installing a bathroom fan, often a few hours. The kitchen fan is not of the same system as the range hood but performs similar jobs.

Does an Electrician Need to Install a Range Hood?

Some electricians are trained to install range hoods as there are electrical components involved with the installation. When kitchen rewiring occurs then electricians will often help with the process and the hood system.

It is important to hire a contractor that has experience with performing range hood installation work. This is to ensure that the range hood, including all ductwork and electrical components, are installed and working correctly. Whether you opt for licensed electricians to professional range hood installers, the person performing the service should be familiar with the job professionally.

Do Range Hoods Need to be Vented Outside?

Not all range hoods need to vent outside the home but it is the most effective, quick and efficient way to remove the particles from the house. A ductless hood can be an alternative option that will recirculate the bad air through the exhausts.

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The Local Electrician offers 24hr emergency electrician services, including performing range hood installation work. Our fully qualified electricians will have the hood system and electrical components installed correctly into any kitchen. We make sure to always perform safe and effective work no matter the type of job.

Our range hood installation services are here for all Sydney locals, including Hills District and Greater Western Sydney. We also offer reliable Level 2 Electrician services where each professional level 2 asp worker will complete the task expertly.


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