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Getting The Right Fire Detection System

Smoke alarms can save your life. But it’s not all there is because you have to make sure they’re working perfectly and installed properly.

Our team can ensure proper smoke alarm installations according to Australian Standards. We make sure that the alarms will give you the warning during emergencies. It’s your safety which is why there’s no reason to delay this.

Licensed electricians from The Local Electrician will do the installations and make sure the visual and audio indicators are working as they should be. It’s difficult to know if the smoke alarms are indeed working by just looking at them. What should be done is to allow our professional electricians inspect the smoke alarms.

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Regular smoke and heat alarms aren’t suitable for everyone, and not everyone can respond or escape quickly if there’s a fire. However, there are different kinds of fire detection and prevention systems available to help keep everyone safe. Fire detection for vulnerable people Some people need extra attention because of their circumstances or lifestyle.

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Free Safety Inspection

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We Use Lithium Iron Battery Which Lasts 10 Years No Need to Change the Battery Every Year!

Why Are Smoke Alarms So Vital?

The purpose of smoke alarms is to alert you and give you extra time to respond to a possible fire (whether extinguishing the fire on the spot or evacuating on time). But what if there’s someone in your household (you or someone else) who may find it difficult to respond or escape during a fire emergency? No worries because we can install specialist alarm systems for specific cases.

What if you suspect that the smoke alarms in your home are defective already? Our electricians can immediately confirm your suspicions by doing an inspection. Perhaps the batteries or the alarms themselves are already expired. We can also promptly check the smoke alarm if it doesn’t stop from beeping or if it just beeps randomly (this might give you unnecessary stress).

This isn’t just about having peace of mind. This is also about having real protection when real emergencies do come. By having reliable smoke alarms (and that are installed by professional electricians), you and your household will get adequate protection. That’s why here at PNC Electrical, we can install (new or additional alarms), inspect and repair the smoke alarms in your property.

Fit Smoke Alarms Where A Fire Can Start

Don’t just fit a smoke alarm in your hall and landing – also fit them in any room where a fire can start. For example, any room where you smoke or leave appliances plugged in.

Extra Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

It’s also possible to fit extra automatic ‘fire suppression’ systems at home – that’s things like sprinklers. These are a great idea if there’s anything that might prevent you escaping quickly.

Installed By A Qualified Electrician

If you choose to have a mains-powered alarm, make sure it’s installed by a qualified electrician.

Interlinked Alarms

Some battery or mains alarms can be interlinked, so that when one alarm detects a fire they all go off together, giving you warning wherever you are in your home. This is particularly important where a person has any issues that may prevent or delay their escape to ensure they are alerted to a fire as soon as possible.

Extra automatic ‘fire suppression’

It’s also possible to fit extra automatic ‘fire suppression’ systems at home – that’s things like sprinklers. These are a great idea if there’s anything that might prevent you escaping quickly.

Why Are Smoke Alarms So Vital?

Setting up the right fire alarm system for you within a couple of hours – and not much money – is all you need to get an appropriate fire detection system in place. It’s well worth spending the time, as an early warning really can save your life.

  • A single smoke alarm isn’t enough.
  • Consider everyone’s needs – if there’s any reason there might be a delay in noticing or escaping from a fire, seek extra help.
  • Make sure any alarms you buy are marked with a current Australian Standards (AS) safety mark, which shows they are approved and safe.
  • Fit smoke alarms on a ceiling (or high up on a wall, if the instructions state it is suitable for wall mounting).
  • Screw don’t glue – if you use glue, it can seep into the alarm, and stop it working.
  • Fit a heat alarm in the kitchen.
  • Screw don’t glue – if you use glue, it can seep into the alarm, and stop it working.
  • Fit your smoke alarms away from kitchens or bathrooms as steam can damage the alarm, or set it off by mistake.
  • Fit a heat alarm in the kitchen.
  • Choose smoke alarms with a 10 year or long-lasting sealed battery.

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My power was out I needed power asap! Called The Local Electricians they came on time and also advised me with the best solution of upgrading my switch board, to stop problem from accruing again. Thanks Guys very help full. Thanks Adam and Daniel for the great communication.



The power point in the kitchen wasn’t working, I looked up my local electrician on Google found The Local Electricians they offered a free safety inspection and also replaced my faulty powerpoint.



Needed down lights installed, called The Local Electricians they came out and Quoted me with a very affordable price. Was happy with their workmanship also!


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