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Strata Electrical Sydney – Who Is Responsible?

A strata electrician is an electrician who will work in strata buildings on electrical tasks. This includes apartments and unit complexes where they will carry out any needed electrical work. They will need to be contacted when there is a strata electrical emergency or task that needs to be completed. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here to perform electrical work in strata properties at any time. 

When it comes to strata it is either the owner or strata that is responsible for organising strata electricians. For electrical tasks inside the apartment, such as changing lights or electrical repairs, the unit owner is responsible for contacting a strata electrician. Strata are responsible for electrical systems outside of the unit and in common areas.

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What Responsibilities Do I Have With Strata Electrical?

Unit and apartment owners will have different responsibilities when it comes to organising strata electrical services. Most times the electrical jobs inside of the apartment will mean that the unit owner over the owner’s cooperation will need to contact a strata electrician. The main electrical emergencies, repairs, installations and maintenance services that unit owners will need to contact a high quality strata electrician to complete are:

  • Telephone – the telephone wiring and telephone sockets that are installed in a unit will need the property owner to contact an electrician.
  • Stoves and range hood – these kitchen electrical appliances will need a licensed electrician to install them in the owner’s unit.
  • Lights – light fitting, light switches and light bulbs will need to be organised by the complex owner to install or repair them.
  • TV – for the television cabling and wall sockets the owner will be responsible for contacting an electrician while the owner’s cooperation is responsible for the television aerials. 
  • Exclusive hot water systems – for hot water systems that are specific to one unit complex then the reusability for contacting a strata electrician is the unit owner. 
  • Power points and outlets – when additional ones need to be installed or current ones need repairing then the apartment owner needs to contact the electrician.
  • Internet – the internet, or ethernet cabling, will either have the owner or the owner’s cooperation, most time the unit owner, contact the electrician. 
  • Electric garages – when the apartment owner has their own electric garage door they installed then they are responsible for maintaining it. 
  • Air conditioning – when a split system or other air conditioner is installed by the property owner then they are responsible for organising a strata electrician.

What Responsibilities Do the Owners Corporation Have With Strata Electrical?

The owner’s cooperation of a strata property will be responsible for the communal areas and general electrical components of the building. This also includes any electrical system outside of the units and the systems that facilitate the individual apartments. The main electrical jobs that strata managers will need to contact a strata electrician to work on are:

  • Aerials – any aerial will mean the owner’s cooperation will need to organise an electrician to work on them. This is because the ariels are there for the whole apartment and are outside of the individual units. 
  • Air conditioning – when the air conditioners are supplied to all units by the owner’s cooperation then they are responsible for them. Often in built ducted systems that were installed by the property owner will lead to this.
  • Hot water systems – for communal hot water systems that are for the whole apartment then the owner’s cooperation will need to make sure repairs are organised by them.
  • Lifts – the owner’s cooperation will contact strata electricians for work to be done on the lifts.
  • Emergency and exit lights – these mandatory lights require the owner’s cooperation to contact strata electricians when work needs to be done on them.
  • Lights – lights outside of the individual units require the owner’s cooperation to contact a strata electrician to install and repair them.
  • Smoke alarms – the smoke alarms that are located inside and outside of the individual units will always come back to the owner’s cooperation to organise electrical work. 

Safety inspections – most times the owner’s cooperation will organise regular electrical safety inspections for the building. This means an electrician will look at the electrical systems of the unit block, including those inside and outside of apartment complexes. Unit owners can organise their own, but the owner’s cooperation will contact them to let them know when the inspection will take place.

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We offer our strata electrician services to all Sydney areas, including Greater Western Sydney, South Western Sydney and Eastern Suburbs. Our Level 2 Electrician team is also here to perform more advanced strata electrical work as well.


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