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Sydney Commercial Electrical Services: A Quick Guide Before Booking

Commercial electrical issues in Sydney are one of the most damaging problems for business establishments in the area. It affects everyone, resulting in poor experience and loss of business. And business owners take the financial fall for every electrical problem that halts their business operations.

You can fix commercial electrical issues immediately and even prevent them in the future. You just have to know who to call, what they can fix and what you should expect from them. Get started with this quick guide.


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What Is a Commercial Electrician?

Commercial electricians solve electrical problems in business establishments. These professionals are knowledgeable in small- to medium-scale electrical systems and cater to offices, restaurants, factories and stores. You call them when you need to get electrical issues fixed quickly.

Are Commercial Electricians Similar to Residential Electricians?

Commercial electricians have the same skill set as residential electricians but apply their skills to more complex electrical systems that supply power to commercial establishments.

This type of electrician can do the following:

  • Commercial electrical installations
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Safety inspection
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Data and telephone cabling
  • Electrical wiring installation and replacement

Why Do You Need Commercial Electricians in Sydney?

Most business owners only call out commercial electricians in Sydney for emergencies (we will discuss these immediate needs later). But there are other business needs that require professional help.

For Electrical Standard Compliance

Commercial spaces in Sydney are subject to electrical standards that every owner or lessor must comply with. The local and state government have regulations for things such as electrical wiring set-up, meter protection, conditions of electrical components and overall safety. 

Businesses that fail to comply with such standards may face penalties or disruption of business operations. Commercial electricians keep you in business by making sure your establishment’s electrical system is compliant.

For Business Licensing Requirements

Some industries have electrical system regulations that they must meet to get a business licence and continue operations. Examples include retail, hospitality, healthcare and construction. If your business falls under these industries, you’ll need commercial electricians to sort out your establishment’s electrical system to ensure it meets the requirements.

For Preventive Commercial Electrical Work

Prevention is always the best course of action. To avoid electrical risks that may harm your business, staff and customers, have a commercial electrician regularly check your electrical set-up. They ensure your electrical system is in tip-top shape to maintain a safe and bright environment.

For Business Expansion

You will need an electrical installation or upgrade if you decide to expand your commercial space. New areas require new electrical systems, which need a professional electrical fit-out to ensure safety.

A good example is lighting installation. Buildings—whether a new one or a renovation—may need LED lights. Testing LED lighting upgrades becomes a necessity in this scenario to ensure safety and functionality.

For Business Continuity

In case an electrical damage has interrupted business activity, you’ll need an electrician to fix the problem immediately so that you can get back to business as soon as possible.

What Commercial Electrical Issues Require Immediate Fix?

Some business owners may be unaware of specific issues that need immediate attention. These take a toll on their business later on and affect their ability to earn and provide a safe environment for everyone. Be mindful of these problems and seek help when they present themselves.

Lighting Issues

A flickering or dimming light signals an electrical problem. It also makes the establishment unpleasant to be in. If this issue creeps up, emergency lighting installations or wiring replacement may be needed.

Tripping Electrical Circuit Breakers

If you or your staff experience temporary power cuts, it may signify a tripping circuit breaker. For everyone’s safety, contact a commercial electrician and have them inspect and fix the switchboard right away. Failing to act immediately may cause the circuit breaker to deteriorate, leading to a fire.

Damaged Appliances and Electronics

Office appliances or commercial business equipment that fails to turn on may indicate a power surge. An excessive flow of electricity can permanently damage sensitive business assets dependent on an electrical outlet. You’ll need an electrical professional to inspect your switchboard, wiring and outlets.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installations and Repairs

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular with every passing year, a growing number of Sydney based businesses are considering installing EV chargers for staff and customers, and it’s important that these are handled by an experienced electrician. 

Burning Electrical Wiring

The smell of burnt rubber from wires exposed or hidden behind partitions requires immediate attention. These electrical wires are worn out and need replacement immediately. The hazards may include electrocution and fire, which can set a business back heavily on liability and property damage.

What to Look For in Commercial Electrical Services in Sydney?

If you’re experiencing issues requiring immediate assistance from a commercial electrician, it’s time to call your local service provider. Here’s what you should look for before booking them.

A Licensed and Experienced Level 2 Electrician 

It’s ideal that your commercial electrician has a level 2 electrician licence which will enable them to deal with any private power pole installations and repairs, advanced switchboard upgrades and other needs that require work on service lines between a property and the electrical supply network. Years of experience is also a huge plus and is typically tied to professionally licensed electricians.

Prompt Electrical Inspections

Commercial electricians should conduct electrical inspections promptly as part of their service.

The state government requires licensed professional electricians and contractors to ensure commercial establishments within their jurisdiction are safe and compliant. 

24/7 Services

Commercial electricians should be available for booking at any time of the day. They have to cater to establishments that operate around the clock because their electricity is always on. When power is always up, issues can happen anytime. To continue business as usual, an emergency electrician must be available at all times.

Same-Day Services

Depending on the scale of work, some electrical problems may take more than a day to fix. In some instances, grave electrical issues may even require suspension of operations for several days. 

For common commercial electrical issues, however, electricians should offer a same-day service completion to reduce the financial setback.

A commercial electrician switching an electrical actuator using a screwdriver

Get Reliable Commercial Electrical Services in Sydney

If you encounter the issues above in your commercial property and think you need an electrician sent out, The Local Electrician can meet your expectations.

Our commercial electricians are level 2 licensed and have 25 years of experience dealing with various electrical work. We are on standby 24/7 and operate in Great Western Sydney, North Shore, South Sydney, Sutherland Shire, Hills District, Northern Beaches, South Western Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury.

Contact us for prompt, no-fuss commercial electrician services. We’ll prevent any issues from happening or get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

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