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Sydney Private Power Pole Laws

Private power pole laws are there to ensure that they are correctly installed and repaired in private properties. They offer guidelines to properly maintain the private poles and ensure they function correctly. A Level 2 Electrician will be called to work on the installation or repair as they are qualified to operate with the system. Here at The Local Electrician, we offer professional level 2 electrical services where we understand all the laws and requirements with private power poles. 

The private power pole laws are listed under the NSW Service & Installation Rules. Private power pole installations will need soil quality checks, excavation processes and tree management plans. The correct type and height of the power pole will need to be organised and planned by the property owner. Private power pole repairs will require a level 2 electrician to work on the repairs, such as handling defect notices.

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What are the Sydney Private Power Pole Laws?

Permission to Perform Private Power Pole Installations

The Electricity Supply (Safety and Network Management) Regulations 2014 describes that if a private power pole is to be installed then it needs to safely distribute and transmit electricity. To ensure that the installation is a success and that the power lines and pole will operate safely proper planning is needed. To install a private power pole gaining permission is needed from the network and electricity distributors. 

Excavating the Property

Where the power pole will be installed needs to be excavated before the installation begins. In places when excavating the ground is not easy, such as in the city, then underground service lines are needed. Where the suburb or street has no overhead power lines then the underground power lines will be needed as well. 

Knowing this type of information before installing the private power pole is important. If the underground service lines are needed then ensuring there are some and also gaining permission to connect to them are needed.

Managing Trees and Vegetation

A major interference with private power lines and poles are vegetation and trees. Electrical distributors before allowing the pole to be installed and connected will present a tree management plan. The property owner will need to contact a professional to clear the vegetation to ensure the poles can be installed. Contacting the local council and allowing neighbours to know what is happening with the tree clearance is also important. 

Installing the Private Power Pole

The process of installing the power pole in private property will need to follow the NSW Service and Installation Rules and also the AS/NZS 3000. These ensure that the pole will be correctly installed into the ground and connected to systems properly. 

There are strict guidelines to follow and the level 2 electrician operating on the service will know how to perfectly install the power pole. From the connection point on the power supply wires to the point of attachment on the property is where the level 2 electrician will work. 

Pole Type and Soil Quality

There are two main types of poles that can be installed onto private properties:

  • Timber Poles – these are often taller and will last longer than steel power poles. Timber power poles are more prone to termite and insect infestation and can be ruined by water damage if not maintained properly.
  • Steel Poles – these will not be infested by insects and water will often not damage them due to specific coatings. They are often shorter than timber poles and will most times not last as long as well. 

To know more about the differences between wooden and steel power poles our blog provides further detailed insights. 

The soil will also influence what type of power pole will be installed and if one can be installed at all:

  • Poor – this soil will absorb large amounts of water and often includes soft clay and poorly compacted soil and sand. 
  • Medium – this soil will drain water reasonably and mostly includes sandy loam, bonded sand and gravel and compact medium clay.
  • Good – this soil is good for water drainage and includes well-bonded sand and gravel, hard clay and also well-compacted rock soil.

Electrical Safety Inspection After Installation

An electrical safety inspection will be performed after the level 2 electrician has installed the private power pole. The licensed electrician will carry out numerous tests to ensure that all connections and parts of the system work well. If there are dangers present or any part of the system is incorrect then they will be repaired then. 

Electrical Defect Notice and Repairs with Private Power Poles

Electrical defect notices will be given out if a private power pole is assessed to have defects. The private power pole defect notice might be from the pole fallen over or vegetation is too close. A part of the private power pole laws is that the property owner will need to contact a level 2 electrician to address the problem. If the private power pole problems are not addressed within 21 days then the power supply will be cut off until the error is resolved.

Trusted Level 2 Electricians Working with Private Power Poles

Our level 2 electricians here at The Local Electrician know all the private power pole laws and can complete any service relating to them. We make certain to operate on the private power pole installation carefully and that the whole process is correctly performed. During private power pole repairs, we will inspect the entire system and ensure the error is resolved properly.

No matter the private power pole service we are here for all of Sydney, including the Inner West and Northern Beaches. We also offer reliable Emergency Electrician workers where we can resolve urgent power pole issues and any other electrical problem at any time.


For experienced and certified level 2 electricians to work with private power poles – rely on The Local Electrician today!

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