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Temporary Builders Power Supply Pole

A temporary builders power supply pole is used on properties that are renovating or building and need temporary power. These power poles are used during the build to ensure the home or building can still have power safely. A Level 2 Electrician installs the temporary power pole and these act similar to a private power pole. Here at The Local Electrician, our level 2 asp electricians will install temporary builders power supply poles on any Sydney property.

Temporary builders’ power supply poles are power poles designed to provide temporary power to a site. Level 2 electricians install them and connect the cabling to the building that is being built or renovated. After the build is completed then a proper connection from the street or a private power pole to the home needs to be organised.

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What is a Temporary Builders Power Supply Pole?

A temporary builders power supply pole is used on construction sites to provide the site, home and building power. They are involved in temporary power supply connections and are the power pole that is built on the premise. The temporary power poles can be installed in residential, commercial and industrial builds and provide power to the site through overhead or underground cables

Level 2 electricians install, repair and remove the temporary builders power supply poles as they are qualified to work with private power poles and temporary power which these temporary poles act as both. Since they are temporary they are removed after the construction or renovation and replaced with a private power pole. 

Different Types of Temporary Builders Power Supply Poles

The temporary builders’ power supply poles are often the same but the power supply amount is different depending on the place it is installed. This will differ depending on the place’s power consumption needs and how much power needs to be given out:

  • Residential – 40 Amps and single or three phase
  • Commercial – 80 Amps and single or three phase
  • Industrial – 4- to 63 Amps and three phase

Considerations with Temporary Builders Power Supply Poles

  • During the build it is important that at the site of the temporary builders power supply pole it is clear for the installation, continued use and removal of the power pole
  • The power pole alongside the build needs to be locked up behind doors, gates and alike 
  • When choosing the location of the power pole there needs to be thought into any potential gas, plumbing or electrical lines beneath where it is wanting to be installed. This is because the power pole needs a 900mm deep hole to be installed so marking the spot and allowing a professional to inspect the area to see if there are utility lines present is needed
  • There needs to be enough room for the installation and also removal of the temporary builders power supply pole due to the vehicles and machinery involved. This is to ensure that the company working on installing the temporary power pole has safe room to install the system and access the building
  • The service cables from the street to connect to the power pole in the property cannot cross over neighbour’s properties. Planning where the location of the pole is alongside the streets connection points will help prevent this issue
  • 2 support stays 2 metres from the temporary pole are needed to be installed before the cables can be connected. Along with this the power pole needs to be installed inside the building site perimeter and also protection boundaries need to be present
  • A 3 metre zone around the power pole is present where no materials or alike can be inside it, unless a permit has been granted

Who is Responsible for it?

Like private power pole laws, the property owner is responsible for the temporary builders power supply pole. This means that any issues or defects need to be organised by the property owner and for them to contact level 2 services. Since the power pole is on private property this means that the property owner needs to ensure that it is working at a stable state. 

Overhead Cables or Underground Cables

Overhead cables are cheaper to install than underground cables but can be more hazardous due to the cabling having the chance to interfere with equipment and workers. Underground cables are much safer and more reliable than overhead during the build but a trench will be needed to have the wires buried and installed in the ground.

Professional Temporary Builders Power Supply Pole Services

The Local Electrician is here for Sydney locals to provide fully qualified level 2 electricians to install temporary builders power supply poles. Our team is able to install the system inside any property and has the experience to complete the service efficiently. We are trained to install the temporary power poles and connections and understand how to carry out the service safely.

We offer our temporary builders power supply pole services to all Sydney locals, including Eastern Suburbs and South Sydney. Our Emergency Electrician team is here 24 hours a day to perform any kind of electrical services as well for locals.


For professional and reliable temporary builders power supply pole services – contact The Local Electrician!

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