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The Difference Between Fuse Box vs Safety Box

A lot of people become confused when comparing a fuse box with a safety box. Confusion on what they do and why they are needed makes them often described as something to which they are not. However, they do both confirm the safety of a person and their home when they are healthy and well maintained. As a result, though, from their similar names and general functions, they do receive misconceptions by people. The Local Electrician can help with the confusion behind the two and we can explain the simple purposes of each device. Our 25 years of working within the field has definitely helped us in knowing what the difference of the two are and why they are so important to be installed through our electrical switchboard services.

A fuse box and a safety box within a building help keep electrical appliances and people safe. Evidently, both have a different function for what they protect, however, both do focus on safety. A fuse box is what protects electrical appliances and wiring from being damaged from electrical spikes and surges. On the other hand, a safety box protects people from certain and general electrical accidents and hazards.

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Fuse Box

A fuse box, or circuit breaker, is installed within the main switchboard of a building. Their main function is to protect all electrical circuits and appliances within the building from electrical hazards. They do this by completely shutting off the supply of electricity to the devices when they inspect a sudden rise in voltage. As detection of high current or overload occurs, shutting off electrical supply means the excessive electricity does not travel through. Therefore, the chance for tripping, memory malfunction and a shortened “lifespan” will not occur.

Moreover, these devices can be operated automatically or manually while looking similar to safety switches. Because they protect from circuit overloads, ground fault surges and short circuits, they are really important. Yet, even though they are extremely crucial for appliances, they do not protect people from electrical dangers. As a result from this, safety boxes are needed along with fuse boxes for safety.

Safety Box

These devices are compulsory to be installed in all types of buildings as of the year 2000. The reason for this is due to the fact that they are the device which protects people from electrocution. As well as protecting from electrical fires, a safety box, or safety switch, is crucial for human safety. Being installed in the main switchboard, the safety box continuously checks the current of electricity.

As it checks it passing through, it detects the currents of the electricity feeding into the building. When it detects an imbalance, this is when it will immediately shut down the power supply. It may have been a result from tripping or defective switches. It could also be from faulty appliances, damaged wiring or weather that resulted in the imbalance. Whatever the reason, the safety box will ensure that the electricity will not run through appliances, and the building. Moreover, the cut-off will happen in 0.03 of a second to really ensure that nothing becomes damaged from the situation.

Regular maintenance and testing is important for both boxes

A common theme for both fuse boxes and safety boxes is that they should be tested and have maintenance regularly. A simple step of pressing the “Test” button is a good habit to contain. Similarly, if it should need it, calling a professional to perform maintenance is also a great and safe idea for the boxes. Overall, performing these at least four times a year, quarterly, will be beneficial for the boxes to work properly and maintain their strength.

Level 2 Electrician here to help

At The Local Electrician we do offer all of Sydney qualified Level 2 Electrician operators to help install and work on both fuse and safety boxes. Our certified and licensed team are also situated at Emergency Electrician status, meaning that they can be called out for at anytime. Each member follows the safety guidelines provided by Safe Work Australia (‘Electrical safety’), therefore, you know we will work properly and safely with safety and fuse boxes. If you need a trusted electrician to work on your fuse or safety box, call 0439 823 1… or email us here at info@thelocalelectrician.com.au. All of Sydney’s suburbs are within our working area, as well as anytime of the day we can be hired for the job. You can guarantee trust us when we say that we are the best to contact when wanting quality electricians to work on either your safety box or fuse box.

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